Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turning Sports Video Games Into A Great Workout

For those of us who like video games its always fun when you have the controller in your hand and playing out your favorite characters or players in a sports game. Thought i'd try out an Experiement and so far I'm finding out fun and enjoyable plus I get to build muscle and get in shape. I like to MLB 10 The Show on my PS3 and I'm in the career mode where I have a really great hitter I made up. He hits homeruns, drives in RBIs, smacks doubles and triples and so on and so forth. I decided that during the game I would do some pull-ups and chin-ups since its a fav. upper body workout. Before I get into the workout I'm gonna say that because you never know what you'll get so this isn't an actual set and rep scheme and if you do play a game this also includes batting practice. Also since its cutting down to if you actually workout while playing video games because not many of us gamers do workout so this is something to try every once in a while so the people you are with arnt giving you crap about sitting on your ass. Also this can apply to different Exercises as well including Push-ups, Squats, Sit-ups and various holds. So for Baseball here is a pull-up program to try and if you dont have a pull-up bar just do push-ups. So whenever you get a hit here are the following numbers. Whenever you are on a base after that hit thats the number of reps you do Example:

Single: 1 Pull-up or 10 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Double: 2 Pull-ups or 20 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Triple: 3 Pull-ups or 30 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Homerun: 4 Pull-ups or 40 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Now thats if you play a baseball game and are just doing Career Mode so its just something to try out. If you're playing with all Nine players then LOL.....Just pick at least 2 of your favorite players in the lineup.

If you're into football and want to experiement with this then you might have to cut the reps a bit untill you can do the maximum numbers that i'm giving you so if you are willing to give this a try here is something to test yourself on:

Touchdown: 7 pull-ups or 25 push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Field Goal: 3 Pull-ups or 30 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Safety: 2 Pull-ups or 20 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Extra Point After TD: 1 Pull-up or 10 Push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups

Like I said do what you can and if you're strong enough do the amount of reps.

For Hockey its pretty basic so when you score a goal you can do 1 Pull-up each time or 10push-ups/Squats/Sit-ups each time you score.

Now I realize the chances of anyone doing this is slim and very few will actually try this yet i'm just spreading the word on fitness ideas that don't require a gym and with very little to no equipment whatsoever. If you have a Wii Console same rules apply and if you have a game that has you do exercise then just do that but for the diehard PS3 and Xbox this is all we need for now. So if fatigue sets in and you just simply can't handle it anymore then just play the game and record in a journal what you did. It be kinda cool when you have done plenty of exercise and yet play your favorite game all at the same time, your body will be happy and your love for games will be even more enjoyable. If you actually do this workout and whatever sports game you have my advise for you is that play as many games as you want but when you're not working out and just playing video games play for like an hour then go outside and do something or move around a bit so you're not just sitting there and twiddling your thumbs and fingers. Have fun with this and try other exercises and see how they work for you. Also for future refrences make sure for you young guys/girls....Do your damn homework.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dexerity That Makes Up For Strength!!!!

When it comes to fixing things, playing the piano, lifting weights, moving your body in different directions you have to have a good amount of hand strength and suppleness. To increase our dexerity in our hands, fingers and wrists we need the right tools and exercises to create power and tendon strength in the lower arms. Grip strength is a key to do some of the most phenomenal feats ever. No matter how you put it, you can have a big chest, shapley legs, upper arms the size of cannon balls, a back of North Dakota and shoulders that can carry a mule but if you don't have strong hands you don't have anything. Work your hands the way you train your body. Imagine what it would be like to have hands that can do things with ease and never get injured or get carpal tunnel and yet getting stronger each time you work your hands with the exercises i'm gonna recommend. I've learned these from a guy I recently trained with and now I'm gonna recommend his course to you. These have helped my hands get stronger for my feats of strength in ripping phonebooks and bending long peices of steel. At the same time since using this I have not had one shred of carpal tunnel or hurt my hands in any way. One of the things this course will help you on if you're a martial artist is increase your punching power and grip your opponent unlike ever before. I have done exercises that work and have done ones that havent and this course has the right ways of training your hands for strength, flexibility and suppleness. Now I'm not endorsing this, not asking for any money and spreading the word about having strong and healthy hands that can help with whatever you need in your daily life.

