Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Intensity Is Incredible

For a while now I've been repping it out hard using a Thor Hammer and an Epic Sledgehammer. The last big workout was with Thor's Hammer; weighing 30 lbs. and doing rep after rep with the deck of cards it is one of the most intense experiences of my life. The intensity is not always how much effort i'm putting in, it's more of the energy I draw in it that makes the greatest difference. Yes I sweat, yes i'am crazy and no I don't plan on stopping. When it comes to intensity whether it's something nuts like that or doing softer workouts like Qi Gong or playfully moving; the effort is the easy part regardless of what you may believe but the biggest thing to really understand is the energy and internal strength you're developing.

I personally believe that nearly every workout you put yourself through, the energy has to be no less than pure high level of intensity. This doesn't mean psyching yourself up doing ridiculous rituals or something that looks like something out of physical comedy; it has to come from within and feeling that surge of power in your system that is so intense, even at a relaxed state it can be felt. When I do my sledgehammer training, I gather up energy into my body and feel as if that surge was running everywhere like electricity. When this happens everything becomes a blur and all my focus is on moving that hammer and flipping a card, my technique for moving a heavy hammer may not look great to anyone but yet I never got injured, I never pushed myself so hard I passed out and I never lost control of the hammer. That's pure intensity and believe it or not when I do various movements and my internal practice, I use that same energy to move as fluidly as possible while as relaxed as possible yet strong.

For me I love learning from others, it's a wonderful thing to read off your favorite trainer's techniques yet however I don't believe in following along with them. I practice the technique after watching how they do it and learn how my body works for that particular technique just like my hammer workouts, its a little different but it's based on the same principles from the people I have seen. You can't get that full on individual energy from following someone's pace and speed. There's no harm in it i'm not saying it's wrong but it limits your real potential and you're not using your own energy from within, you're just doing someone else's moves. Be realistic yet be intense with what you're truly capable of.

Go at it full force. This does not mean you get so intense it's going to hurt you and have you on the sidelines. By full force I mean using that energy and power to the point where you can keep going, taking a breather if you need but let that energy still be filled with great intensity. Taking a breather in my opinion amplifies your energy because if you go at it too hard and with intensity you can't handle it's going to bite you in the ass. Be resourceful and mindful, the world isn't going to end because of how you use your energy in training. At the same time using all that power, learn to be relaxed as much as possible, this doesn't mean lazy or loose, the better you relax, the greater your breath control comes into play and you can do longer workouts even when you're recovering between sets. Be strong both within and after your workout, believe me when you still have energy in the tank after a brutal session, that makes you dangerous.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Being Over 30 Is Fun

In my 20's I learned many things not just in training but in relationships, moving to various places including a new state, taking on exercises most today wouldn't dare do and have been through many ups and downs. Survived a leg injury, got to travel, met really incredible people and all the while doing my best to have the time of my life. I'm now in my 30's and life is just as grand if not far better.

I have made PR's more than a few times but nothing compared to the last couple months using my heavy Epic Sledgehammer. Hit more than 1200 reps using weights as heavy as 26, 31, 39, 44 and 50 lbs. My grip strength has skyrocketed, my conditioning is through the roof and it's kept me eating quite a bit without putting on a ton of fat. I'm in love with a beautiful woman whom I call my Spider Monkey. That's another PR for me that is just incredibly awesome and full of joy. Hammers may keep me strong physically but nothing compares to a woman that has made me feel more alive in years. I guess you can say PR's are a thing for me.

Guys who turn 30 start to feel like they're winding down and ready to just feel as if they can't get any stronger than how they were in their 20's, a decade has passed and no more wild parties or having the strength like they use to have. Hate to break to you but those guys have no clue what life truly means. I'm 31 and I have built up even more strength and testosterone than ever and i'm just getting warmed up. Life is bad ass and I can't be any happier.

Since the formation of my record breaking hammer workouts I'm living life one ton at a time. Using a heavy hammer to be my full on weight and lifting it plus hitting a tire in the quadruple digits is the symbol of how I strengthen my body and mind to tackle challenges and obstacles. I live happily without being used, hurt, taken advantage of and never feeling like I can't be myself. Live with what you have and make the best with who you are, who you choose to be around and never dread getting older, dread not being able to live. Take chances and kick down doors you never thought were able to open. Being over 30 is fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Being Used Can Be A Bitch

For the most part I love helping others any way I can be there are at times where people had me sucked into their little agendas that they used me without a shred of decency or shared real compassion and thankfulness. Ever since I started getting big people automatically assume that because i'm this big kid I have to carry their crap because they can't do it themselves, that's not to say they're not capable they are and they're lazy. Have you ever had someone volunteer you to help them yet you have no real desire to help that person but get sucked into it? Welcome to my world.

