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Squats & Push-ups....The Foundations For Superior Bodyweight Conditioning

When you learn bodyweight exercises the first 2 types anyone should learn and master are the Push-up & The Squat. The reason why for these is because they lay the foundation for total body conditioning. There are many variations of them but only a few surpass the true monument for superior exercise. In the early days of Physical Culture, men and women of either bodybuilding, weightlifting or gymnastics trained in Squats and Push-ups because they knew how much power they can build to help assist their training. Some of the biggest names did these exercises such as:

Charles Atlas

John Grimek

Otto Arco


Alois P. Swoboda

Steve Stanko

Earl Liederman

Great Gama


At one time or another all these men performed push-ups and squats. At high reps they combine a great deal of strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. High Rep Squats performed correctly build ammense lung power and superior conditioning and they know it gets them in high regard when it comes to competition. …

My Thoughts On Super Humans

I watch the History channel quite bit alongside its cousin History International and I love the stories on there whether some are true or not with the likes of Haunted History, True Carribbean Pirates, Mystery/Monster Quest and tales of the Samuri or Barbarians it just facinates me. I've been a history buff as long as I can remember, first it was baseball, wrestling and basketball (sports stuff) then just getting into history itself. One show in particular though thats a series really caught my eye and thats Stan Lee's Super Humans. For those who don't know Stan Lee is one of the most famous Comic Book writers in the world and has created some of the biggest names in Super Hero history such as Spiderman, The Fantastic Four & The Incredible Hulk.

He has a man travel around the world in search of human beings who have extordinary abilities to have certain powers. One guy they found happens to be an idol of mine and thats Strongman Dennis Rogers. For those who don't …

Bring Out The Animal In You

Training can be a pain in the ass sometimes. We are told to do this, we are told to do that so when do we have the time to be ourselves and just flat out burst into an animal in the wild. In some gyms you can't make noise because it seems disruptive to others who are listening to their ipod and lifting 10 pound dumbbells. This is one of the reasons why I don't like going to gyms anymore. Most of these gyms don't let you bring out a side of you that could actually create more strength and mental power. Say you broke a new PR in a bench press and you're so happy you jump for joy and laugh a little, just for that you can get kicked out of a gym and thats a shame. Training is about sweat, perserverance and putting in that last inch of effort to make your workout effective and nowadays you can get out just for those particular things. A lot of those gyms make me want to punch those guys in the face.

To me one of the best ways to train effectively is to bring out another sid…

The Passing Of A Legend!!!!!!

One of the greatest human beings and physical culturists of all-time passed away yesterday Jack Lalanne. He personified the meaning of physical fitness and helped more people then just about anyone in history. His endurance was unmatched and took feats of strength to a whole new level. Every year on his b-day starting at age 40 he did endurance feats that not only were surreal but you pretty much had to be there for it to be believeable. He was one of my biggest influences in the last 14 years of training. At a young age he turned his life around and became a pioneer in the fitness industry and became the first man to jumpstart fitness on television from the late 50's to the mid 70's and it was still to this day the longest running fitness show in television history. His books and videos changed so many lives I think we all lost count and whenever you mention great bodybuilders Jack has to be near the top of the list. He had one of the best physiques of all-time. Nobody can sa…

My Time At The New Legendary Strength Gym

Went to the grand opening of my friend Logan Christopher's Legendary Strength Gym in Scotts Valley, CA. It had great people there, awesome food and a couple contests which featured Kettlebells in the Snatch & Jerk. Three guys including me was in the kettlebell snatch competition and I came in second place with 83 snatches in 5 min. There was a great atmosphere in the air and meeting a few guys from around the california area from San Mateo, San Jose and Belmont. There was also a feat of strength show done by Logan himself ripping a phonebook, bending a 60d penny nail and probably the most dangerous feat i've seen him do up close by getting into a wrestler's bridge, hold up 2 kettlebells, 3 concrete blocks stacked on top of him and while the position a friend of ours Smashed the blocks into peices with one swing of a sledgehammer. He also pulled his truck with his own hair while me and a few people sat in the back of the truck going for a ride.

