Monday, December 19, 2011

Mastering Muscle Control At Legendary Strength

The art of muscle control has been a lost subject and its very rare seen today by top physical cultrists of the 21st century but Logan Christopher has brought back this dying art to life in a whole new realm at Legendary Strength. No matter how much you think this course won't give you strength then you haven't learned the true arts of Physical Culture.

Back in the early 20th century many of the old-time strongmen performed great feats of strength ranging from bending steel, tearing phonebooks, lifting odd objects, hand balancing and quite a few made challenges to all comers to see if they can lift they're signature lifts like the bent press, apollon's wheels, The Thomas Inch Lift and many more. All these feats were impressive but I feel nothing was more impressive then a real old school bodybuilder performing some staggering and incredible muscle control. These guys were able to move their muscles in ways that just seem impossible to the human eye and many wondered how the hell they can do that. Imagine being to relax and contract your muscles at will and and having one of the ultimate forms of the mind/muscle connection.

I have always believed the true masters of this art were of Maxick, Otto Arco, Matsyek & quite possibly the greatest bodybuilder of all-time John Grimek. These men took muscle control to levels that made them look not only superhuman but made them the very legends that they deserved to be. Just imagine what it would be like to move your stomach muscles in a variety of directions or the back muscles in ways that the average man just can't help be in awe of. The man who first coined the term Muscle Control was Alois P. Swoboda and he created one of the first mail-order courses on the subject before 1910 when Maxick brought out his version of the art. Although Swoboda was the first of his kind his popularity was overshadowed by guys like Maxick & Arco.

Muscle control can be used in a varity of ways but believe it or not it can generate some brutal strength that you never thought you can have. From learning this Maxick & Arco became the first athletes on record to lift double bodyweight in the overhead press in their respected weight classes of 150 pounds or lighter. So don't think for a second this won't help your lifts.

It wouldn't be possible to do muscle control if you don't use your mind. In order to generate individual contraction and relaxation you need to think into the muscles you're using. Without this you won't achieve high level muscle control. This is critical if you're a weightlifter or hand balancer or like Maxick & Arco bodybuilders. You have to think into the muscles you want to contract and relax otherwise you'll just be moving more then one muscle.

Now with all the ways to create strength and have the body of a greek god you can actually build your health through muscle control as well. Because of the contraction and relaxation of the muscles used it helps create blow flow to the organs of the body and helps create nerve impulses that keeps the functioning of the body strong and healthy from the inside out. Not only does your body work like a unit but your organs get stronger too, the stronger they are the stronger your body is overall. Using deep breathing and moving individual muscles you can even make a workout that is not only meditative but also controlling your awareness of the surrounding muscle groups.  This can help with your Yoga training or just old fashioned bodyweight exercise.

With great muscle control and with enough practice you can build a great body. Whether you focus on this exclusively or using other methods, your body will begin to take shape and you will have lithe, good hardened muscle and you can do this all without equipment if you choose to do so. Also I may add doing this form of training is fun to do. As you progress you will find ways to move your muscles that would impress your friends and family. Now this doesn't mean showing off and making yourself look like an ass but if you learned it well enough it can even help you generate momentum and possibly win bodybuilding competitions if you're into that kind of thing where muscle control is critical.

So whether you're into bodybuilding, gymnastics, wrestling, weightlifing, MMA or just want to be healthy and strong Muscle Control will help you get to where you want to go and beyond. If you go to Legendary Strength and go to the products page you will find a picture of Otto Arco in one of his most famous poses in physical culture. Click on the link and this will be your first step to finding a new way to build strength, health and build a newfound love for Physical Culture. Muscle Control has never been done in this type of fashion before and Logan Christopher is the one guy that can bring that rarity to life.
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