Friday, May 30, 2014

Thinking With Power

           What if you can create a world internally and have it become your greatest ally in the quest for health, strength & fitness? How would you create it, what would sound like and feel as it vibrates your body from within? The power we have in our minds is far greater and mysterious than we care to understand. We have scientists who have studied the brain and still have many grounds to cover that haven’t peaked yet and we also have masters in various Internal Arts that have such great power even though they’re small in reality. The world you can create has limitless possibilities if you believe in it.

            The power you have can go far beyond the outside. When you train whether it’s for sports, competition, to be healthier, gain strength, lose weight whatever the case may be it is important to know you can do many things and you have the power to do them. I like to do sprints because they raise my testosterone like crazy, when I go out and sprint I don’t just look t the distance and how long or fast I need to get there but I imagine in my mind I could be a superhero or a wild animal with lightning speed. When I think like this, my body changes, my muscles start to fire on their own and when I take off I’m zooming down the path. If you like to lift weights, don’t just lift and go with it, think differently, change your breathing and feel as if you are able to tackle the weight with effortless power.

            To unleash your strength, it’s not always physical. Unlocking that super strength within you takes great focus and how you think. When you change the thought, your body reacts to it, don’t think like “ok I’m going to try to lift this and see if it’s possible.” Change the thought, think how would a god like say Zeus would pick up a weight, would he say he’ll try to lift it and see if he can, hell no, he’s Zeus and he’s a mighty god of superhuman quality and he knows he can lift it just by how he breathes, how he grips it and what’s already within the power of his mind, he believes so greatly it’s undeniable. Now I’m not saying to think like this and Bench Press 1000 pounds or something like that but this is a prime example of how you can think differently and excel past your plateaus and go as far as tripling your strength and speed or more.

            It takes practice to learn this kind of thinking and feel it with intensity and focus. Like with anything else, you progress and train your mind and body as if it they were one and the same. Little by little you’re edging your way up and building strength you never thought was possible. Nobody has a giant amount of strength in the beginning, we all started out weak in some shape or form and in order to get stronger, we progress even by a tiny fraction that can lead to a massive amount later on. Believe you can get better whether by a speck or more and you’ll start to realize where that true strength lies, it’s not how big your muscles are or how much you can lift off the ground or rack, it lies deep within your soul and the way you empower the internal entity that is your mind.

Be awesome guys and have a wonderful Spring Weekend.  

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