Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unleashing The Wild One

Every one of us has an animal spirit living within. Sometimes we don't even realize when it comes out. We all have some sort of power or desire to be the wild animal that gives us that power and strength.

No matter what someone says we all want to the person that's stronger, powerful and more agile then the next person. We have developed a sense of the beast that gives us great strength and great power and about 99% of the time we don't even know how to properly unleash it with vigor, mind power and overall physical strength. We want to move like a wild animal in the jungle and have the ability to climb like a gorilla or chase down our prey like a cheetah we all want that one way or another.

What if you had a favorite animal that you wanted to imitate and move with power and grace. When you move like a wild animal, you want to become that animal, be apart of that animal's psyche and learn its power and strength. Whether you're a bear, gorilla, tiger or whatever be that animal and don't think of anything else. Your results will come quicker and your body will change for the better both in and out.

When you get your hands on Animal Kingdom Conditioning 1 & Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2 you will say goodbye to dull cardio and say hello to real, old fashioned natural human growth hormones. For both courses you will have a total of 40+ animals to choose from. Training this way opens your body to a whole new light as your workouts will be shorter and much more complex as each animal works multiple muscle groups and with the right speed, you will be breathing hard in no time. When you're breathing hard you're turning on the fat burning furnace and building a body that's lean, mean and animalized. With this type of training, you can grow younger and become healthier. Moving this way helps build muscle, strengthen joints, builds stronger organs and best of all, keeps you young. If anyone doesn't any one of those attributes then you shouldn't be human.

When you get your hands on these kick ass courses don't be contend with just one animal, practice them all one at a time and find to frequent in your workouts. Most people contend with just one thing and one thing only and hey its better then nothing but they're missing the big picture. One thing doesn't mean great. Its like a salad, just lettuce won't make the salad look beautiful, it needs different ingredients like tomatoes, crutons, olives, peppers and at times dressing. When you get all that together, nothing looks so pretty. Thats the beauty of animal exercises, you have a varity to choose from and when putting them together you can build a beautiful, strong, lean and muscular natural body. So you going to stick with just lettuce or you going to build the coolest, kick ass salad on the planet? Its up to you.

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