Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Get Out Of Breathe Fast & How That Can Help Your Fitness

When we workout we feel that we need an hour and a half in the gym in order to get our blood pumping and our muscles jacked up. What if we can reduced that by not just a great percentage but even drop the timing to less then 10 min. Not only can your workout be incredible and challenging but you will be building muscle and creating natural human growth hormone at the same time. My 2 Favorite ways of doing this is to pick 4-5 different animal exercises and hammer them each for 30 seconds then repeat the sequance about 2-3 times. Another favorite is running hill sprints. Doing these can amp up your conditioning to levels unimaginable. You only need a hill thats about 50-70 yards long and need to do only 4-8 sets. Now for each sprint do you need to go at 100%? No just a good percentage say 25-35%. Each time you sprint try to go a little further each set. For rest just walk back down to the bottom of the hill slowly. For the Animal Circuits take a small break to catch your breath then get back to it. Hill Sprints are needed only 2-3 times a week because of the recovery periods needed in order to let your body build back up from really hard training. If you don't have hills then run sprints on a field. Adapt to what you can do and take your conditioning to the top.

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