Over roughly a 15 year period, I have moved friends and mostly family to new places more times than I care to count and most of the time I never volunteered it was "honored" to me. It grinds my gears when I have been taken advantage of, it's not fun and I don't have a complete sense of my true self when that happens. Yes I'am very strong, I get it that I can handle more weight than most people I know but I shouldn't be forced to help whether it's family or not. It's not cool to put someone in a position where you can't really do something about it because of the situation that's bestowed upon you. I'm not ranting about being a victim or being this helpless non-stand up guy but I'am telling you the realities of what it's like to have a lot of strength and where people can be manipulative to use your strength for their agendas.

You are not someone's puppet, you don't have strings attached to your body that someone can play with. You can say no and i'll tell you why; I learned this the hard way and i'm still learning but I can tell you that if you feel forced into something where people want to take advantage of you, just tell them no. They will try to tell you things like "We really need you, we can't do this without you and you will be rewarded for your efforts." I've heard those lines many many times and I got to tell ya, it's a bit depressing lol. I'm not a negative guy, I love what I do and I love it more when I get an opportunity to use my abilities but I can't stand it when I'm being used for something I love; it takes away a piece of my heart sometimes because some people can be cruel and vicious yet they will show fake smiles and laughs to get you to believe they truly care.

Take it from me, you can be helpful and you should help others in need as best as possible even if it's taking a dresser up to some old gal's place because no one gave a damn to help her in the first place, push someone's car if they can't get it out of their driveway or carry groceries for a sick or injured person. Do it because you're compassionate and you have the heart and the willing to go out of your way. Don't be suckered into some crazy agenda because they just think you're strong and can carry out what they're more than capable of. I love the people in my life but some of them can be ungrateful at times and they don't understand that it's painful being used and thinking there's nothing wrong with that. I want you to be helpful because you chose to and you're going to put the effort in that follows your compassion and willingness. Be conscious and be aware of certain signs and red flags. Trust me and trust your intuition and be willing to ask yourself if they're being legit or just use you like a little marionette.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Its Over Fifty Thousand

And you thought Super Sayians were the only ones to have power that's over 9000, shame on you people. I have been setting PR's for quite a while now because of my Hammer training. Taking a sledgehammer as heavy as you can possibly handle and hit a tire for reps using a deck of cards. Because of this I don't just go for reps, I go for how much weight I actually moved. Let me give you an example....Say you picked up a hammer that weighed 10 pounds and you did 100 reps, you just moved 1000 pounds, that's half a ton. Now my hammer made by the ever bad ass Ryan Pitts at Stronger Grip, weighs a whopping 44.2 lbs. that's more than 4x the weight of the average hammer; using the deck of cards for reps I got up to 1252 reps...So 1252 X 44.2 lbs lifted totals up to 55,338.4 lbs. moved. That's around 27.6 tons. Just lifting this hammer would be difficult for most people.

Whenever I beat the deck doing this I increase the weight of the hammer....Started at 26 pounds empty, got to 31, 39, over 44 and now I'm gonna see how much weight left I can put in and keep going until I get it to as full as possible. I set a goal for myself and before I even pick up the hammer, I make myself believe that I can beat the deck, maybe not a first because I want to see how my body takes it. I make a goal to beat the deck in under 3 workouts and have done so every time I increased the weight. If you choose to go after something that not only putting your heart and soul into it you set a goal to make it happen before you even do it, it puts a burning desire within you to make your mark on what you set your mind to. Some have goals but set the bar too high on themselves too early on, its like climbing a ladder, take it one step at a time. Have little goals that become bigger as you get better and stronger. A friend once told me on hammer training that magical things happen when you hit 1000 reps or more hitting that tire, he was not only right but I have done it so many times yet it never fades away. Setting a goal and making it come true is when magical things happen if not while you're going after your goal.

