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The Intensity Is Incredible

For a while now I've been repping it out hard using a Thor Hammer and an Epic Sledgehammer. The last big workout was with Thor's Hammer; weighing 30 lbs. and doing rep after rep with the deck of cards it is one of the most intense experiences of my life. The intensity is not always how much effort i'm putting in, it's more of the energy I draw in it that makes the greatest difference. Yes I sweat, yes i'am crazy and no I don't plan on stopping. When it comes to intensity whether it's something nuts like that or doing softer workouts like Qi Gong or playfully moving; the effort is the easy part regardless of what you may believe but the biggest thing to really understand is the energy and internal strength you're developing.

I personally believe that nearly every workout you put yourself through, the energy has to be no less than pure high level of intensity. This doesn't mean psyching yourself up doing ridiculous rituals or something that looks like…

Being Over 30 Is Fun

In my 20's I learned many things not just in training but in relationships, moving to various places including a new state, taking on exercises most today wouldn't dare do and have been through many ups and downs. Survived a leg injury, got to travel, met really incredible people and all the while doing my best to have the time of my life. I'm now in my 30's and life is just as grand if not far better.

I have made PR's more than a few times but nothing compared to the last couple months using my heavy Epic Sledgehammer. Hit more than 1200 reps using weights as heavy as 26, 31, 39, 44 and 50 lbs. My grip strength has skyrocketed, my conditioning is through the roof and it's kept me eating quite a bit without putting on a ton of fat. I'm in love with a beautiful woman whom I call my Spider Monkey. That's another PR for me that is just incredibly awesome and full of joy. Hammers may keep me strong physically but nothing compares to a woman that has made me…

Being Used Can Be A Bitch

For the most part I love helping others any way I can be there are at times where people had me sucked into their little agendas that they used me without a shred of decency or shared real compassion and thankfulness. Ever since I started getting big people automatically assume that because i'm this big kid I have to carry their crap because they can't do it themselves, that's not to say they're not capable they are and they're lazy. Have you ever had someone volunteer you to help them yet you have no real desire to help that person but get sucked into it? Welcome to my world.

Over roughly a 15 year period, I have moved friends and mostly family to new places more times than I care to count and most of the time I never volunteered it was "honored" to me. It grinds my gears when I have been taken advantage of, it's not fun and I don't have a complete sense of my true self when that happens. Yes I'am very strong, I get it that I can handle more …

Its Over Fifty Thousand

And you thought Super Sayians were the only ones to have power that's over 9000, shame on you people. I have been setting PR's for quite a while now because of my Hammer training. Taking a sledgehammer as heavy as you can possibly handle and hit a tire for reps using a deck of cards. Because of this I don't just go for reps, I go for how much weight I actually moved. Let me give you an example....Say you picked up a hammer that weighed 10 pounds and you did 100 reps, you just moved 1000 pounds, that's half a ton. Now my hammer made by the ever bad ass Ryan Pitts at Stronger Grip, weighs a whopping 44.2 lbs. that's more than 4x the weight of the average hammer; using the deck of cards for reps I got up to 1252 reps...So 1252 X 44.2 lbs lifted totals up to 55,338.4 lbs. moved. That's around 27.6 tons. Just lifting this hammer would be difficult for most people.

Whenever I beat the deck doing this I increase the weight of the hammer....Started at 26 pounds empty, …

The Secret Blueprint To Bruce Lee's Ultimate Power

They say in the strength & fitness field that there are no secrets, just hard work and strategic mind setting to bring out the power within you. I'm here to tell you today that there is a secret that only a handful of people knew about and one that has brought it to the masses to unleash the ultimate power within all of us. This secret alone can take you from weak to super strong faster than anything you have ever experienced. Bruce Lee's power has been the stuff of legends and it's because of this secret that he only truly knew that when it was properly applied, he opened up Pandora's box and brought out his full strength, speed and reflexes that most say wouldn't be possible.

I have had the opportunity of a lifetime to talk to one of those people that has discovered the very blueprint that I just mentioned. His name is Garin Bader, winner of 13 International Music Competitions, one of the most charismatic entertainers in the world today also a master of the …

Adventurous Mindset Of Indiana Jones

For over 30 years the man in that wears the Fedora has been set in our brains, hearts and imagination. Most see him as this daring Archaeologist going on these crazy adventures looking for the rarest artifacts on the planet and fighting off baddies from taking them. To me, he is the embodiment of human movement and adventure. The reason why is because he's very unique among most characters especially from the 80's who were these big burly dudes full of muscle and having tons of weaponry; but not Indy, when it comes to weapons only three come to mind; his fists, pistol and whip. Talk about simple and bad ass.

