Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How We Can Learn From Rocky Balboa

For most us we've seen the Rocky movies and how motivational they are when it comes to adversity, the never say die attitude and the way he does his conditioning. One of my all-time favorite training scenes was in Rocky IV where in Russia he moved through the snow, chopping down trees, lifting a cart of people in the press, pull-ups, jump rope and bear crawling a sled. That's the type of conditioning a true man learns to posses. As oppose to Drago who used machines, took steroids, used technology and look what happens, he got taken out by the underdog. Whether or not you feel weights make a great athlete yet in some cases they do.

In the days of the Cavemen, they needed, to adapt in order to survive, they swam, ran, threw, pushed heavy boulders, wrestled and take down some of the roughest things put in front of him. To me that's a great definition of Rocky, he adapts, he puts himself in awkward situations and makes an effort to get strong from all angles. To weightlifting is a great way to get in shape but it only goes so far as that and conditioning using different angles and training in awkward ways. Get out and train like a caveman or better yet train in a way like Rocky, something we all can learn from.
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