Personal Records hold dear to certain people especially if you're in the fitness field, breaking a PR on push-ups or the bench press, lasting one second longer in an endurance test it's a thrill beyond belief and it's important to cherish what you're capable of but not making it so that you can be better than anyone else that's not what it's about. Record breaking isn't being the very best out of anyone else, it's triumphing over your personal obstacles and becoming more than what you have done before. I never imagined I'd be able to handle a hammer this size and do that many reps and still want to do more and get better at this kick ass exercise. I never saw myself doing this in my 20's, hell I barely knew about a sledgehammer in my teens, i'm now in my early 30's and because of it i'm far stronger and fitter yet I haven't even begin to peak. Breaking your own record has sentimental value, something you own and nobody can take it away from you. You achieved something only you can accomplish, sure people have higher or lower records than you but that doesn't matter, you are the one that did because you wanted more out of yourself and believing things can happen.

As you may have seen, read or listened; I'm not a normal fitness guy, hell if I had a nickle for every time someone called me crazy i'd be living in a mansion right now. Being normal is taking the easy way out. I get along with just about anyone but rarely ever fit in with any group that society believes you should be in. Why settle being like everyone else, they're taken yet they push others to try to be like them. I don't make a million dollars, I don't have fancy equipment like a cable machine or a treadmill, I don't have dozens of certifications, hell most in the fitness community can't stand guys like me but you know I do have; friends that have given me a chance to show what I can do, I have the coolest hammers in the world in my den, I have loving people in my life that let me be myself and best of all I have my own way of training and there is no one out there who can tell me that I should be doing what they're doing because everyone else is. Being normal is so tedious and boring, who the hell wants to live like that?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Secret Blueprint To Bruce Lee's Ultimate Power

They say in the strength & fitness field that there are no secrets, just hard work and strategic mind setting to bring out the power within you. I'm here to tell you today that there is a secret that only a handful of people knew about and one that has brought it to the masses to unleash the ultimate power within all of us. This secret alone can take you from weak to super strong faster than anything you have ever experienced. Bruce Lee's power has been the stuff of legends and it's because of this secret that he only truly knew that when it was properly applied, he opened up Pandora's box and brought out his full strength, speed and reflexes that most say wouldn't be possible.

I have had the opportunity of a lifetime to talk to one of those people that has discovered the very blueprint that I just mentioned. His name is Garin Bader, winner of 13 International Music Competitions, one of the most charismatic entertainers in the world today also a master of the martial arts, strength training, sculpting and master magician. He owns, operates and provides some of the greatest info on Strength Training that touches on some very unique elements and guidance to develop your potential for amplifying your entire being. This is called CoreForce Energy; the revolutionary system that gives you the power to do extraordinary things using your mind and body infusing sound, organic movement and imagination. There has never been a system like this before and because of that it's not your old run of the mill BS strength course, it will change you not just the way you move but how to express it, change the way you think and bringing out the very best deep within your soul and bring out the strongest person you can possibly become.

You will learn more in this interview than you would have in decades of training and learning the secrets to unlocking your true power and because i'm in a very exciting mood, i'm going show you just a piece of what they interview will have. The first 15 minutes alone will have your mind blown. Now picture more than 90 minutes of content and information. Garin & I would like to share with you those first 15 minutes but in order to see the rest, you will need to get access to the CoreForce Energy System itself. The rest of the interview will be provided in the membership site that Garin has graciously given you the opportunity to pursue. I'am not going to lie when I trained with Garin back in the fall/winter of 2010, I was in for the ride of my life. I learned some of the most top secrets imaginable. I was taught these very same secrets that you will learn.

I highly encourage you to join me and Garin on this quest and the membership website doesn't just provide the interview we did together, he will literally give chunks and chunks of how to apply the CoreForce Energy System into not only in your strength training but in other areas of your life like sports, music, dancing, how to get out of a chair without straining yourself, lift more weight in the gym and tackle your life's challenges with adversity and full on determination. And not only that but you will get lifetime updates on all areas of CoreForce Energy. A two-payment fee and you are set for life my friend and once you learn the treasured secrets we are about to share with you, you will never want to look at fitness the same way again.

