Monday, July 20, 2015

Its Over Fifty Thousand

And you thought Super Sayians were the only ones to have power that's over 9000, shame on you people. I have been setting PR's for quite a while now because of my Hammer training. Taking a sledgehammer as heavy as you can possibly handle and hit a tire for reps using a deck of cards. Because of this I don't just go for reps, I go for how much weight I actually moved. Let me give you an example....Say you picked up a hammer that weighed 10 pounds and you did 100 reps, you just moved 1000 pounds, that's half a ton. Now my hammer made by the ever bad ass Ryan Pitts at Stronger Grip, weighs a whopping 44.2 lbs. that's more than 4x the weight of the average hammer; using the deck of cards for reps I got up to 1252 reps...So 1252 X 44.2 lbs lifted totals up to 55,338.4 lbs. moved. That's around 27.6 tons. Just lifting this hammer would be difficult for most people.

Whenever I beat the deck doing this I increase the weight of the hammer....Started at 26 pounds empty, got to 31, 39, over 44 and now I'm gonna see how much weight left I can put in and keep going until I get it to as full as possible. I set a goal for myself and before I even pick up the hammer, I make myself believe that I can beat the deck, maybe not a first because I want to see how my body takes it. I make a goal to beat the deck in under 3 workouts and have done so every time I increased the weight. If you choose to go after something that not only putting your heart and soul into it you set a goal to make it happen before you even do it, it puts a burning desire within you to make your mark on what you set your mind to. Some have goals but set the bar too high on themselves too early on, its like climbing a ladder, take it one step at a time. Have little goals that become bigger as you get better and stronger. A friend once told me on hammer training that magical things happen when you hit 1000 reps or more hitting that tire, he was not only right but I have done it so many times yet it never fades away. Setting a goal and making it come true is when magical things happen if not while you're going after your goal.

Personal Records hold dear to certain people especially if you're in the fitness field, breaking a PR on push-ups or the bench press, lasting one second longer in an endurance test it's a thrill beyond belief and it's important to cherish what you're capable of but not making it so that you can be better than anyone else that's not what it's about. Record breaking isn't being the very best out of anyone else, it's triumphing over your personal obstacles and becoming more than what you have done before. I never imagined I'd be able to handle a hammer this size and do that many reps and still want to do more and get better at this kick ass exercise. I never saw myself doing this in my 20's, hell I barely knew about a sledgehammer in my teens, i'm now in my early 30's and because of it i'm far stronger and fitter yet I haven't even begin to peak. Breaking your own record has sentimental value, something you own and nobody can take it away from you. You achieved something only you can accomplish, sure people have higher or lower records than you but that doesn't matter, you are the one that did because you wanted more out of yourself and believing things can happen.

As you may have seen, read or listened; I'm not a normal fitness guy, hell if I had a nickle for every time someone called me crazy i'd be living in a mansion right now. Being normal is taking the easy way out. I get along with just about anyone but rarely ever fit in with any group that society believes you should be in. Why settle being like everyone else, they're taken yet they push others to try to be like them. I don't make a million dollars, I don't have fancy equipment like a cable machine or a treadmill, I don't have dozens of certifications, hell most in the fitness community can't stand guys like me but you know I do have; friends that have given me a chance to show what I can do, I have the coolest hammers in the world in my den, I have loving people in my life that let me be myself and best of all I have my own way of training and there is no one out there who can tell me that I should be doing what they're doing because everyone else is. Being normal is so tedious and boring, who the hell wants to live like that?

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