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Thinking With Power

What if you can create a world internally and have it become your greatest ally in the quest for health, strength & fitness? How would you create it, what would sound like and feel as it vibrates your body from within? The power we have in our minds is far greater and mysterious than we care to understand. We have scientists who have studied the brain and still have many grounds to cover that haven’t peaked yet and we also have masters in various Internal Arts that have such great power even though they’re small in reality. The world you can create has limitless possibilities if you believe in it.
            The power you have can go far beyond the outside. When you train whether it’s for sports, competition, to be healthier, gain strength, lose weight whatever the case may be it is important to know you can do many things and you have the power to do them. I like to do sprints because they raise my testosterone like crazy, when I go out and sprint I don’t just look t…

Like Being In A Hypnotic State

I like the idea of hypnotism, where you can be transferred to a state of mind in which it’s full of relaxed, calm and powerful entities. There aren’t good ways to be hypnotized at least from certain people who know how to do it but from the people I know it can be very helpful and aid you into becoming stronger. What if you learned to hypnotize yourself? Consciously drive into your own mind and put yourself in a state where you channel your focus on what you want and everything else is blocked off. Gather your focus and energy into being so in tuned; you get more results from your training.
            It’s not easy being able to hypnotize yourself because it takes concentration, an intense level of focus and blocking out what you don’t want within your mind. Meditation can help, going into your own Movie Theater, thinking of various colors that relax you whatever you find useful. The reason why I feel being hypnotized and going into a state of mind as you train is becaus…

Having The Strength Of A Vampire

I’ve been a fan of Vampires ever since I watched the Blade films that started back in the late 90’s. Although I’ve seen Vampire Films before that, I just didn’t really care about that stuff until Wesley Snipes started kicking ass and yes I think the series is far better than Twilight. As an athlete and Physical Culturist, I’m always looking to get stronger, healthier, more energetic and creating energy from within. No I don’t dress up in cloaks, wear teeth fangs, drink blood (wine basically) and pretend that I’m a vampire. However, I like the mythology and learning how they get their strength end energy.
            In the movies, we all know Vampires suck blood or in the case of Leslie Neilson in Dracula: Dead & Loving It sounds like he’s sucking out of a straw but in the real world it’s the development of super charged energy. Drinking blood to a Vampire is the key to keep on living and “feeding” yet in reality, how we express our energy and how to utilize it like…

The Traveling Gym

In fitness, there are so many programs and so many options to choose from but what most people don’t understand or even bother to notice is that you can work out virtually anywhere. Sure it’s nice to have a gym to go to and there are some awesome gyms that will kick your ass but a gym shouldn’t be your only option. Think about it, if you’re traveling on the road not even leaving the state, just going to a different town, you may not always find a gym so what the hell do you do and still get in some awesome training? You travel light; you can have a gym in your own bag or just use your bodyweight.
            Your mind is an extremely powerful tool. In this case, if you concentrate and focus, you can actually in this case, find any gym anywhere on the planet. Look at it this way, a gym really is just a building full of things to pick up, move and even run on that’s it. When you step out of that element and look in different pieces, you can find great ways to train. You’re a…

Conserving Your Breathing

The breath is the most important factor in the human body. We can for days without water, weeks without food but yet we can only live a few minutes holding our breath. The way we breathe in the fitness world is a bit strange at times. You can breathe in and out your nose or mouth; breathe in through the nose, out the mouth or in the nose and out the nose. There are many ways to breathe but during exercise apparently we have to breathe in and out one time with one rep. That’s how we’re normally taught, even in bodyweight type exercises like the squat and push-up, inhale up, exhale down or vise versa.
            What if we switched gears a bit so you can get a few extra reps without breathing in and out every single time? Learn to breathe differently, conserve your energy and your breathing. If you’re breathing too much, too early, you may get wined. It’s like a wrestling match, you need to keep your body strong and supple and part of that is your breathing, if you get wi…