By embodiment of human movement and adventure I mean in the sense where he has a far more realistic approach to how he moves in his environment; he crawls, jumps, swims, swings and if needed push a heavy stone out of a wall to walk out of a tomb. He's what real men strive for; not to have useless muscle but to use them to his advantage and use his wits in the brink of…

The Power Of The Hammer

During my recent exploits into grip training or more specifically using sledgehammers it's come to the conclusion that after extensive repetition and using a deck of cards along with a tire to hit, building a super powerful grip is eventually going to commence whether you like it or not (why wouldn't you). The purity of your hands being crazy strong is an essential part of life every man should strive for. Just to even lift a heavy hammer takes a lot of strength and moving it for an extended period of time takes a ton of mental and physical endurance but in the end; shaking someone's hand may not be good for the other person. 
Most believe in order to be strong you have to have tons of muscle and for enough guys I've witnessed doing crazy feats that theory is not necessarily true. Sure muscles look cool and all but if you don't have strong tendons, your muscles won't mean jack shit in situations where muscles won't be enough. The tendons are what hold the …

Sometimes Being Lazy Is Fun

My definition is lazy is a far cry than what most people consider it. I don't believe sitting on your ass for 8 hours watching TLC Network is that productive as being lazy, that just makes you a slob. Lazy to me in the fitness has both a positive and a negative; yes not making an effort on your goals and just half assing through your routine thinking it's gonna miraculously get you fit is being clinically lazy and you just don't care about yourself. On a positive side to me it means just picking out something repetitively easy and just run with it, don't even think it.

You want to workout but you're too damn tired and just don't give a rat's ass what to do. It happens to us i'm not gonna lie, I went that route today and just didn't care yet I still made myself train even if it was an "easy" day by doing a circuit by mainly using my chair where I watch cartoons and movies as I work. I'm not saying you should have a lazy day everyday and…

Workout Bonding

For the most part, training alone for me is the ideal way to get the best out of fitness. Not just in the gym but also anywhere else you want to train but at times being alone sucks and want to have that feeling that there is someone that can exercise with you and motivate you. Trust me for nearly a decade, I have trained mostly on my own yet on occasion go to the gym or workout with my boys Logan Christopher or/and Tyler Bramlett. It's not so much the bonding but getting to hang out and just see how much we can push the limits. With bonding with another person, it adds an extra form within your relationship whether it's just friends or with a significant other and/or if you have kids.

I firmly believe that a family that trains together bonds together. Whether you're with relatives, your kids or with the one you love; being able to bond and work together as a team/group whatever the case may be, utilize your inhibitions in order to create a fun and exciting environment. Ki…

Why Diets Suck

Atkins, 21 Day Fix, Low-Carb, Fruitarian, Water Fasts for weeks and many more crazy diets have you pegged a sheep trying to follow some asshole with a name on a piece of paper calling themselves "Experts" and make you suffer more than helping you. I believe that if you want the best out of losing weight, gaining weight, dropping fat than you need to manage or make the effort to do so without feeling so strict about yourself. Changing everything completely cold turkey is a complete waste of time, unless you've had nothing but junk food your whole life and knowing what the hell a fruit or a vegetable is than yeah time to make some big changes but start small. Life is not a race, it's a journey that you wrestle with and you won't always have a winning streak, losing at times can be good because it's a life lesson that could help you get back up.

What are the first three letters in the word Diet? D-I-E. Those three letters alone should have you be suspicious of a…

Top 5 Exercises For A Healthy Sex Drive

It's not an easy topic to talk about when it comes to sex and hormones because for the most part, people feel uncomfortable talking about something that is private to them or have people being refrained from sex and taking advantage for the things that bring out the very best in what makes the world great in many ways. This is isn't going to be your typical list of exercises that you see in the muscle magazines or learning the basic styles of fitness (presses, pulls, squats and ab work). What you're going to see are exercises you don't normally find that actually deliver realistic results and jump up your hormones like a rocket going into space. The importance of staying consistent with your hormones is crucial no matter what your age and sure there other factors to consider beyond exercise for some people but when you do keep it up (no pun intended), you actually have a greater chance of living a healthy life full of excitement and wonders that makes most jealous or e…