Friday, May 30, 2014

Thinking With Power

           What if you can create a world internally and have it become your greatest ally in the quest for health, strength & fitness? How would you create it, what would sound like and feel as it vibrates your body from within? The power we have in our minds is far greater and mysterious than we care to understand. We have scientists who have studied the brain and still have many grounds to cover that haven’t peaked yet and we also have masters in various Internal Arts that have such great power even though they’re small in reality. The world you can create has limitless possibilities if you believe in it.

            The power you have can go far beyond the outside. When you train whether it’s for sports, competition, to be healthier, gain strength, lose weight whatever the case may be it is important to know you can do many things and you have the power to do them. I like to do sprints because they raise my testosterone like crazy, when I go out and sprint I don’t just look t the distance and how long or fast I need to get there but I imagine in my mind I could be a superhero or a wild animal with lightning speed. When I think like this, my body changes, my muscles start to fire on their own and when I take off I’m zooming down the path. If you like to lift weights, don’t just lift and go with it, think differently, change your breathing and feel as if you are able to tackle the weight with effortless power.

            To unleash your strength, it’s not always physical. Unlocking that super strength within you takes great focus and how you think. When you change the thought, your body reacts to it, don’t think like “ok I’m going to try to lift this and see if it’s possible.” Change the thought, think how would a god like say Zeus would pick up a weight, would he say he’ll try to lift it and see if he can, hell no, he’s Zeus and he’s a mighty god of superhuman quality and he knows he can lift it just by how he breathes, how he grips it and what’s already within the power of his mind, he believes so greatly it’s undeniable. Now I’m not saying to think like this and Bench Press 1000 pounds or something like that but this is a prime example of how you can think differently and excel past your plateaus and go as far as tripling your strength and speed or more.

            It takes practice to learn this kind of thinking and feel it with intensity and focus. Like with anything else, you progress and train your mind and body as if it they were one and the same. Little by little you’re edging your way up and building strength you never thought was possible. Nobody has a giant amount of strength in the beginning, we all started out weak in some shape or form and in order to get stronger, we progress even by a tiny fraction that can lead to a massive amount later on. Believe you can get better whether by a speck or more and you’ll start to realize where that true strength lies, it’s not how big your muscles are or how much you can lift off the ground or rack, it lies deep within your soul and the way you empower the internal entity that is your mind.

Be awesome guys and have a wonderful Spring Weekend.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Like Being In A Hypnotic State

            I like the idea of hypnotism, where you can be transferred to a state of mind in which it’s full of relaxed, calm and powerful entities. There aren’t good ways to be hypnotized at least from certain people who know how to do it but from the people I know it can be very helpful and aid you into becoming stronger. What if you learned to hypnotize yourself? Consciously drive into your own mind and put yourself in a state where you channel your focus on what you want and everything else is blocked off. Gather your focus and energy into being so in tuned; you get more results from your training.

            It’s not easy being able to hypnotize yourself because it takes concentration, an intense level of focus and blocking out what you don’t want within your mind. Meditation can help, going into your own Movie Theater, thinking of various colors that relax you whatever you find useful. The reason why I feel being hypnotized and going into a state of mind as you train is because there can be too many distractions around you and you want to put the effort into what you want in terms of results. This happens a lot at the gym. You go in, some douche is talking on his cell phone or the energy is so great it just makes it difficult for you. This is one of the reasons why I like training at home or at a park where it is just you and your thoughts. I get so fired up sometimes I don’t see, hear or look at anything else other than the training I’m putting myself through.

            Look at it this way, this your time to do what you want to do, be free. The next time you’re alone, do this before you work out, sit, stand or lie down whatever is comfortable, close your eyes or keep them open whatever works, let yourself relax, ease out of your tension one body part at a time starting with your neck and slowly drip downward, learn to listen to that inner voice or spirit within you helping you take all the junk out. Breathe deeply; think to yourself Calm Mind/Calm Body. Picture what you want to accomplish in your workout, focus into the muscles you’re working on. See the intensity as if it was on a big screen TV, you are calm and focused but you’re slowly building your adrenaline, now listen to that inner voice saying “You’re coming out focused, strong and ready. Snap your fingers three times and you’ll awaken ready for action.” This should take no less than a few minutes, at first you may struggle to think like this but let it happen, be like water on a smooth river bank, its flowing but also can grow in strength.