Here is the video that I have promised. Blueprint Your Strength For Massive Power Increases. Listen and open your mind to Garin's answer as I ask him one of the biggest questions I have ever had the privilege to ask.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Adventurous Mindset Of Indiana Jones

For over 30 years the man in that wears the Fedora has been set in our brains, hearts and imagination. Most see him as this daring Archaeologist going on these crazy adventures looking for the rarest artifacts on the planet and fighting off baddies from taking them. To me, he is the embodiment of human movement and adventure. The reason why is because he's very unique among most characters especially from the 80's who were these big burly dudes full of muscle and having tons of weaponry; but not Indy, when it comes to weapons only three come to mind; his fists, pistol and whip. Talk about simple and bad ass.

By embodiment of human movement and adventure I mean in the sense where he has a far more realistic approach to how he moves in his environment; he crawls, jumps, swims, swings and if needed push a heavy stone out of a wall to walk out of a tomb. He's what real men strive for; not to have useless muscle but to use them to his advantage and use his wits in the brink of pressure. When you really get down to the niddy-griddy, movement is not about lifting weights (although it's a small part) or trying to look like some roided freak looking to show off; it's about using both your brain and your body to it's potential for moving within the environment or obstacle. There isn't going to be an up and down to help save your life in most situations or even just to train and work the little muscles, you're going to need to shift gears and move into a format that gives you great opportunity to adapt.

Indy is a man's man bar none. He doesn't bullshit anything, when he's determined to do something he goes balls out and not think twice about it. He looks like a real athlete and a man that understands his limits and pushes when he gets fired up enough. He looks like a version of Tarzan (but way better looking) and isn't afraid to use his body in any situation. He will literally climb up a mountain, swim to his aeroplane, crawl in tiny spaces and balance himself in the roughest places imaginable. Women worship him because he has hat manly outlook about him that just screams the ultimate man. When you really dig deep into the mythology of Indiana Jones, he is what most wished could be; adventurous, courageous, daring and go after the girl he adores.

You don't need to travel to exotic places or find artifacts to be like Indy but it's important you get out there and move, go on an adventure, be in a nature, move among the chaos and get into that mindset where you are living life to the fullest and making the best out of what you do. Too many of us sit on our asses and expect things to happen and have become so cautious and we mistake fear for being cowards. Indy is like everyone else, he has emotions, he does have moments of being afraid but unlike most people he goes after it anyway and makes the best of it, even if he fails (Did you not see him get outsmarted by Bellock?) Get out and move, live in the moment and although you may be afraid of some things at least attempt to fight. Don't always be like Indy's alter ego the college professor behind a desk full of students just edging to pick his brain, climb out the damn window and get moving otherwise you will get trampled and your brain will go insane.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Power Of The Hammer

During my recent exploits into grip training or more specifically using sledgehammers it's come to the conclusion that after extensive repetition and using a deck of cards along with a tire to hit, building a super powerful grip is eventually going to commence whether you like it or not (why wouldn't you). The purity of your hands being crazy strong is an essential part of life every man should strive for. Just to even lift a heavy hammer takes a lot of strength and moving it for an extended period of time takes a ton of mental and physical endurance but in the end; shaking someone's hand may not be good for the other person. 

Most believe in order to be strong you have to have tons of muscle and for enough guys I've witnessed doing crazy feats that theory is not necessarily true. Sure muscles look cool and all but if you don't have strong tendons, your muscles won't mean jack shit in situations where muscles won't be enough. The tendons are what hold the whole structure together forming this machine of nerves and bone capacity to move in the best directions possible. Even having flexible tendons make a huge difference in how you move and hold a heavy resistance. Because of training with a sledgehammer, it builds tendons like steel cords (for you marvel fans, think of Vibraniam or Adamantium) and not to mention the increase of testosterone using a heavy resistance through intense exercise. 

A favorite hammer of mine is the Thor Hammer that is purely made as if the Norse gods had access to it themselves. You don't have to know Norse Mythology yet the moment you see a hammer of this magnitude, it brings a sense of presence that only a few can ever understand. Picture as if Thor handed you this hammer and you were the chosen few to hone it's power and feel the spirits of Valhalla coursing through your veins and bringing the strength of thunder and lightning into your blood stream the moment you hold it in your hands. It has no equal and it can be used in various areas of training and turning your grip into a structure that is no longer human flesh and bone but that of superhuman machinery of solid matter and the strongest steel that you can imagine. Even the Epic Sledgehammer has that very found affect and if you can handle it, treat it with respect and people will be afraid to shake your hand.

