Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sometimes Being Lazy Is Fun

My definition is lazy is a far cry than what most people consider it. I don't believe sitting on your ass for 8 hours watching TLC Network is that productive as being lazy, that just makes you a slob. Lazy to me in the fitness has both a positive and a negative; yes not making an effort on your goals and just half assing through your routine thinking it's gonna miraculously get you fit is being clinically lazy and you just don't care about yourself. On a positive side to me it means just picking out something repetitively easy and just run with it, don't even think it.

You want to workout but you're too damn tired and just don't give a rat's ass what to do. It happens to us i'm not gonna lie, I went that route today and just didn't care yet I still made myself train even if it was an "easy" day by doing a circuit by mainly using my chair where I watch cartoons and movies as I work. I'm not saying you should have a lazy day everyday and believe its good to get some sun and live outside ever so often; what i'am saying is that if you feel like you just don't feel going hardcore but want to do something simple and quick than do so it still counts as training.

I do circuits on occasion that are quick but effective and the best ones you can to do anywhere is by using the Darebee Workouts. The cool thing bout these is that they give a workout in less than 20 minutes even when you have the busiest schedule. They're good for nearly any type of program but at the same time their great when you're short on time but also get that cardio and sweat going. Just pick a workout you'd like to do and see how you can challenge yourself; you a level 1, 2 or 3 conditioned trainee?

I don't believe in taking days off, that's not my motto (what's a motto with you?) because training every single day is beneficial and builds mental toughness plus it doesn't hurt to keep yourself in tact and get kick ass benefits out of it. I do believe however in "rest" days where you don't go all out like a roided basket-case gym rat but do something that is simpler, something that is comforting and not too difficult, it's still considered a workout and it's important to acknowledge that. My "rest" day came in the form of the workout I did yesterday called The Office Workout where you basically sit in a chair and do pretty simple and easy exercises that nearly anyone can do. I just felt like doing it because I had quite the weekend doing various movements, hammer work, swimming and other fun stuff that wore me out but yet managed to do a workout that took less than 10 minutes. Get in the habit of your "rest" days as a day of being a little lazy but still have fun and go after it the next day. Being lazy at times has it's perks, trust me, I've had people tell me i'm lazy yet i'm far more productive than they are, just sayian.
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