            No matter if you’re at the gym, at home or wherever, you’re not competing against others, it’s you against yourself. We all have that one opponent and it’s our inner selves. He/she can be your best friend or your greatest enemy; you must choose which one to take. When you’re competing against yourself it’s like a chess match, which moves will be your best chances of winning. When you compete against others it’s not as bad winning or losing cause another person will always come along but when you keep losing against yourself, it’s far more severe because you’re hurting what matters most.

            Going into another state of mind and learning how to win is a challenge but if you keep persevering, telling that bad side of you it’s either with you or against you, you’re creating a powerful way to unlock your true personality. It’s finding who you are from within and how to use those positive vibrations we all have. Some have more negative than others because of certain experiences and how we react from a mental perspective but if you go inside yourself and learn to find those positive parts of yourself, find a way to increase their strength, grow bigger and more powerful so they outweigh and can crush the larger number of the negatives. On the other hand if you have more positives than negatives, it’s a little bit easier but can still be a challenge, again go inside that state of mind and grow and outweigh those bad boys and crush those negatives even more.

            We’re all different and we sometimes find it easy to go into another state of mind but also it’s not so easy and can be a struggle because we of our experiences, the energy we surround ourselves with and how we react to these things. It’s like being in a hypnotic state, the way you control it is up to you and how you converse in your mind of creating what you want and listening from within. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Having The Strength Of A Vampire


              I’ve been a fan of Vampires ever since I watched the Blade films that started back in the late 90’s. Although I’ve seen Vampire Films before that, I just didn’t really care about that stuff until Wesley Snipes started kicking ass and yes I think the series is far better than Twilight. As an athlete and Physical Culturist, I’m always looking to get stronger, healthier, more energetic and creating energy from within. No I don’t dress up in cloaks, wear teeth fangs, drink blood (wine basically) and pretend that I’m a vampire. However, I like the mythology and learning how they get their strength end energy.

            In the movies, we all know Vampires suck blood or in the case of Leslie Neilson in Dracula: Dead & Loving It sounds like he’s sucking out of a straw but in the real world it’s the development of super charged energy. Drinking blood to a Vampire is the key to keep on living and “feeding” yet in reality, how we express our energy and how to utilize it like the Force in Star Wars is what keeps us living along with food and water of course. Harnessing this energy isn’t always easy, for some they might get it right away but the majority has some trouble unlocking it but its there. There is good energy and bad energy yet we need both to be in harmony but it’s different for everyone. Being energetic doesn’t always mean you’re hyped up and ready for action, it can also mean you’re energetically focused, charged with intense concentration and enduring to withstand even things that get dumped on you emotionally and spiritually. Different energy but same principles.

            Building real Vampire Strength comes from within and taking in different ways to keep that strength intact throughout the day and you can have it if you apply yourself. One way to develop this is to exercise throughout the day, even watching TV or while stopped at a red light. A course called Muscle Reminders teaches how to utilize your body’s physical attributes and apply exercise no matter where you go whether you’re out grocery shopping, eating at the dinner table, washing dishes, brushing your teeth and more.

            There are great and mysterious ways to develop incredible power both from within and outside your body. Vampiric Ideals is no exception. One of the most notable aspects of Vampires is how fast they are, the way they talk, the way they move with fluidity (at least some that I’ve seen). The power you can have in this lifetime is not only real but it has potential to triple your strength, help you speak to people, use natural flowing movement and be far more flexible than you ever imagined possible. It is said that at best at our highest potential, we only use 5-10% of our brain power, but what if you can unlock even 1% more to reach another level of strength and brain potential would you want to know how? One tool that has a series of them is called CoreForce Energy; it is the place to learn how to unlock the power within you and unleash super strength and speed that can aid you not just in sports or the gym but to even save a life if it came down to it. Accessing your potential to be more confident, more useful in the workplace, being a competitor in the sports field, more focused and anything else in between to release even 1% more of what is said that cannot be reached.

            Take your place in the realm of a super-charged, powerful and exceptionally strong human being that can give the toughest Vampire a run for his money. We have more power within us that we care to explain let alone imagine to have. What if we can unleash even 1% of that strength that will aid us in our lives, would you want it? Of course you do, we all want to be strong in some shape or form there is no denying it. Take into consideration that applying these techniques you can have more energy, focus, intensity, flexibility, move more fluidly, lift more weight, run faster I can go on and on but you get the idea. Learn from a Vampire and learn the real secrets of their strength and unbelievable energy, it’s not drinking blood.

