Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why is wrestling more superior then any other sport?

That's a really good question to ask. I believe wrestling is more superior because it takes mental toughness, inner strength, serious conditioning and the biggest key in the sport, balance. In wrestling you have to move your body in every possible angle and moving around in pace where you need control, explosiveness and durability. Its very hard to make it in this sport and what you are taught first is conditioning because if you start doing the techniques first you will injure yourself and you will dead tired in less than a minute in a match plain and simple.

When you do the conditioning learn to teach your body how the animals in the wild work. Work almost like a gymnast as well because if you can move your own bodyweight like its a piece a cake you got nothing to worry about. Wrestling will test you like you never thought before. If you're in a match and you're down to the wire tied in a double overtime and starting to feel the fatigue set in, that's where real mental strength comes into play (conditioning as well) and it only takes a second to realize if you've won or lost. Its not just a sport, its part of daily life.

Its the oldest sport known to man and always will be. Some people win some people lose and no matter what happens either way you learn to look at it from a different prospective, there's always mistakes and we learn to correct them and take charge of what lies ahead, that's how we grow and that's how we make minds stronger than before by creating more techniques and developing better strengths. There's an old saying and read carefully as you read this to understand my point here: "Life is more like wrestling than dancing." Put that in your head and tell me its not superior.

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