Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Like Being In A Hypnotic State

            I like the idea of hypnotism, where you can be transferred to a state of mind in which it’s full of relaxed, calm and powerful entities. There aren’t good ways to be hypnotized at least from certain people who know how to do it but from the people I know it can be very helpful and aid you into becoming stronger. What if you learned to hypnotize yourself? Consciously drive into your own mind and put yourself in a state where you channel your focus on what you want and everything else is blocked off. Gather your focus and energy into being so in tuned; you get more results from your training.

            It’s not easy being able to hypnotize yourself because it takes concentration, an intense level of focus and blocking out what you don’t want within your mind. Meditation can help, going into your own Movie Theater, thinking of various colors that relax you whatever you find useful. The reason why I feel being hypnotized and going into a state of mind as you train is because there can be too many distractions around you and you want to put the effort into what you want in terms of results. This happens a lot at the gym. You go in, some douche is talking on his cell phone or the energy is so great it just makes it difficult for you. This is one of the reasons why I like training at home or at a park where it is just you and your thoughts. I get so fired up sometimes I don’t see, hear or look at anything else other than the training I’m putting myself through.

            Look at it this way, this your time to do what you want to do, be free. The next time you’re alone, do this before you work out, sit, stand or lie down whatever is comfortable, close your eyes or keep them open whatever works, let yourself relax, ease out of your tension one body part at a time starting with your neck and slowly drip downward, learn to listen to that inner voice or spirit within you helping you take all the junk out. Breathe deeply; think to yourself Calm Mind/Calm Body. Picture what you want to accomplish in your workout, focus into the muscles you’re working on. See the intensity as if it was on a big screen TV, you are calm and focused but you’re slowly building your adrenaline, now listen to that inner voice saying “You’re coming out focused, strong and ready. Snap your fingers three times and you’ll awaken ready for action.” This should take no less than a few minutes, at first you may struggle to think like this but let it happen, be like water on a smooth river bank, its flowing but also can grow in strength.

            No matter if you’re at the gym, at home or wherever, you’re not competing against others, it’s you against yourself. We all have that one opponent and it’s our inner selves. He/she can be your best friend or your greatest enemy; you must choose which one to take. When you’re competing against yourself it’s like a chess match, which moves will be your best chances of winning. When you compete against others it’s not as bad winning or losing cause another person will always come along but when you keep losing against yourself, it’s far more severe because you’re hurting what matters most.

            Going into another state of mind and learning how to win is a challenge but if you keep persevering, telling that bad side of you it’s either with you or against you, you’re creating a powerful way to unlock your true personality. It’s finding who you are from within and how to use those positive vibrations we all have. Some have more negative than others because of certain experiences and how we react from a mental perspective but if you go inside yourself and learn to find those positive parts of yourself, find a way to increase their strength, grow bigger and more powerful so they outweigh and can crush the larger number of the negatives. On the other hand if you have more positives than negatives, it’s a little bit easier but can still be a challenge, again go inside that state of mind and grow and outweigh those bad boys and crush those negatives even more.

            We’re all different and we sometimes find it easy to go into another state of mind but also it’s not so easy and can be a struggle because we of our experiences, the energy we surround ourselves with and how we react to these things. It’s like being in a hypnotic state, the way you control it is up to you and how you converse in your mind of creating what you want and listening from within. 

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