Happy Memorial Day guys and be awesome. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Traveling Gym

           In fitness, there are so many programs and so many options to choose from but what most people don’t understand or even bother to notice is that you can work out virtually anywhere. Sure it’s nice to have a gym to go to and there are some awesome gyms that will kick your ass but a gym shouldn’t be your only option. Think about it, if you’re traveling on the road not even leaving the state, just going to a different town, you may not always find a gym so what the hell do you do and still get in some awesome training? You travel light; you can have a gym in your own bag or just use your bodyweight.

            Your mind is an extremely powerful tool. In this case, if you concentrate and focus, you can actually in this case, find any gym anywhere on the planet. Look at it this way, a gym really is just a building full of things to pick up, move and even run on that’s it. When you step out of that element and look in different pieces, you can find great ways to train. You’re at a hotel, they don’t have a gym so what can you do? Use your imagination, use the hotel for your workout, do push-ups near your bed, do step-ups on the stairs, do isometrics on the rails. This is just a prime example, what about being in a cabin and the nearest gym is about a half hour and not that easy to find what can you do? Use your imagination, go swimming, do sprints up a hill, hike, lift a rock, there are so many things you can utilize.

            Let me give you an example; Almost every summer, my family and I go to Lake Tahoe for a couple weeks max, we laugh, we cry, there’s drama at times and we make up for it, we go out to different places and even go to an old western town if we had the chance but I find the best ways to train anywhere we go. A little up the road from our cabin is the lake where there’s rocks, trees, a dock and plenty of water to swim in. I would swim and then climb up a big rock maybe bear crawl it up who knows, jump back in the water, swim to a series of rocks around the area and climb, crawl, jump, squat, sometimes I do push-ups. Look what I just did, I used every muscle in my body from head to toe and even did cardio at the same time because I needed to keep moving and use not just my body but my mind to think where to plant myself and coordinate because it can be dangerous.

            Learn to see the world as your gym no matter where you live. If you want to have the cheapest gym that requires no gym fees and can be used to travel with, get yourself some stuff at Lifeline USA. The Chest Expander is a great tool to travel with, The TNT Cables are bad ass because not only you can use them on the ground but have a door attachment to wrap the cables around do the same exercises you see in the gym. Use the Power Walk for your walking exercise and get fit from doing that. Don’t make things complicated for you, take advantage of what you have and make it work for you. Open your mind and body and there are endless possibilities.

Be awesome my friends.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Conserving Your Breathing

            The breath is the most important factor in the human body. We can for days without water, weeks without food but yet we can only live a few minutes holding our breath. The way we breathe in the fitness world is a bit strange at times. You can breathe in and out your nose or mouth; breathe in through the nose, out the mouth or in the nose and out the nose. There are many ways to breathe but during exercise apparently we have to breathe in and out one time with one rep. That’s how we’re normally taught, even in bodyweight type exercises like the squat and push-up, inhale up, exhale down or vise versa.

            What if we switched gears a bit so you can get a few extra reps without breathing in and out every single time? Learn to breathe differently, conserve your energy and your breathing. If you’re breathing too much, too early, you may get wined. It’s like a wrestling match, you need to keep your body strong and supple and part of that is your breathing, if you get winded too quickly (or as they say in pro wrestling you Blow Up), you won’t be as efficient and you won’t be able to handle the stress and possibly end up losing. What does the breath feel like, sound like and where does the driving force of it come from. Do an exercise like push-ups, inhale for 2 reps and exhale for 2 reps, you just did 4 reps in one breath. Now do it a little consistently. It’s not easy and it takes getting use to but you can get more out of your reps with the control of your breathing power.

            Doing the same old thing can lead to boredom and as the definition of insanity is; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Here at Power & Might, I look to help you find and give information that can help you from another perspective. Thinking differently, helping you get more out of what most people teach. Deep Breathing is one of the most powerful aspects of Physical Culture because it doesn’t just help you become physically strong but mentally strong as well.

            Fluidity is another important aspect of your training. Like Bruce Lee has stated being like water, it’s fluid, powerful and can give life as well as destroy it. Moving with grace and power is far more important than grunting, making little mad faces and being narrow dimensional. Expand your power; one course that is the center of this is CoreForce Energy, teaching how to expand your power, your breathing and your imagination to instantly get stronger and faster. Open up to building a stronger body from within and take your strength to levels that you thought were impossible.