The way I train in using Sledgehammers is by swinging and hitting the tire with such force as possible and for as long as possible. The way I count reps is by taking my deck of cards and do the amount of reps the card requires. I don't also train by the reps themselves, I go after the total amount of weight I have lifted with that hammer for example: If you took a 13.8 lb Thor Hammer and your reps were say 500, you didn't just hit the tire 500 times but you have lifted nearly 7000 pounds total when you mathematically multiply the weight and the amount of reps. That's more than 3 tons, can you say freakish strength? How would that feel to you, being able to handle that much weight and having that amount of strength/endurance? My last workout was with the Epic Sledgehammer and it weighs approx. 39 pounds, that's a lot of hammer; now picture moving that amount of weight in just over 30 min. 600 times. that's over 23,000 pounds being moved, that's over 11 tons. I train by the ton because I don't want to just hit a tire with a heavy object, I want to see how much weight I can move within a period of time that brings out the very pinnacle of strength and conditioning. If you're a strength athlete or an arm wrestler; think how much strength you will acquire doing this type of training in your arsenal. This can aid you winning some big competitions and take down some of the strongest opponents imaginable. Feel the power of the hammer and make your grip the strongest it can be.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sometimes Being Lazy Is Fun

My definition is lazy is a far cry than what most people consider it. I don't believe sitting on your ass for 8 hours watching TLC Network is that productive as being lazy, that just makes you a slob. Lazy to me in the fitness has both a positive and a negative; yes not making an effort on your goals and just half assing through your routine thinking it's gonna miraculously get you fit is being clinically lazy and you just don't care about yourself. On a positive side to me it means just picking out something repetitively easy and just run with it, don't even think it.

You want to workout but you're too damn tired and just don't give a rat's ass what to do. It happens to us i'm not gonna lie, I went that route today and just didn't care yet I still made myself train even if it was an "easy" day by doing a circuit by mainly using my chair where I watch cartoons and movies as I work. I'm not saying you should have a lazy day everyday and believe its good to get some sun and live outside ever so often; what i'am saying is that if you feel like you just don't feel going hardcore but want to do something simple and quick than do so it still counts as training.

I do circuits on occasion that are quick but effective and the best ones you can to do anywhere is by using the Darebee Workouts. The cool thing bout these is that they give a workout in less than 20 minutes even when you have the busiest schedule. They're good for nearly any type of program but at the same time their great when you're short on time but also get that cardio and sweat going. Just pick a workout you'd like to do and see how you can challenge yourself; you a level 1, 2 or 3 conditioned trainee?

I don't believe in taking days off, that's not my motto (what's a motto with you?) because training every single day is beneficial and builds mental toughness plus it doesn't hurt to keep yourself in tact and get kick ass benefits out of it. I do believe however in "rest" days where you don't go all out like a roided basket-case gym rat but do something that is simpler, something that is comforting and not too difficult, it's still considered a workout and it's important to acknowledge that. My "rest" day came in the form of the workout I did yesterday called The Office Workout where you basically sit in a chair and do pretty simple and easy exercises that nearly anyone can do. I just felt like doing it because I had quite the weekend doing various movements, hammer work, swimming and other fun stuff that wore me out but yet managed to do a workout that took less than 10 minutes. Get in the habit of your "rest" days as a day of being a little lazy but still have fun and go after it the next day. Being lazy at times has it's perks, trust me, I've had people tell me i'm lazy yet i'm far more productive than they are, just sayian.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Workout Bonding

For the most part, training alone for me is the ideal way to get the best out of fitness. Not just in the gym but also anywhere else you want to train but at times being alone sucks and want to have that feeling that there is someone that can exercise with you and motivate you. Trust me for nearly a decade, I have trained mostly on my own yet on occasion go to the gym or workout with my boys Logan Christopher or/and Tyler Bramlett. It's not so much the bonding but getting to hang out and just see how much we can push the limits. With bonding with another person, it adds an extra form within your relationship whether it's just friends or with a significant other and/or if you have kids.

