Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Traveling Gym

           In fitness, there are so many programs and so many options to choose from but what most people don’t understand or even bother to notice is that you can work out virtually anywhere. Sure it’s nice to have a gym to go to and there are some awesome gyms that will kick your ass but a gym shouldn’t be your only option. Think about it, if you’re traveling on the road not even leaving the state, just going to a different town, you may not always find a gym so what the hell do you do and still get in some awesome training? You travel light; you can have a gym in your own bag or just use your bodyweight.

            Your mind is an extremely powerful tool. In this case, if you concentrate and focus, you can actually in this case, find any gym anywhere on the planet. Look at it this way, a gym really is just a building full of things to pick up, move and even run on that’s it. When you step out of that element and look in different pieces, you can find great ways to train. You’re at a hotel, they don’t have a gym so what can you do? Use your imagination, use the hotel for your workout, do push-ups near your bed, do step-ups on the stairs, do isometrics on the rails. This is just a prime example, what about being in a cabin and the nearest gym is about a half hour and not that easy to find what can you do? Use your imagination, go swimming, do sprints up a hill, hike, lift a rock, there are so many things you can utilize.

            Let me give you an example; Almost every summer, my family and I go to Lake Tahoe for a couple weeks max, we laugh, we cry, there’s drama at times and we make up for it, we go out to different places and even go to an old western town if we had the chance but I find the best ways to train anywhere we go. A little up the road from our cabin is the lake where there’s rocks, trees, a dock and plenty of water to swim in. I would swim and then climb up a big rock maybe bear crawl it up who knows, jump back in the water, swim to a series of rocks around the area and climb, crawl, jump, squat, sometimes I do push-ups. Look what I just did, I used every muscle in my body from head to toe and even did cardio at the same time because I needed to keep moving and use not just my body but my mind to think where to plant myself and coordinate because it can be dangerous.

            Learn to see the world as your gym no matter where you live. If you want to have the cheapest gym that requires no gym fees and can be used to travel with, get yourself some stuff at Lifeline USA. The Chest Expander is a great tool to travel with, The TNT Cables are bad ass because not only you can use them on the ground but have a door attachment to wrap the cables around do the same exercises you see in the gym. Use the Power Walk for your walking exercise and get fit from doing that. Don’t make things complicated for you, take advantage of what you have and make it work for you. Open your mind and body and there are endless possibilities.

Be awesome my friends.
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