Finger Gymnastics

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, thought i'd made this short and sweet......

Wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving and be thankful for what you have and give thanks to those in need. For you trainers out there, eat what you can and train like your life depended on it (not too much) but have fun while you're doing it. I'm thankful for my family and the awesome memories and future memories i'm gonna have with them. I'm gonna have another member of our family join us as my cousin is gonna have a baby and wish all the moments shes gonna have with her new baby in the next year. I have an awesome family and I count my blessings they're here kicking and having a kick ass time. Hope you all enjoy these times in this economy and be there for one another no matter what because there is nothing sacred then family. Love will concour all those who believe in it.

The Strength Of A Vampire

Now we all know Vampires don't exist or do they? If they did and had the wisdom of centuries don't you think they would know the secrets to great strength? If we can develop that kind of power and just walts over people like they were nothing would be cool huh? Its all about how you use your power and how you can amp it up to levels that you never have imagined possible. It takes a good deal of imagination but you can create strength that not only makes you a powerful presence but can do things for you that the average person just doesn't understand or can't imagine. Things like a woman lifting a car to save her kid, a man of 6'6 stature lifting sledgehammers in weight that almost or not one can attempt or better yet move and a man holding onto a silk curtain pinch grip style gliding through the air with no net to break his fall but yet does it every night on stage while doing magic and feats of dexerity on the piano. All these things are true and with a little imagination and a bit of action you can develop strength from whatever you want to do and more if you find the right ways and the right instruction. Power through obsticals and feel the power of a vampire.

Imagination Is Your Power!!!!!

When you put a thought into action it can make or break you as an individual. Like the old saying "Imagination is the elixer of life" you create what you want from thoughts. For most the craziest ideas came from a person's imagination, Edison with films, Einstein with his theories, P.T Barnum with his Circus Empire and some of the strongest men on the planet have had thoughts of what they wanted to do and made themselves into great human beings. Everything starts with a thought and yet this can apply to anything you want in life. For me being in a hospital bed, I imagined myself walking and running like theres no tomorrow and feeling like nothing can touch me and being stronger then anyone.

Well when I finally put it into action I made it possible without putting no less then 1000%. You can do this as well with what you want to do with your life. Now the downside to this is people telling you that you cant do it or make yourself this or that and your ideas to them are just loony and way out of left field. First step to creating your imagination is to leave skeptisism behind and look forward to your accomplishments, now that might mean you'll have obsticals on the way but do not let them stop you otherwise you'll just be another average person.

In fitness you can create the body you desire but you must imagine it and feel what it would be like then put it into action. To me I wanted to be a powerful and conditioned man that could knock out walls and bend tough steel and shred a phonebook in one shot. I made it happen for myself. Now its up to you to find yourself but what will your imagination take you?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Injury That Saved My Life!!!!

Its heartbreaking when you have a major injury on your hands (could be literal) and a plethora of things just run through your mind and for most its "Am I ever gonna walk again?" or "Will I be able to play the piano again?" and a favorite "How the hell am I gonna live through this?" Its really about how you make yourself strong or how you make yourself weak. I've taken plenty of bumps in my life and some were funny and some were just horrific. I've had sore backs, dented knees, tendonitis, burned wrists, burned hands, nearly broken ribs yet none of them were compared to my leg injury 5 years ago. Broke the tibia-fubula in half on my left leg and broke bones in both ankles. I was one of those "Am I ever gonna walk again?" kinda guys and laying in that hospital knowing what the prognosis was and knowing that its going to be tough being in a wheel chair. I figured "Screw it, I've beaten bigger things then this and I hate the fact that i'm in this" so I fought back and did it without many knowing cause they would've told me I was stupid for doing it and crazy that a thought I had was pretty far off. After I was released from the hospital I rehabbed myself and I began to get better and better and eventually I started to do things I couldn't do before the injury. So how did my injury save my life.....Tought me mental toughness that has stuck with me since and what other things that I have gone through has been a breeze. Mental Toughness is the key to overcoming personal obsticals. Learn it Live it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Training Your Mind & Body