For kicks Logan did a se…

How To Take Your Bridging To The Next Level

Bridging is often refered in wrestling and gymnastics to work the neck and spine. For the most part The Bridge is one of the most feared exercises there is but yet it can take your strength & Conditioning to levels that are surreal once you learn to bridge correctly. One of the greatest wrestlers that took the bridge to great heights for his body was the late Karl Gotch. If you were to learn wrestling from him; the first thing he'd teach you was bridging because if you want to dominate yourt opponent you have to be able to move your body from every angle possible and the bridge works the body from many angles. When you learn to bridge properly you can move onto advanced forms called Bridging Gymnastics. This is where you fall back into a bridge either on the hands or the head and kick over and back. There are many versions of the bridge.

Working the bridge takes patience and form just like with other forms of exercise but approach with caution and don't hold a bridge long…

How To Use A Deck Of Cards For Optimal Conditioning

There are a million waysd to get into shape....We can lift weights, get on a cardio machine, go through circuit training, do animal exercise but what if we took a workout to the next level by using a deck of cards and went through a 30 min. training session thats just off the chain. Pick 1-4 exercises and hammer them with a vengence and do them with the best form possible. Lets say for example you want to do push-ups. Pick 4 types of push-ups that go with a card thats either spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. Go through the deck as much as you can and if you are willing to go for the gold, use the jokers as well. Thats one workout to do but then a real ass kicker of a workout would consist of Push-ups, Squats and Sit-ups....Pick 2 types of push-ups, one squat and one type of sit-up. Work with what you can do and take as little rest as possible. If you're new to it after each card take a couple breaths and move on. The reps for the cards are pretty simple.

Kings, Queens, Jacks: 10…

Whats The Big Deal On Animal Exercises?

When people go to the gym, they do a half hour of cardio and an hour of weights. They do this off and on for months sometimes years and a good portion of them don't get the results they want or expect of themselves too much. Now for one before they even get to the gym they need to drive, change and hopefully theres a machine or station they can get to before the previous person. To me thats too much of a pain in the ass to do and I hate waiting to do something. If you want results you have to move your body in different directions that require more then 1 or 2 muscle groups its most or the whole body that needs to move. One of the greatest wrestlers whoever lived said it best "You will find that animals in the wild are in the greatest of shape by using their own body and stretching." That was said by the late Karl Gotch. He personified the meaning of conditioning. If you want the best results take a long look at the conditioning of the wild animal whether its a tiger, go…

My 10 Favorite Bodyweight Exercises

When I train, I want to get the best out of it whether it be for 5 min. or a whole hour because not only do I want to get a great workout I want to feel good and energetic at the end of it no matter what. We all have our favorite Exercises that we like to do and we sometimes forget how good they can really be. We even change them up sometimes or make a variation of them to create a challenge. I for one have many exercises that I mastered and can do at just about anytime I wanted but theres always certain favorites I like to do every once in a while and I have picked and neither of these are any better then the next but they are very important and some are pretty difficult and some are pretty simple to learn. Without further ado here are my favorite Exercises.....

Sumo Squats

Hill Sprints


Bear Crawls


Gorilla Walks

Crab Walks

Hindu Squats


Sumo Side Splits

Now why would I pick these specific exercises? Because for obvious reasons they're fun to do. Some …

Burning Fat & Building Muscle With Animal Exercise......

There are many ways tro burn fat and build muscle. We lift weights, use cardio machines, we run, do push-ups, squats, sit-ups or pull-ups and these are all good in some way shape or form. However you slice it the more muscles you use in an exercise the more work you're putting in and burning calories and fat much faster then working individual muscles. Many people believe you need more then an hour and a half three times a week to get great results and getting a steady heart rate to burn fat. Not true at all. One of the fastest and most simple ways to train, burn fat and build muscle quick is to get outside and move on all fours for a few min. and before you know it you're breathing hard. When this happens great things in your body begin to form as your HGH levels spring up, testosterone comes into play and muscle is being built quicker then ever. Plus with the jumps in HGH levels this will help you stay younger and stay healthy. Animal-like Exercise can carry over to many oth…

