Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Being Used Can Be A Bitch

For the most part I love helping others any way I can be there are at times where people had me sucked into their little agendas that they used me without a shred of decency or shared real compassion and thankfulness. Ever since I started getting big people automatically assume that because i'm this big kid I have to carry their crap because they can't do it themselves, that's not to say they're not capable they are and they're lazy. Have you ever had someone volunteer you to help them yet you have no real desire to help that person but get sucked into it? Welcome to my world.

Over roughly a 15 year period, I have moved friends and mostly family to new places more times than I care to count and most of the time I never volunteered it was "honored" to me. It grinds my gears when I have been taken advantage of, it's not fun and I don't have a complete sense of my true self when that happens. Yes I'am very strong, I get it that I can handle more weight than most people I know but I shouldn't be forced to help whether it's family or not. It's not cool to put someone in a position where you can't really do something about it because of the situation that's bestowed upon you. I'm not ranting about being a victim or being this helpless non-stand up guy but I'am telling you the realities of what it's like to have a lot of strength and where people can be manipulative to use your strength for their agendas.

You are not someone's puppet, you don't have strings attached to your body that someone can play with. You can say no and i'll tell you why; I learned this the hard way and i'm still learning but I can tell you that if you feel forced into something where people want to take advantage of you, just tell them no. They will try to tell you things like "We really need you, we can't do this without you and you will be rewarded for your efforts." I've heard those lines many many times and I got to tell ya, it's a bit depressing lol. I'm not a negative guy, I love what I do and I love it more when I get an opportunity to use my abilities but I can't stand it when I'm being used for something I love; it takes away a piece of my heart sometimes because some people can be cruel and vicious yet they will show fake smiles and laughs to get you to believe they truly care.

Take it from me, you can be helpful and you should help others in need as best as possible even if it's taking a dresser up to some old gal's place because no one gave a damn to help her in the first place, push someone's car if they can't get it out of their driveway or carry groceries for a sick or injured person. Do it because you're compassionate and you have the heart and the willing to go out of your way. Don't be suckered into some crazy agenda because they just think you're strong and can carry out what they're more than capable of. I love the people in my life but some of them can be ungrateful at times and they don't understand that it's painful being used and thinking there's nothing wrong with that. I want you to be helpful because you chose to and you're going to put the effort in that follows your compassion and willingness. Be conscious and be aware of certain signs and red flags. Trust me and trust your intuition and be willing to ask yourself if they're being legit or just use you like a little marionette.  

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