Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top 5 Exercises For A Healthy Sex Drive

It's not an easy topic to talk about when it comes to sex and hormones because for the most part, people feel uncomfortable talking about something that is private to them or have people being refrained from sex and taking advantage for the things that bring out the very best in what makes the world great in many ways. This is isn't going to be your typical list of exercises that you see in the muscle magazines or learning the basic styles of fitness (presses, pulls, squats and ab work). What you're going to see are exercises you don't normally find that actually deliver realistic results and jump up your hormones like a rocket going into space. The importance of staying consistent with your hormones is crucial no matter what your age and sure there other factors to consider beyond exercise for some people but when you do keep it up (no pun intended), you actually have a greater chance of living a healthy life full of excitement and wonders that makes most jealous or envious.

The top 5 exercises I will be mentioning here are not just some random testing usage on a strict group of people or studying the limited facets of what works and what doesn't; these are from my own experiences and the type of training I have literally performed on. This isn't scripted or written out on a pre-made sheet of numbers and statistics, this is the real deal and doing just one of these will increase your hormone levels to heights you didn't think were possible. Do two of them, you're ascending the ladder to hormone heaven. Three and you'll be a man/woman to be feared and your lover will have no choice but to keep up with you. Four and you'll be hitting hormone city and doing all 5, you're a beast and blasting into Hormone immortality......

5. Sprints-

Short and High Intense exercise excels the levels of your hormones into the stratosphere by using strategic styling that brings your hormones to their peak even 2 hours after exercising. Sprints, especially used in the Superhero Sprint System last no more than 20 minutes maximum with the majority of you resting. You sprint hard for a good 10-30 seconds and take the amount of rest you need and then sprint again repeating the process until you can do from 4-10 sprints maximum. These alone done 3x a week burn off fat, increase lean muscle mass and turn you into a muscle building machine with the sex drive of a highly unadulterated teenager. It is one of the most incredible forms of training on the planet period.

4. Animal Exercises-

Ever mimicked your favorite wild animal from when you were little and pretending to be this ferocious beast? We all have an animal living inside us, it's part of our DNA to move and utilize our entire body as a single unit. Training like a wild animal brings out the intensity of your body's craving for natural muscle building and developing growth hormones that keep you fit, young and healthy. When you move in this manner whether you're flowing through them or just going full blast, you're using your entire body and need to tense up the Core Muscles in order to stabilize you from getting injured. The most basic animal movement is the Bear Crawl, trust a few yards of this and you'll be winded and when that happens and the huffing and puffing is obvious, it's pumping your heart with fresh blood and needing to use more oxygen in your lungs in order to elevate your body's nervous system. Doing these exercises will destroy fat and build animal muscle that gives you the hormones of a horny 20 year old on steroids. Think what it would be like for you and your partner to have intense, beautiful and possibly at times crazy sex when you're that high. Talk about going wild in the bedroom my friend.

3. Lifting/Moving Heavy Weight And/Or Objects-

Weightlifting can be a serious testosterone booster and elevate hormones at a level that is at times unexplained. However; as great weights are, moving heavy odd objects bring in another element of hormone elevation that just makes lifting weights obsolete. For instance, you are in a one-sided level of movement in using weights, going up and down in a strict formidable fashion as oppose to using every muscle in awkward positions to move a heavy weight. One of my all-time favorites is doing Hammer Strikes on the tire using up to a 30+ lbs. Sledgehammer; just the mere effort to lift a hammer that heavy using every muscle and tendon to move and stabilize brings a whole other meaning to the term "Elevated Sex Hormones." Doing high reps in this fashion at a solid pace makes your whole body come into play and the muscle generating strength needed to keep going is astounding in itself. Moving heavy rocks, logs, kegs and barrels are lifted in awkward ways because of the way you need to shift your body it's never a straight line, it can throw a curve a lot of the time and this alone generates incredible sexual energy and hormone progression. The more muscles needed, the greater chance you'll be increasing your hormones.

2. Swimming-

Talk about using natural resistance; A full body entity that just screams hormone elevation when done correctly. This type of training is hit more on the nerves than most training ideals because you can't stop moving in water or you will drown. Being in the water over a period of time hits your nerves like a bolt of lightning and when you finally relax after a day of swimming, your endorphins kick in, your nerves are so high it makes you feel alive. Not to mention it makes you hungry as hell (just ask Michael Phelps) and full of energy that needs to be dealt with. Let's just say because of swimming it makes my hormones just screaming bloody murder after a while; having that much Sexual Energy can be a disaster and make you moody as hell if you don't have a significant other. It brings out another element of calmness and awareness within your surroundings and what's going on in your body.

1. VRT Bodybuilding-

Now just because it's number one doesn't mean its the best of the best, this list was never in really any particular order but it is part of the top 5 that I have experienced. VRT is a system where you tense your muscles as if you were lifting imaginary weights or heavy objects. When you flex and extend a muscle, you are using opposing figures in the tissues going in opposite directions of each other like a bicep curl uses a flexion in the bicep and the extension is using the tricep muscle like in a pressdown for that particular muscle. This system is a modern day version of Muscle Control where you utilize a specific muscle during a particular movement or hold. When you imagine and tensify your muscles, you're squeezing out the tissues that eventually break down and need to repair to build greater muscle density. When you practice this method correctly you should be winded after a few reps or more of an exercise as if you actually lifted a big heavy weight. This can be done anywhere and doesn't require equipment whatsoever yet it is very effective on how you can elevate your hormone levels. This system generates great power into your nervous system that can lead into helping the muscles and tendons not be overused and broken down in the way that weights do. It can lead to greater density in the muscles and doesn't wear and tear on the joints, so think about it; when you are making the muscles more dense, fat becomes your bitch and you're forcing it to leave out the body's unwanted resources that can generate muscle growth and increased levels of metabolism and strength.

Sex in most cases is one of the most beautiful joys of life but people especially in our society today have made it rather messed up in order for a healthy living; porn addiction, religious outlining & restrictions, protesting against it's true inflections and intentions and not to mention the weird ass stuff that goes beyond sexual exploitation. It's a sensitive subject I get it but it's clear to me that with the right loving person, life has greater wonders and there's beauty in there somewhere even by the smallest fraction. Getting laid for the rush is just not a great route to be headed into and it's not emotional or mentally stable. When you rush things or just want the excitement and that's it, there's a piece missing in that realm where real sexual love is a rare commodity and there's not only interest but realistic unconditional love and wholesome meaning. Real sex is about love, compassion, the willingness to flow as if two people were as one unit. Sex is amazing when everything just gives off this powerful feeling of invincibility and healthy strength and livelihood. When it's personal and full of life and passion that keeps consistent, it opens up a world not many today really understand or could understand.

The power you can possess in the quest for natural sex drive isn't easy and not always simple but with the right mindset, safe strategic entities and making it interesting can bring you to heights that makes most just hideous and jealous yet want to know your secrets. I'm at an age where testosterone starts to take its toll by 1% a year from now on, even though i'm nearly 31, i'm not going down so easily, I make it my mission to stay consistent in what I do and get stronger both internally and externally, I want to have hormones raging by the time my golden years reach their peak and beyond, living with passion and fire that delivers my true strength. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can have high hormone levels that makes those less than half your age feel like chumps. Yes it gets harder to maintain it in your later years but it doesn't have to be so hard it makes you feel like you can't do it enough. Be awesome and live with passion and the will to keep up with your body strong and healthy for many years to come.

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