I firmly believe that a family that trains together bonds together. Whether you're with relatives, your kids or with the one you love; being able to bond and work together as a team/group whatever the case may be, utilize your inhibitions in order to create a fun and exciting environment. Kids make awesome training partners because they mimic the movements you're attempting to make or practice and they want to see how cool it would be to do it themselves. A spouse can be a bit trickier because they seem more cautious and not as daring as a child but at the same time, it gives that person a chance to learn who you are not just doing simple exercises but making it feel wild and fun and that's where a kick ass bonding experience comes into play. I'm currently training my girlfriend Holly who you can find at This Butterfly Life and she was eager to learn but felt a little rocky at first but eventually just started flourishing really quick and has gained muscle and flexibility in a short amount of time, very proud of her. That's just an example but the principle still applies, it may be different by just the both of you starting out together and you don't know what to expect, learn your strengths and weaknesses and bring that tight bond together; magical things happen when you apply it right.

A great benefit of bonding while training is how both of you can enhance each other's motivation by bringing it up to a degree where you both are just rocking and helping each other rep things out and pushing each other. Not so much drill sergeant and calling each other name's, to me that's a big no-no. With kids, it's not always showing them the technique but how to keep it interesting for them. Animal Movements are awesome for kids because they get to live out their fantasy being an animal in the jungle in their imagination while they move. Movement is about adventure, exploring the unknown and channeling their energy that isn't hooked onto a TV or an Ipad or whatever electronic device. It builds their brain power, heightens their self-esteem, teaches teamwork and being themselves without ever telling them their exercising but playing.

I firmly believe that everyone should customize their own system because for one, if you're trying to keep up with someone else, it's only making you too much of a follower than forming your own ideals. Being self reliant in this case is a powerful tool because you are learning your own sense of individuality and creativity. By bonding you don't have to do the same program at the same speed and pace but you can encourage each other by sharing ideals and how to apply them for your own style of training. Be proud and let your significant other know that they matter and you bring a sense of inner strength for them because you give them a reason to better themselves. I don't ever want anyone to try to attempt what I do yet what I love is encouraging others to be more efficient in their own style of training and something that works in their favor alone and use that to bond with someone else. Make the experience exciting, creative and something to use for growth physically, mentally and emotionally.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Why Diets Suck

Atkins, 21 Day Fix, Low-Carb, Fruitarian, Water Fasts for weeks and many more crazy diets have you pegged a sheep trying to follow some asshole with a name on a piece of paper calling themselves "Experts" and make you suffer more than helping you. I believe that if you want the best out of losing weight, gaining weight, dropping fat than you need to manage or make the effort to do so without feeling so strict about yourself. Changing everything completely cold turkey is a complete waste of time, unless you've had nothing but junk food your whole life and knowing what the hell a fruit or a vegetable is than yeah time to make some big changes but start small. Life is not a race, it's a journey that you wrestle with and you won't always have a winning streak, losing at times can be good because it's a life lesson that could help you get back up.

What are the first three letters in the word Diet? D-I-E. Those three letters alone should have you be suspicious of anything remotely related to nutrition. I will admit my eating habits aren't the greatest and most likely never will be. I don't eat McDonalds everyday or Taco Bell, Jack In The Box or Burger Queen. I eat relatively healthy having good fats, eggs, meats, fruits and veggies, plenty of water and electrolytes and yes I do eat carbs but not so much the bad kind. I need some high level doses of food to fuel me because how hard I train. I love cookies, bacon wrapped hot dogs, coke, an occasional grilled cheese sammich and yes I do eat fried chicken from time to time. The thing is I don't feel any guilt about doing them because I know how my body works and that because of the way I train, I'll never look like an obsese person. Be noble and smart about what you eat and drink but there's nothing wrong with indulging a few bad things once in a while, you need that balance. I'm not a good or bad eater, I do my best to stay in the middle. You shouldn't have to suffer or feel like dying when it comes to food, it's choices and managing it that works in your favor for your own body.

Eating healthy isn't easy and it's not always willing to be healthy but money isn't always in your favor so it comes down to making compromises with yourself and/or the family you are raising. It can be stressful at times because of certain circumstances but it doesn't have to be negatively stressful. Being stress free means you are doing what's best but you don't feel guilty when something doesn't always work. Be honest and realistic with yourself about what you eat but don't ever feel like you have to strict yourself. Some people can't eat a ton of food but some need more than others depending on your goals and your intensity levels of exercise. Here's a tid bit of how hungry I get, after a workout say lifting a total of 20+ tons striking a tire with a 30 lbs.+ Sledgehammer i'm in no mood for little salads or those small meals i Tupperware, I grab what I can find in the fridge that is fairly healthy and devour it like a madman or go out somewhere like to subway, Quiznos or Panda Express and get as much as either two sandwiches or 4-5 entrees of food at Panda put into around two-three big boxes worth. When you're hungry you need fuel and at times you may not always get the healthiest thing because your body needs food badly. Make good choices but also listen to your body and not try to tell it what you think it needs or whatever the "plan" is on that diet sheet you think you can handle.