Be awesome my friends.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Test Your Mettle With This Workout

          I’m always looking to try new things, keep things fresh, fun and interesting. A lot of people do workouts that they end up hating, ones that feel more like a chore than an adventure and even ones where they jump right into so advanced they end up hurting themselves and quitting after that. Progression is a key but also there’s testing to see how you push yourself productively and safely without injuring or severely hurting themselves.

            This workout that I have picked out was on a whim and it requires only a couple pieces of equipment which is: A long rope (25-100ft) and it can be as thick as you can handle and a Lifeline Power Push-up Plus. It is cardio at it’s finest in my opinion and the objective is to move from one exercise to the other taking as little rest as possible. The two biggest factors is form and breathing. Speed is important to but nothing like form and the breathing.  This workout should be done preferably outdoors where there’s fresh air and getting Vitamin D to help boost the hormone levels. The exercises for the Power Push-up Plus are at 10/8/6 reps. Here’s how it’s broken down:

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

10 Deadlifts

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

8 Deadlifts

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

6 Deadlifts

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

10 Push-ups

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

8 Push-ups

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

6 Push-ups

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

10 Chest Pulls

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

8 Chest Pulls

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

6 Chest Pulls

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

20 One Arm Rows (10 each side)

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

16 One Arm Rows (8 each side)

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

12 One Arm Rows (6 each side)

30 Second Battling Rope Exercise

Total: 6 min. 30 seconds of Battling Ropes & 120 Reps of the Power Push-up Plus

            If it’s too much for you, break it down in half or whatever you’re comfortable with to start. The key thing is to keep going from one exercise to the other; it’s tough, simple and effective. You’ll be breathing hard, sweating and testing your will. If you don’t have these, I suggest you get them or if you have a dumbbell or kettlebell for the rows and deadlifts and do regular push-ups, use a towel for isometric chest pulls for 10/8/6 seconds. It’s a great workout that requires little equipment and can be done indoors or outdoors. Try it out, see how it goes and let me know what you think.

Be Awesome guys and always strive to find the adventure in training.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Studying Your Own Mind And Body

            It’s important to study certain aspects of life but it doesn’t always come in a textbook, a paperback, a movie or watching something on TV. The art of experiencing these certain aspects is essential to how we want to live our lives. I love learning not just my own physiology but my mental capacities as well. When you learn to experience and find out what both parties are capable of, it opens up more doors than you can imagine.

            A key ingredient to be in good health not just physically but mentally as well and that’s learning about your inner self. Meditation is great for this but why not go beyond that. Tapping Into Your Imagination and picturing a whole other world where you are the king or queen, kind of like having the power of the Gods of Olympus within your very own mind. Finding your inner self is not just going into your body from a mental perspective but to find out what other aspects of who you are that defines your personality, your actions and behaviors. It’s the experience of finding the true power from within.

            If you want to get in awesome shape, you experiment with certain exercises or methods that give you results you want to strive for. Granted most people want that quick fix or the magic pill that will super health, a beautiful body and great strength. It takes time and patience to come into the results you want. However, don’t bring yourself to doing workouts that are a chore and feeling like a punishment otherwise it’s not going to come the way you want it but don’t also just jump into a program so hardcore you’ll end up burning out the first few days or less and not want to do anything else. My idea is to play around, research, find what interests you and build your own way of getting in great physical shape.

            In the process of being in great condition and health is like using the right pieces to a puzzle. This isn’t just for physical exercise but developing your mind power as well. Finding the right pieces comes from experimenting, learning how your body works towards certain methods or exercises because not all workouts are created equal (wink wink Crossfit) and what do you picture in your mind that brings those pieces together to make complete. Learn to create your own puzzle.

            It’s a constant state of learning. I don’t just study exercise and programs I find interesting, I also study things that make my brain work like reading, writing, how the nerves work in my body, my awareness of my surroundings, thinking in different patterns because when you do mental training it could save your life from developing dementia, Alzheimer’s, doing the same things over and over. Keep things fresh, learn new things, and find what makes you happy. Study who you are both physically and mentally but make it interesting and fun so you can find the best qualities of who you are and what you want to become.