Tumbling To The Top

One of the basic moves in Gymnastics is to learn how to tumble forward, backward, side to side, dives ect. It takes a good amount of balance and strength to do a backhand spring and its harder to do flips. Some of the moves I can do are pretty simple as far as basics go but I can't do a backhand spring, I'm too big of a tree to do that, plus I like falling into a bridge on my head and kicking over and back better. But if you're looking to get better at Tumbling or just starting out theres only one guy I know who can help take you to the top as far as I know and thats Logan Christopher. He's a good friend of mine and as far as I know he's one of the best trainers in the world and this is one of his specialties. Taking you from a basic forward roll to backhand springs he'll help you along the way for you to becoming a master tumbler. He's given me some awesome tips and its helped my bridging and its helped me carry over to things I want to do its that powerfu…

How We Can Learn From Rocky Balboa

For most us we've seen the Rocky movies and how motivational they are when it comes to adversity, the never say die attitude and the way he does his conditioning. One of my all-time favorite training scenes was in Rocky IV where in Russia he moved through the snow, chopping down trees, lifting a cart of people in the press, pull-ups, jump rope and bear crawling a sled. That's the type of conditioning a true man learns to posses. As oppose to Drago who used machines, took steroids, used technology and look what happens, he got taken out by the underdog. Whether or not you feel weights make a great athlete yet in some cases they do.

In the days of the Cavemen, they needed, to adapt in order to survive, they swam, ran, threw, pushed heavy boulders, wrestled and take down some of the roughest things put in front of him. To me that's a great definition of Rocky, he adapts, he puts himself in awkward situations and makes an effort to get strong from all angles. To weightlifting i…

Handstand Video


Have you ever thought about learning how to do a handstand?

Well my friend, Logan Christopher, is doing something radical. You see, he runs a site called Lost Art of Hand Balancing where he teaches people how to do just that.

He has taken one of his best-selling DVD's, something that has sold hundreds of copies at $29.95, and he is now literally giving it away online, no strings attached.

I think he’s crazy for doing this, but he is doing it!

What's so great about this video? In this close to half hour video Logan takes a systematic approach to the handstand. The problem with trying to do a handstand is it's way beyond the ability of someone starting out.

You can try to do it but you'll end up frustrated. That's the long slow path. In fact, many give up.

Instead, you should break it down into component parts, working on lead-up stunts, which teach you the necessary skills, but in an easy manageable way. This cuts…
Would you like to learn from 10 top strength training and endurance building experts out there?

What if it was all for FREE?

Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher are putting together the Super Human Training Teleseminar Series. This is a series of interviews with people like Mike Mahler, Adam Glass, Roger Lapointe, Andrew Durniat and many more.

All you have to do is signup on this page and you’ll be able to listen in live on these calls where the experts spill their training secrets. What works for them. What works with the people they teach and train. The mistakes they’ve made and how you can avoid them.

Plus you get the chance to ask your own questions. This is top training information, from guys in the trenches on what really WORKS!

If you get one thing that can impact your training for the better it would be worth it. And with this lineup you’re sure to learn more than one thing.

Go to this p…

Wrestling As A Science?

For many thousands of years, the sport of wrestling has evolved from resulting conflicts to a wide spectacle of entertainment. When we hear the term Wrestling we often come up with WWE, TNA, College Wrestling, USA Wrestling. Those are the main things we refer as wrestling today but long before those terms were even thought of, wrestling was a pure sport where you had men and women fought until someone gave up or was pinned. In India and Iran wrestling was considered the national sport (might still be depending who you talk to) and had champions that were some of the most fearsome athletes in the world. One of them was/still is considered the greatest wrestler of all-time and that was Ghulam Muhammad a.k.a The Great Gama who was undefeated in over 5000 matches. Same can be said here in the U.S where you had great wrestlers such as Frank Gotch, Martin "Farmer" Burns, Ed Caddock and Ed "Strangler" Lewis. There was one wrestler that went to the Olympics and never once…

Building Self Mastery

In fitness terms if we want to have the best program we need to find exercises to suit our body's structure and our weight to body ratios. In other words there is no way possible to train the same way if someone at 240 pounds tried the same program with someone at 150 pounds. In the magazines they slide in standard programs and ideas that would fit the average person to become super strong. For the most part the average person can't even touch an ounce of the program they Mags provide.