Even though some of us exercise and we go through the motions to do what we can its still not training our mind. Being mindful of your training is just as important as the exercise itself. On the other hand there are plenty of more people that don't exercise but yet train their minds. Thats ok in some way but you won't get the most benefit if you can't balance it out and just do one or the other. Being physical can do many things for you but if your mind isnt in the same place then you are just wasting your time. Example outside of my training doing all these things I also do my best to keep my brain active and fresh by studying history and psychology and checking up other things that interest me particularly history. Although physical culture is a hobby of mine I also learn the history of our past such as wars and fictional history like Vampires and such. This is gonna sound like a guy thing but I also do my history on the game of Baseball (not the steriod era of the game) but its true glory of why its americas game and how those men and women back in the day who didn't get paid no where near where it is today but yet most were if not better then the players of today. Other then history I'm also an observer and how to look at others' body language and how people come and go when things are down. I'm not saying we all should study everything but learn something that makes you who you are and put that into your training and why its that important. Don't just learn your form or how it came out of a book or followed on video but judge it for how it works for you and learn from the past on how it can help you in the future.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Training On CoreForce Energy

At the end of a road trip in Las Vegas I got to train with one of the best concert virtuosos in the world in the name of Garin Bader. For those who haven't heard of him he's a 13-time winner of international piano competitions and has traveled around the world doing countless shows of magic, martial arts, acrobatics and multi insturmental playing on cruise ships, major halls and in Las Vegas showrooms. What makes him stand out from others is his ability to generate power and speed and gracefulness in his performances. He draws you into his ability to not only have you listen to his music but really lets you know how he plays with ferocious determination and uncanny stamina. Outside of all the lights and stage rehearsals and being infront of hundreds of people, he has another side of himself that helps people bring out that peice of themselves to generate more power and speed from within. He teaches you how to use your imagination and create sounds to bring in more depth to your strength then ever before. His course is called CoreForce Energy which means not using just your abdominals or working out for hours on end but to create the center of your power to engulf that part of the brain that scientists say we only use 5% of. He helps you reach beyond that 5% and see how far it can go.

Now I have had the oppertunity to talk with him which was a feat for me in itself and he showed me a thing or 2 about this type of training and have used it just about all the time and its helped increase my coordinating and strength in many areas. Now to actually meet him would take a miracle because of his busy schedule and the timing to be with him would be almost impossible. Well, it just so happened he gave me an oppertunity to spend time with him and so on the last day of the road trip in Vegas I got to spend time with him in a near 4 hour span. He taught some of the most bizarre things to bring out the power within me yet I was just drawn to it and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. He showed me how to knock down a 300 pound dummy without using so much force and also showing what it feels like to be thrown around like a rag doll. First he's just over 200 pounds at 6' which is about average for a man that big but he was definitly not a small looking guy, he was bigger then I thought he was and has a good muscular physique. As for me being 5'10 around 240 pounds I look like a small Linebacker. That at all didn't mean a damn thing to him and he just tortured me by shoving me from different angles and getting a hold of me without warning and it was funny as hell but a lesson well learned.

I had a great time with him and hopefully someday I'll get that oppertunity again because I have so much more to learn. He also is one of the nicest sons of bitches I ever met and he really made me feel welcome. The way he walked through the session was just unreal and the things he showed me were unbelieveable. At the end of the session I didn't want it to end and he was just cool with everything he is that nice and he never stopped smiling which too many people don't in this world. When my dad picked me up to leave we stayed a little longer then we should've but none of us cared or even noticed and my dad got into what Garin does and when it was all over it felt like waking up from a dream but yet it was as real as you can get.

