Monday, May 26, 2014

Having The Strength Of A Vampire


              I’ve been a fan of Vampires ever since I watched the Blade films that started back in the late 90’s. Although I’ve seen Vampire Films before that, I just didn’t really care about that stuff until Wesley Snipes started kicking ass and yes I think the series is far better than Twilight. As an athlete and Physical Culturist, I’m always looking to get stronger, healthier, more energetic and creating energy from within. No I don’t dress up in cloaks, wear teeth fangs, drink blood (wine basically) and pretend that I’m a vampire. However, I like the mythology and learning how they get their strength end energy.

            In the movies, we all know Vampires suck blood or in the case of Leslie Neilson in Dracula: Dead & Loving It sounds like he’s sucking out of a straw but in the real world it’s the development of super charged energy. Drinking blood to a Vampire is the key to keep on living and “feeding” yet in reality, how we express our energy and how to utilize it like the Force in Star Wars is what keeps us living along with food and water of course. Harnessing this energy isn’t always easy, for some they might get it right away but the majority has some trouble unlocking it but its there. There is good energy and bad energy yet we need both to be in harmony but it’s different for everyone. Being energetic doesn’t always mean you’re hyped up and ready for action, it can also mean you’re energetically focused, charged with intense concentration and enduring to withstand even things that get dumped on you emotionally and spiritually. Different energy but same principles.

            Building real Vampire Strength comes from within and taking in different ways to keep that strength intact throughout the day and you can have it if you apply yourself. One way to develop this is to exercise throughout the day, even watching TV or while stopped at a red light. A course called Muscle Reminders teaches how to utilize your body’s physical attributes and apply exercise no matter where you go whether you’re out grocery shopping, eating at the dinner table, washing dishes, brushing your teeth and more.

            There are great and mysterious ways to develop incredible power both from within and outside your body. Vampiric Ideals is no exception. One of the most notable aspects of Vampires is how fast they are, the way they talk, the way they move with fluidity (at least some that I’ve seen). The power you can have in this lifetime is not only real but it has potential to triple your strength, help you speak to people, use natural flowing movement and be far more flexible than you ever imagined possible. It is said that at best at our highest potential, we only use 5-10% of our brain power, but what if you can unlock even 1% more to reach another level of strength and brain potential would you want to know how? One tool that has a series of them is called CoreForce Energy; it is the place to learn how to unlock the power within you and unleash super strength and speed that can aid you not just in sports or the gym but to even save a life if it came down to it. Accessing your potential to be more confident, more useful in the workplace, being a competitor in the sports field, more focused and anything else in between to release even 1% more of what is said that cannot be reached.

            Take your place in the realm of a super-charged, powerful and exceptionally strong human being that can give the toughest Vampire a run for his money. We have more power within us that we care to explain let alone imagine to have. What if we can unleash even 1% of that strength that will aid us in our lives, would you want it? Of course you do, we all want to be strong in some shape or form there is no denying it. Take into consideration that applying these techniques you can have more energy, focus, intensity, flexibility, move more fluidly, lift more weight, run faster I can go on and on but you get the idea. Learn from a Vampire and learn the real secrets of their strength and unbelievable energy, it’s not drinking blood.

Happy Memorial Day guys and be awesome. 

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