Monday, December 5, 2011

Conditioning & Its Reasons

In every sport or just training in general requires exercise for particular reasons, weight loss, and weight gain, building strength, key flexibility and most important developing endurance. There are three types of endurance: Cardiovascular, muscle and strength. All three must be used at almost all times cause you don't want to get tired easily or you won't get any work done especially in sports like wrestling, submission fighting or judo. You can have all the techniques down to a science but if you get tired in less than a minute you are dead my friend no question. This is why we need to work on conditioning. Moving your body in a variety of angles from every direction.

Best training method to use for all sports is using your own bodyweight. Whether you're 100 or 300 pounds is all you need to work the body like never before. Some weightlifting is OK if that is what works for you but mixing in bodyweight training. The three most important exercises to develop your conditioning is squats, push-ups and bridging. Now any of one of these can whip you into shape fast I know that for a fact cause I have gained a lot from them. Gymnasts are pretty much the only athletes that lift their own bodyweight like it was light; it’s scary when you realize what these kids can do. I work on my conditioning every day and it’s keeping me healthier and stronger all the time.

I may go overboard at times but it pays off in the end but like in all kinds of training you suffer consequences with over training, getting injured or not doing enough. This is why you need to train smart and use your brain. Adapt and improvise, teach yourself to make your training more fun and enjoyable but by also keeping your focus on the stake at hand and what you want your body to do.

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