Monday, July 13, 2015

Adventurous Mindset Of Indiana Jones

For over 30 years the man in that wears the Fedora has been set in our brains, hearts and imagination. Most see him as this daring Archaeologist going on these crazy adventures looking for the rarest artifacts on the planet and fighting off baddies from taking them. To me, he is the embodiment of human movement and adventure. The reason why is because he's very unique among most characters especially from the 80's who were these big burly dudes full of muscle and having tons of weaponry; but not Indy, when it comes to weapons only three come to mind; his fists, pistol and whip. Talk about simple and bad ass.

By embodiment of human movement and adventure I mean in the sense where he has a far more realistic approach to how he moves in his environment; he crawls, jumps, swims, swings and if needed push a heavy stone out of a wall to walk out of a tomb. He's what real men strive for; not to have useless muscle but to use them to his advantage and use his wits in the brink of pressure. When you really get down to the niddy-griddy, movement is not about lifting weights (although it's a small part) or trying to look like some roided freak looking to show off; it's about using both your brain and your body to it's potential for moving within the environment or obstacle. There isn't going to be an up and down to help save your life in most situations or even just to train and work the little muscles, you're going to need to shift gears and move into a format that gives you great opportunity to adapt.

Indy is a man's man bar none. He doesn't bullshit anything, when he's determined to do something he goes balls out and not think twice about it. He looks like a real athlete and a man that understands his limits and pushes when he gets fired up enough. He looks like a version of Tarzan (but way better looking) and isn't afraid to use his body in any situation. He will literally climb up a mountain, swim to his aeroplane, crawl in tiny spaces and balance himself in the roughest places imaginable. Women worship him because he has hat manly outlook about him that just screams the ultimate man. When you really dig deep into the mythology of Indiana Jones, he is what most wished could be; adventurous, courageous, daring and go after the girl he adores.

You don't need to travel to exotic places or find artifacts to be like Indy but it's important you get out there and move, go on an adventure, be in a nature, move among the chaos and get into that mindset where you are living life to the fullest and making the best out of what you do. Too many of us sit on our asses and expect things to happen and have become so cautious and we mistake fear for being cowards. Indy is like everyone else, he has emotions, he does have moments of being afraid but unlike most people he goes after it anyway and makes the best of it, even if he fails (Did you not see him get outsmarted by Bellock?) Get out and move, live in the moment and although you may be afraid of some things at least attempt to fight. Don't always be like Indy's alter ego the college professor behind a desk full of students just edging to pick his brain, climb out the damn window and get moving otherwise you will get trampled and your brain will go insane.
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