When it comes to Experts, I don't look for the shmucks in the fitness magazines or dumb forums and hell I don't trust nutritionists on TV like on Dr. Oz or some crap like that. I look to men and women who have been through the ringer, know that being strict doesn't get you anywhere and that food is fuel, not little bitty pieces of baby lettuce salads and 100 calorie Tupperware Meals. I look to real people who are very strong, athletic and do things out of the ordinary. It's those people I admire, not all of them have six pack abs or the body of a greek god; some of the healthiest people I know aren't the best athletic looking yet their health is even higher than those who look athletic in the first place. Most Experts have an agenda and they don't see through how some individuals don't have the capacity to fit their lifestyle with their diet ideals. Make honest choices but don't make yourself feel like shit in the process. It's tough, it can be frustrating yet eating real food is the best way to go but if you can't always make them happen, use your budget wisely and be open minded.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top 5 Exercises For A Healthy Sex Drive

It's not an easy topic to talk about when it comes to sex and hormones because for the most part, people feel uncomfortable talking about something that is private to them or have people being refrained from sex and taking advantage for the things that bring out the very best in what makes the world great in many ways. This is isn't going to be your typical list of exercises that you see in the muscle magazines or learning the basic styles of fitness (presses, pulls, squats and ab work). What you're going to see are exercises you don't normally find that actually deliver realistic results and jump up your hormones like a rocket going into space. The importance of staying consistent with your hormones is crucial no matter what your age and sure there other factors to consider beyond exercise for some people but when you do keep it up (no pun intended), you actually have a greater chance of living a healthy life full of excitement and wonders that makes most jealous or envious.

The top 5 exercises I will be mentioning here are not just some random testing usage on a strict group of people or studying the limited facets of what works and what doesn't; these are from my own experiences and the type of training I have literally performed on. This isn't scripted or written out on a pre-made sheet of numbers and statistics, this is the real deal and doing just one of these will increase your hormone levels to heights you didn't think were possible. Do two of them, you're ascending the ladder to hormone heaven. Three and you'll be a man/woman to be feared and your lover will have no choice but to keep up with you. Four and you'll be hitting hormone city and doing all 5, you're a beast and blasting into Hormone immortality......

5. Sprints-

Short and High Intense exercise excels the levels of your hormones into the stratosphere by using strategic styling that brings your hormones to their peak even 2 hours after exercising. Sprints, especially used in the Superhero Sprint System last no more than 20 minutes maximum with the majority of you resting. You sprint hard for a good 10-30 seconds and take the amount of rest you need and then sprint again repeating the process until you can do from 4-10 sprints maximum. These alone done 3x a week burn off fat, increase lean muscle mass and turn you into a muscle building machine with the sex drive of a highly unadulterated teenager. It is one of the most incredible forms of training on the planet period.

4. Animal Exercises-

Ever mimicked your favorite wild animal from when you were little and pretending to be this ferocious beast? We all have an animal living inside us, it's part of our DNA to move and utilize our entire body as a single unit. Training like a wild animal brings out the intensity of your body's craving for natural muscle building and developing growth hormones that keep you fit, young and healthy. When you move in this manner whether you're flowing through them or just going full blast, you're using your entire body and need to tense up the Core Muscles in order to stabilize you from getting injured. The most basic animal movement is the Bear Crawl, trust a few yards of this and you'll be winded and when that happens and the huffing and puffing is obvious, it's pumping your heart with fresh blood and needing to use more oxygen in your lungs in order to elevate your body's nervous system. Doing these exercises will destroy fat and build animal muscle that gives you the hormones of a horny 20 year old on steroids. Think what it would be like for you and your partner to have intense, beautiful and possibly at times crazy sex when you're that high. Talk about going wild in the bedroom my friend.