Test Your Mettle With This Workout

I’m always looking to try new things, keep things fresh, fun and interesting. A lot of people do workouts that they end up hating, ones that feel more like a chore than an adventure and even ones where they jump right into so advanced they end up hurting themselves and quitting after that. Progression is a key but also there’s testing to see how you push yourself productively and safely without injuring or severely hurting themselves.
            This workout that I have picked out was on a whim and it requires only a couple pieces of equipment which is: A long rope (25-100ft) and it can be as thick as you can handle and a Lifeline Power Push-up Plus. It is cardio at it’s finest in my opinion and the objective is to move from one exercise to the other taking as little rest as possible. The two biggest factors is form and breathing. Speed is important to but nothing like form and the breathing.  This workout should be done preferably outdoors where there’s fresh air and get…

Studying Your Own Mind And Body

It’s important to study certain aspects of life but it doesn’t always come in a textbook, a paperback, a movie or watching something on TV. The art of experiencing these certain aspects is essential to how we want to live our lives. I love learning not just my own physiology but my mental capacities as well. When you learn to experience and find out what both parties are capable of, it opens up more doors than you can imagine.
            A key ingredient to be in good health not just physically but mentally as well and that’s learning about your inner self. Meditation is great for this but why not go beyond that. Tapping Into Your Imagination and picturing a whole other world where you are the king or queen, kind of like having the power of the Gods of Olympus within your very own mind. Finding your inner self is not just going into your body from a mental perspective but to find out what other aspects of who you are that defines your personality, your actions and behavi…

Anything But That

The way some people look at fitness or certain fitness methods is pretty funny sometimes. You ask someone who doesn’t like weights and you might hear this (especially from women) “Ugh, anything but weights, they’ll make you bulky and you will just get injured.” Weights aren’t always as bad as you think. Some people prefer other things which are awesome. But it’s not just weights but many methods that this type of thinking or similar thinking comes around. Some can say something similar to other methods like say bodyweight exercise “Shit, anything but bodyweight stuff, that’s just endurance work and strength isn’t much of a factor.” I’m sorry but I got to laugh at that shit that just tells you, they have no clue what they’re talking about.
            There are people who are so harsh about certain methods that most of the time, they don’t realize it’s most likely something they might enjoy. I have even read somewhere that someone was so harsh on Animal Training it just ma…

Everybody Else Is Taken

Whether in fitness or in life, we have certain people we look up to. In bodybuilding, many guys wanted to be like Arnold, in Baseball if you were a kid in the 90’s, Barry Bonds was an idol to many boys and upcoming Baseball stars. My favorite sport as a kid was Basketball and watching the greats like Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Allen Iverson and John Stockton. I idolized many athletes in that time and had dreams of wanting to be like them. It wasn't meant to be.
            We like to compare ourselves to the idols we have whether athlete, physical culturists, celebrities and/or people in the corporate world. At times we mimic how they do things and the way they handle themselves. I fell for that kind of thing too and it got me injured sometimes and even broke my spirit because since I couldn’t do what they do why should I be any different. That’s just it, you are different; you have different shape, different body and a very differe…

Celebrating Life

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my Amigos in Mexico and around the world and wish you all a pleasant day of happiness, love, celebration and good old fun.
            Now on to brass tacks. A lot of people take life a little too seriously and don’t really look around to see that there’s more to life than being miserable. Some of you may not have the best looking house or drive the most bad ass car, hell you may not even had the best education but yet, it’s all about how you see the world in your mind. There are people who try to make themselves happy by dressing to look better, fill the house with nice things and think that because they’re hot shit they ought to be happy by everyone’s standards, hate to break it to you but that’s just making yourself look worse.
            To really celebrate life is to not only embrace yourself (not in an egotistical kind of way) but to embrace what you have. Building your body internally is a practice that takes time, patience and to practice finding p…

Listen To Your Instincts

For the most part in the fitness world, nobody really listens to their instincts because they buy into the latest fad or fitness gimmick on putting on 10 pounds of muscle in less than 10 days or going to an aerobics class and thinking it’s the Mecca of fitness. To really understand fitness and strength training is to learn how to trust yourself not just in the gym but be able to figure out how to do a workout anytime and anywhere. Learn to listen to that little voice.
            I have learned from a great deal of many people and have been to the gym, trained at home, at parks, oceans, lakes, even the grocery store but I never once felt like doing every single thing they teach. To trust your instincts is to listen to what matters. You can buy all the crap you want and get in awesome workouts but it all boils down to you and what works best for you. Learning from other people is great and that’s the way it should be but also it’s important to find what works best for you …