Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everybody Else Is Taken

           Whether in fitness or in life, we have certain people we look up to. In bodybuilding, many guys wanted to be like Arnold, in Baseball if you were a kid in the 90’s, Barry Bonds was an idol to many boys and upcoming Baseball stars. My favorite sport as a kid was Basketball and watching the greats like Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Allen Iverson and John Stockton. I idolized many athletes in that time and had dreams of wanting to be like them. It wasn't meant to be.

            We like to compare ourselves to the idols we have whether athlete, physical culturists, celebrities and/or people in the corporate world. At times we mimic how they do things and the way they handle themselves. I fell for that kind of thing too and it got me injured sometimes and even broke my spirit because since I couldn’t do what they do why should I be any different. That’s just it, you are different; you have different shape, different body and a very different personality. There are people we admire but certainly should never be like them because they have their own ways of doing things; they have their own problems and their own way of making themselves happy. You on the other hand should focus on what makes you happy, finding what separates you from the rest of us and learning who you are.

            We have family that expects a lot of us sometimes, there have been times where people alienate themselves from others because either it’s not worth being around them or the people don’t want you around. It’s tough when something is expected of you, you are told to do this, do that, be polite to others, speak when spoken to, go to college, be a lawyer or doctor, play football because your dad did, be bold and upright in a beauty pageant, smile at the camera, rule a kingdom, there are so many things people expect from us and none are more tougher than your own family breathing down your neck.

            The only thing you ought to expect from is learning who you are but also understanding the unexpected outcomes that go with that. You are one person, one body, one soul. You cannot always be as strong or smart or sophisticated as the next guy so why should you try to compete or compare to others when the only person you should compete with is yourself. Learn what makes you happy, compassionate, what you love to do and where you want to go. You may not always see what lies ahead but you better damn sure know that there will be something unexpected that comes along and it happened for a reason

            Nobody can do what you do. We all think differently and way may have similar backgrounds and interests but how we shape what we do is very differently. Some of it is complex, other times it just comes natural. You are you and you can be great if you apply yourself to what you’re passionate about. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something because someone is better than you or you ought to be “like everybody else.” I’m very proud of what I do and I love what I’ve learned along the way. Like I always say, be awesome and don’t let anyone tell you different.
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