Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Workout Bonding

For the most part, training alone for me is the ideal way to get the best out of fitness. Not just in the gym but also anywhere else you want to train but at times being alone sucks and want to have that feeling that there is someone that can exercise with you and motivate you. Trust me for nearly a decade, I have trained mostly on my own yet on occasion go to the gym or workout with my boys Logan Christopher or/and Tyler Bramlett. It's not so much the bonding but getting to hang out and just see how much we can push the limits. With bonding with another person, it adds an extra form within your relationship whether it's just friends or with a significant other and/or if you have kids.

I firmly believe that a family that trains together bonds together. Whether you're with relatives, your kids or with the one you love; being able to bond and work together as a team/group whatever the case may be, utilize your inhibitions in order to create a fun and exciting environment. Kids make awesome training partners because they mimic the movements you're attempting to make or practice and they want to see how cool it would be to do it themselves. A spouse can be a bit trickier because they seem more cautious and not as daring as a child but at the same time, it gives that person a chance to learn who you are not just doing simple exercises but making it feel wild and fun and that's where a kick ass bonding experience comes into play. I'm currently training my girlfriend Holly who you can find at This Butterfly Life and she was eager to learn but felt a little rocky at first but eventually just started flourishing really quick and has gained muscle and flexibility in a short amount of time, very proud of her. That's just an example but the principle still applies, it may be different by just the both of you starting out together and you don't know what to expect, learn your strengths and weaknesses and bring that tight bond together; magical things happen when you apply it right.

A great benefit of bonding while training is how both of you can enhance each other's motivation by bringing it up to a degree where you both are just rocking and helping each other rep things out and pushing each other. Not so much drill sergeant and calling each other name's, to me that's a big no-no. With kids, it's not always showing them the technique but how to keep it interesting for them. Animal Movements are awesome for kids because they get to live out their fantasy being an animal in the jungle in their imagination while they move. Movement is about adventure, exploring the unknown and channeling their energy that isn't hooked onto a TV or an Ipad or whatever electronic device. It builds their brain power, heightens their self-esteem, teaches teamwork and being themselves without ever telling them their exercising but playing.

I firmly believe that everyone should customize their own system because for one, if you're trying to keep up with someone else, it's only making you too much of a follower than forming your own ideals. Being self reliant in this case is a powerful tool because you are learning your own sense of individuality and creativity. By bonding you don't have to do the same program at the same speed and pace but you can encourage each other by sharing ideals and how to apply them for your own style of training. Be proud and let your significant other know that they matter and you bring a sense of inner strength for them because you give them a reason to better themselves. I don't ever want anyone to try to attempt what I do yet what I love is encouraging others to be more efficient in their own style of training and something that works in their favor alone and use that to bond with someone else. Make the experience exciting, creative and something to use for growth physically, mentally and emotionally.

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