Back in the early 20th century where Physical Culture boomed and courses were in hundreds of thousands of young wo/men's hands and the programs were obsolete compared to the muscle mags today. A good portion of the courses gave basics to the trainee and taught intermediate and advanced programs to help the progress but unlike the mags today these courses taught how to master your own training. The intuitive part of our brains conjure up where we learn certain things and how things work or n…

Animal Fitness For Kids

In this day and age obesity is at a high rate and most of it is blamed on food habits, not enough exercise and pressures to be fit. Its no surprise that kids don't have the will to want to get fit. No matter how you look at it, certain fitness methods not only turn kids away but it just flat out looks dumb to them. For the most part Fitness should be fun and not have pressure to do the sets/reps scheme just go out and do it. Thats what I love about animal exercises. You just move around like a wild animal that you have a favorite of and just doing it for a couple minutes is all thats needed to start. I've worked on Animal movements and I get out of breath quick and I love that, the challenge and the motive to do better. For kids it needs to fun and wonderful experience because it can help them not get better physically but mentally and emotionally as well. When they learned how to structure a way to make it fun it can carry over to their studies and homework. Parents should be…

How to spread out your training

For those of you who have trouble working out during the day and feel that a big workout might wear you out, theres a way to keep your training going to keep your energy up and thats to spread it out during the day. I train everyday 7 days a week and there are times where I can't get in the amount of time of training I want to do so I spread out the workout during the day, doing a few stretches here and there and do some isometrics. You see you don't need to do one large workout everyday or even a few times a week. This is good for traveling as well because you can't always get to a gym and theres the trouble with jet lag when you get off a plane and try to get to a motel. Its a pain in the ass at times. So if you travel do some isometrics while waiting for your plane or even on the plane itself.

You can even workout without anyone knowing about it. Heres an example, every couple years or so I go to disneyland for either my b-day or for a few days in the summer and as I s…

How To Get Out Of Breathe Fast & How That Can Help Your Fitness

When we workout we feel that we need an hour and a half in the gym in order to get our blood pumping and our muscles jacked up. What if we can reduced that by not just a great percentage but even drop the timing to less then 10 min. Not only can your workout be incredible and challenging but you will be building muscle and creating natural human growth hormone at the same time. My 2 Favorite ways of doing this is to pick 4-5 different animal exercises and hammer them each for 30 seconds then repeat the sequance about 2-3 times. Another favorite is running hill sprints. Doing these can amp up your conditioning to levels unimaginable. You only need a hill thats about 50-70 yards long and need to do only 4-8 sets. Now for each sprint do you need to go at 100%? No just a good percentage say 25-35%. Each time you sprint try to go a little further each set. For rest just walk back down to the bottom of the hill slowly. For the Animal Circuits take a small break to catch your breath then get…

Hand Balancing & The Power Of Inverted Training

However you look at it Handbalancing is by far one of the most difficult methods of self mastery over the human body. When you're upside down it seems like a whole different world and its mysterious and very unusual feeling of not always knowing whats going to happen or how you are suppose to stay up. For the most part it takes awareness and strength to a whole new level and with enough practice you can do things that not only will it amaze people but you will have control over your body not many people in the world can do.

To get a glimpse of modern hand balancing take a look at the men and women of gymnastics or Circ De Solei, the requirement for their sport/profession is to be master hand balancers because of a lot of the stunts require to be on the hands. It is amazing and breathtaking to see some of the best athletes at what they do. I've seen a gymnastic event and seen A Mid-Summer Nightmare which had acts of Hand balancing and tumbling and martial arts and just about e…

Fitness Tools To Spice Up Your Conditioning

If you're a lifter, strongman, body weight enthusiast or starting training you want to have top quality tools to make your conditioning that much better then the next guy. For me every now and then I would throw my sledgehammer around, do some swings, levers or holding at a certain angle to not only strengthen my grip but to get me breathing hard and when you are training hard and breathing hard, growth hormone comes into play and that helps build muscle, jack up your heart rate, building tendon strength from angles certain methods can't touch. If I were to recommend top quality tools for conditioning it be from Ryan Pitts' Stronger Grip.

From maces to clubs to hammers he's got it. I have had the pleasure of using a couple of the clubs and his hammer and I will tell you off hand they are tough as hell. If you're new to them start with a weight that you're comfortable with and can do a significant number of reps and sets. I'm a body weight guy at heart so I…