3. Lifting/Moving Heavy Weight And/Or Objects-

Weightlifting can be a serious testosterone booster and elevate hormones at a level that is at times unexplained. However; as great weights are, moving heavy odd objects bring in another element of hormone elevation that just makes lifting weights obsolete. For instance, you are in a one-sided level of movement in using weights, going up and down in a strict formidable fashion as oppose to using every muscle in awkward positions to move a heavy weight. One of my all-time favorites is doing Hammer Strikes on the tire using up to a 30+ lbs. Sledgehammer; just the mere effort to lift a hammer that heavy using every muscle and tendon to move and stabilize brings a whole other meaning to the term "Elevated Sex Hormones." Doing high reps in this fashion at a solid pace makes your whole body come into play and the muscle generating strength needed to keep going is astounding in itself. Moving heavy rocks, logs, kegs and barrels are lifted in awkward ways because of the way you need to shift your body it's never a straight line, it can throw a curve a lot of the time and this alone generates incredible sexual energy and hormone progression. The more muscles needed, the greater chance you'll be increasing your hormones.

2. Swimming-

Talk about using natural resistance; A full body entity that just screams hormone elevation when done correctly. This type of training is hit more on the nerves than most training ideals because you can't stop moving in water or you will drown. Being in the water over a period of time hits your nerves like a bolt of lightning and when you finally relax after a day of swimming, your endorphins kick in, your nerves are so high it makes you feel alive. Not to mention it makes you hungry as hell (just ask Michael Phelps) and full of energy that needs to be dealt with. Let's just say because of swimming it makes my hormones just screaming bloody murder after a while; having that much Sexual Energy can be a disaster and make you moody as hell if you don't have a significant other. It brings out another element of calmness and awareness within your surroundings and what's going on in your body.

1. VRT Bodybuilding-

Now just because it's number one doesn't mean its the best of the best, this list was never in really any particular order but it is part of the top 5 that I have experienced. VRT is a system where you tense your muscles as if you were lifting imaginary weights or heavy objects. When you flex and extend a muscle, you are using opposing figures in the tissues going in opposite directions of each other like a bicep curl uses a flexion in the bicep and the extension is using the tricep muscle like in a pressdown for that particular muscle. This system is a modern day version of Muscle Control where you utilize a specific muscle during a particular movement or hold. When you imagine and tensify your muscles, you're squeezing out the tissues that eventually break down and need to repair to build greater muscle density. When you practice this method correctly you should be winded after a few reps or more of an exercise as if you actually lifted a big heavy weight. This can be done anywhere and doesn't require equipment whatsoever yet it is very effective on how you can elevate your hormone levels. This system generates great power into your nervous system that can lead into helping the muscles and tendons not be overused and broken down in the way that weights do. It can lead to greater density in the muscles and doesn't wear and tear on the joints, so think about it; when you are making the muscles more dense, fat becomes your bitch and you're forcing it to leave out the body's unwanted resources that can generate muscle growth and increased levels of metabolism and strength.

Sex in most cases is one of the most beautiful joys of life but people especially in our society today have made it rather messed up in order for a healthy living; porn addiction, religious outlining & restrictions, protesting against it's true inflections and intentions and not to mention the weird ass stuff that goes beyond sexual exploitation. It's a sensitive subject I get it but it's clear to me that with the right loving person, life has greater wonders and there's beauty in there somewhere even by the smallest fraction. Getting laid for the rush is just not a great route to be headed into and it's not emotional or mentally stable. When you rush things or just want the excitement and that's it, there's a piece missing in that realm where real sexual love is a rare commodity and there's not only interest but realistic unconditional love and wholesome meaning. Real sex is about love, compassion, the willingness to flow as if two people were as one unit. Sex is amazing when everything just gives off this powerful feeling of invincibility and healthy strength and livelihood. When it's personal and full of life and passion that keeps consistent, it opens up a world not many today really understand or could understand.

The power you can possess in the quest for natural sex drive isn't easy and not always simple but with the right mindset, safe strategic entities and making it interesting can bring you to heights that makes most just hideous and jealous yet want to know your secrets. I'm at an age where testosterone starts to take its toll by 1% a year from now on, even though i'm nearly 31, i'm not going down so easily, I make it my mission to stay consistent in what I do and get stronger both internally and externally, I want to have hormones raging by the time my golden years reach their peak and beyond, living with passion and fire that delivers my true strength. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can have high hormone levels that makes those less than half your age feel like chumps. Yes it gets harder to maintain it in your later years but it doesn't have to be so hard it makes you feel like you can't do it enough. Be awesome and live with passion and the will to keep up with your body strong and healthy for many years to come.