Be Awesome my friends.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Anything But That

            The way some people look at fitness or certain fitness methods is pretty funny sometimes. You ask someone who doesn’t like weights and you might hear this (especially from women) “Ugh, anything but weights, they’ll make you bulky and you will just get injured.” Weights aren’t always as bad as you think. Some people prefer other things which are awesome. But it’s not just weights but many methods that this type of thinking or similar thinking comes around. Some can say something similar to other methods like say bodyweight exercise “Shit, anything but bodyweight stuff, that’s just endurance work and strength isn’t much of a factor.” I’m sorry but I got to laugh at that shit that just tells you, they have no clue what they’re talking about.

            There are people who are so harsh about certain methods that most of the time, they don’t realize it’s most likely something they might enjoy. I have even read somewhere that someone was so harsh on Animal Training it just made me want to slap them. Just because you read a marketing ad and think it’s bullshit without ever stepping foot into the program, that just makes you dumb and ignorant. People can say whatever they want but until you actually have done it, don’t be so harsh. I have trashed some methods before but that was because just what it looked like it just didn’t seem appealing. People who can’t stand certain methods try to dismember and trash it to the point where it takes away what fun it could be for someone else. Granted there are programs that are a complete joke like the Shake Weight or Hip Hop Abs (its aerobics done in a different form) but if someone likes them and it works for them, cool I’m not going to take that away from you.

            There are plenty of people out there who try to advise you on what method works and what doesn’t and will tell more negative stuff than the positive. Granted certain people I’ve been around have told me to stop what I’m already doing and do this other thing so I can look even better and help me in other areas, these same people have no real clue what I do and only have seen a glimpse of it. People will tell you can do this but never do that because of whatever reasons; common injuries, death, it didn’t work for them so why should it work for you and a favorite of mine; that’s pretty dumb and you look like an idiot doing it, well thank you. You have a choice and no matter what you choose there are pros and cons in all of them, but if it works right for you, that’s all that matters, screw the others.

            Want to know something really funny; I’ve done methods that are fun but to others it’s ugly and gnarly because it’s different and they don’t understand it. Most people that don’t understand will turn it into something that it really isn’t. There are some people that a friend of mine likes to call Wile E Coyotes, they’re the type of people who are obsessed with those that have programs that work for them and try to tarnish and ridicule them because not only does it not work for that person they try to destroy others for it. Most of these types of people are just keyboard ego maniacs who don’t have a clue what real training is.

            If you love what you do, hold on to and guard it with your life. If you’re good at it, help people find out about it but don’t preach the negatives, teach them by suggesting it and helping them find out about it. There are a lot of people who have methods that work but also try to destroy other ones so they can keep getting the bucks. We all need to make a living I get that but being an asshole doesn’t always work out so well. You can brag that whatever works for you will work for the rest of the population and beat down other methods just so you can be the top dog but in the end, every method is a suggestion from the endless variety that you can choose from.

            I take different methods and find the best ones by taking little pieces of them and mold them into something awesome for myself, it’s like creating your own puzzle, and you find the pieces that go with the picture in your mind and putting those pieces together.

Be awesome my friends. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everybody Else Is Taken

           Whether in fitness or in life, we have certain people we look up to. In bodybuilding, many guys wanted to be like Arnold, in Baseball if you were a kid in the 90’s, Barry Bonds was an idol to many boys and upcoming Baseball stars. My favorite sport as a kid was Basketball and watching the greats like Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Allen Iverson and John Stockton. I idolized many athletes in that time and had dreams of wanting to be like them. It wasn't meant to be.

            We like to compare ourselves to the idols we have whether athlete, physical culturists, celebrities and/or people in the corporate world. At times we mimic how they do things and the way they handle themselves. I fell for that kind of thing too and it got me injured sometimes and even broke my spirit because since I couldn’t do what they do why should I be any different. That’s just it, you are different; you have different shape, different body and a very different personality. There are people we admire but certainly should never be like them because they have their own ways of doing things; they have their own problems and their own way of making themselves happy. You on the other hand should focus on what makes you happy, finding what separates you from the rest of us and learning who you are.

            We have family that expects a lot of us sometimes, there have been times where people alienate themselves from others because either it’s not worth being around them or the people don’t want you around. It’s tough when something is expected of you, you are told to do this, do that, be polite to others, speak when spoken to, go to college, be a lawyer or doctor, play football because your dad did, be bold and upright in a beauty pageant, smile at the camera, rule a kingdom, there are so many things people expect from us and none are more tougher than your own family breathing down your neck.

