Sunday, December 25, 2011

Can YOU Become A Real Life Avenger?

In many ways, comic books help us stretch our imaginations to places we never thought of before. Read about superheroes that have powers beyond the strongest or smartest of men and takes us on a rollercoaster ride with their travels, adventures and triumphs over those who do harm. Now in the next year of 2012 heroes from those same comics are coming back onto the big screen with The Avengers. You will see your favorites, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man & the strongest of them The Incredible Hulk on the same team. What nerd and comic book fanatic can ever ask for?

I have a personal favorite but I don't want to give it away but who's your favorite? Are you into high tech technology and use it as a weapon for goo like Tony Stark? How about being a god and having the Hammer to destroy the evil that's in your path like Thor? Why not have superhuman speed and take out Nazis with your bare hands like Captain America? Or better yet use your anger in a positive manner and bring out the ferocious monster that gives you Optimum Super Strength like The Incredible Hulk? Well, my friend you can become one of the avengers in your own unique way. Not like the comics or the movies but you do have the ability to build your mind and body in ways that separates us from the animals.

When it comes to Tony Stark, he's a charmer that researches and develops weapons. When he becomes Iron Man he turns into a superhero with a suit that makes him fly and have super strength. Now I can't help you on how to fly but I can however tell you how you can find your own research and turn yourself into a super being yourself and become far stronger then the average human.

The Incredible Hulk is big, powerful and has strength 100x higher then 10 of the strongest men on the planet and when he gets angrier he gets stronger. How can this apply to you? Well simple really, you can use odd objects like the Hulk and toss, twist, push, pull and press overhead anything you get your hands on. Does the Hulk lift weights, put up machines, no he throws tanks, parts of a building, uses light poles like a sword and just uses his supreme power and strength over anything he picks up. You can learn to do the same thing in more of a practical manner like using Stones, Barrels, Kegs, Logs and Rocks for example. In Bud Jeffries' DVD course Odd Object Lifting Series you will learn the best of lifting some of the coolest things you can find and turn yourself into a Hulk yourself.

Thor is the God of all superheroes and his best weapon is his Hammer. Now back in the Golden Age of Wrestling in India and other middle eastern countries, wrestling was the king of sports and one of their primary tools was using thick looking clubs and whats called a mace where they use a stick with a ball on top. They would use these tools to help their upper strength & flexibility. They were used for hundreds of years. These clubs can help build strength in ways that weights and bodyweight exercise doesn't hit. Now because of Ryan Pitts at he has modified the clubs and the mace and turned them into a nearly perfect version of Thor's Hammer. With this you can train like the God himself and gain strength in your shoulders, wrists, lower arms and whole lot of the upper body in general and take your conditioning to levels even Thor himself will be impressed.

Captain America out of all the superheroes shows real compassion and value's the strength he has. Some guys are very strong and never respect the strength that they have an some take advantage of that strength and use it to bully people who are weaker then they are. Not Steve Rogers though, as a weakling himself he understood the value of strength and unlike other weaklings he never once felt of backing down from a fight. Once he became Captain America he used his new found strength the way it was meant to be used. He used his speed to run down his enemies and used his upper body strength in ways that can be only experienced. You can learn this as well by doing sprints either on a track or on a hill a couple times a week or no more then 3x a week.

Running sprints can build explosive power and amp your metabolism up far greater then you can imagine. For upper body strength one of Chris Evan's exercises when he was training for Captain America was doing Handstand Push-ups. This exercise builds strength like crazy and can turn you into a pressing machine. You can learn this from either Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-ups or from Gymnastic Handstands and learn the secrets of upper body strength.

Whether we like it or not we all strive to be the hero that saves the day, some help those in need and others want to build strength even when we're weak. I was once weak too a long time ago but I learned the values of having strength now and helping those build it themselves. Learn to be your own Avenger and put your heart and soul into your training because you'll never know when the day comes when you'll need it.
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