            The only thing you ought to expect from is learning who you are but also understanding the unexpected outcomes that go with that. You are one person, one body, one soul. You cannot always be as strong or smart or sophisticated as the next guy so why should you try to compete or compare to others when the only person you should compete with is yourself. Learn what makes you happy, compassionate, what you love to do and where you want to go. You may not always see what lies ahead but you better damn sure know that there will be something unexpected that comes along and it happened for a reason

            Nobody can do what you do. We all think differently and way may have similar backgrounds and interests but how we shape what we do is very differently. Some of it is complex, other times it just comes natural. You are you and you can be great if you apply yourself to what you’re passionate about. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something because someone is better than you or you ought to be “like everybody else.” I’m very proud of what I do and I love what I’ve learned along the way. Like I always say, be awesome and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Celebrating Life

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my Amigos in Mexico and around the world and wish you all a pleasant day of happiness, love, celebration and good old fun.

            Now on to brass tacks. A lot of people take life a little too seriously and don’t really look around to see that there’s more to life than being miserable. Some of you may not have the best looking house or drive the most bad ass car, hell you may not even had the best education but yet, it’s all about how you see the world in your mind. There are people who try to make themselves happy by dressing to look better, fill the house with nice things and think that because they’re hot shit they ought to be happy by everyone’s standards, hate to break it to you but that’s just making yourself look worse.

            To really celebrate life is to not only embrace yourself (not in an egotistical kind of way) but to embrace what you have. Building your body internally is a practice that takes time, patience and to practice finding peace within yourself. You can love and take care of people and have a blast with the people you love but if you don’t celebrate who you are both in body and spirit, the rest won’t come as easy. I’ve been practicing Chi Kung lately to enhance not only my body’s energy but enhance my inner strength and spirit into a blissful state.

            Getting the body moving not just by training but by learning various movements and methods that give you results, not just by building muscle or losing weight but moving your body that has you smiling and releasing those endorphins instead of looking like someone just murdered your ass. Move your body and it doesn’t matter how you do it, you can dance, lift heavy weights, do muscle control, restructure your physique or even practice various forms of Yoga & Chi Kung and even take a walk somewhere.

            Remember about embracing what you have? It’s not always physical objects that embrace what you have. Just because you have a certain artifact or piece of jewelry laying around doesn’t make you the most bad ass person. By embracing what you have, it’s what you don’t see. It’s the energy that surrounds you with love, compassion and beautiful inner smiles with that radiant glow that lights up the room. You can put things anywhere you want like a pumpkin on Halloween, a tree at Christmas or a Buddhist statue on your mantle but if your energy isn’t there, than these objects are just that, objects. Celebrate life with love and spirit and embrace the energy around you, if it becomes negative or dirty as it often does, change it and harness your inner power from within. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Listen To Your Instincts

            For the most part in the fitness world, nobody really listens to their instincts because they buy into the latest fad or fitness gimmick on putting on 10 pounds of muscle in less than 10 days or going to an aerobics class and thinking it’s the Mecca of fitness. To really understand fitness and strength training is to learn how to trust yourself not just in the gym but be able to figure out how to do a workout anytime and anywhere. Learn to listen to that little voice.

            I have learned from a great deal of many people and have been to the gym, trained at home, at parks, oceans, lakes, even the grocery store but I never once felt like doing every single thing they teach. To trust your instincts is to listen to what matters. You can buy all the crap you want and get in awesome workouts but it all boils down to you and what works best for you. Learning from other people is great and that’s the way it should be but also it’s important to find what works best for you and it’s different for everyone.

            While I was cooped up on a hospital bed for nearly three months, I did do a little therapy but it became boring to me and not because I wanted to move along faster but my instincts were telling me that there are better ways to do this. After my third surgery and was cleared to do rehab, I shook off therapists, doctors and even my own family and friends that told me to work on rehabbing. I just had the desire to do it on my own and it took me a while but before I knew it, my legs were getting stronger, my body was shaping up and I got far better at my recovery than if I had listened to some quack with a piece of paper attached to his name. Did I get crap for it, of course I did but that didn’t matter to me and I learned to trust myself.

            Nobody has power over you but if you allow them that power, you’ll never find what works best for you and learning to find that desire to what gives you strength, health and power over everyone else. You have the power to create your own style, your own version of training and it doesn’t matter if you go to a gym or not. Learn from other people but find your own way, trust in yourself.