For the most part Garin seems like he doesn't get as many thank yous from people who have used his course because of many reasons and not only did I feel it was my duty as a student to thank him but just thanking him didnt mean much because it was far more then that but yet he gave me a new addition to how I want to stay strong for the things I want to accomplish and that i'm in debted to him. For the people who don't give him credit have no clue what its like to feel the surge within you to create something far beyond what you previously have done. Garin shows you how you can do that and how you can use it whenever you want. If Garin ever sees this I hope he knows that one session has changed me in a whole new light and for that my friend I salute you. Thank you for everything you have shown me and hope one day we get to do it again.

For those who wish to learn from this man I highly recommend him and he's worth more then you bargined for. Taken from someone who was actually there and took it a step further more then ever it is nothing you will ever experience again.

CoreForce Energy

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

San Francisco Are Now In The History Books!!!!!!

As a kid in the bay area you go to the park and watch your favorite ball players play with a passion and love for the game. You may watch them hit a dinger into the bay or hit the ball of the wall for a double and get in one or 2 RBI's, or better yet hit the ball for a triple and seeing those guys on base run home for that peice of glory of a win or catching up to tie the game. Before the Giants moved to Pac Bell/ATT Park they played at Candlestick Park when they moved from New York. One of my first games there was when I was really young maybe 8 or 9 years old and this was at the time when guys like Matt Williams, Will Clark were knocking ball after ball out of the park and hitting well .300 during the regular season. I saw Matt Williams hit a couple homeruns out and that night turned me onto the game and I started reading about the old-time ball players like Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Lou Gherig. My father was a huge Giants fan in the days of Mays, Willie McCovy, Orlando Cepeda and Pitching great Juan Marichal. He'd tell me stories about how as a kid in Los Gatos just less then a 45 min. drive to SF his grandfather would give him a few bux and a bus ticket to head up and watch the games live at the park. You can't do that kind of thing anymore but in the sixties it was common for kids my dads age at the time to do that. He'd tell me how Mays can hit the ball and how graceful he was in the outfield. I was just mesmerized by it.

In my Generation as a kid in the 90's it was all about the big names in baseball like Bsrry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr. Rickey Henderson and pitchers like Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux. It was a great time to be a baseball fan but at the same time you questioned a lot of the guys for steriods and all that crap that went on. In San Francisco i'd go to the park and watch Bonds knock it out 500 miles and just loved the way those guys played and seeing fireworks at the end of the victories wins.

During this season I went to probably 3 games at ATT Park but those were the most fun games i've been to since they first moved there back 1999-2000 and seeing them come back from a 10-3 defecit even though they lost it was one of the most thrilling games I ever witnessed but nothing compared going to a playoff game when they faced the Philadelphia Phillies and won 3-0 to notch up their place in the National League Championship Series. It was my fist playoff game ever and it was the second for my dad since 1964 when he was nearly 15 years old. Can you imagine that 46 years without seeing the Giants live at a playoff game, man I couldn't imagine what it was life for him. When the Giants went to the World Series my dad went to the second game of the series where they won 9-0 and although I couldn't be there with him I felt like I was because of how much this meant to him. It all erupted when they won the seies last night 3-1 in 5 games in Texas. That was one of the biggest highs I ever had not only as a fan but sitting there and jumping and hugging my dad was a big thing for me. I got to share that moment with him and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Thank you dad for having share that with and will be something i'll always remember till the day I die, all those games you took me to and all the times we played catch together this all came full circle the moment that strike out by Brian Willson. You're the best man and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope all the fathers and sons of San Francisco got to have that same moment. This is for all you guys and Thank You Giants for the momemerable season in my life.

Meditation....Better moving or being still?

When it comes to meditation we all want to find out how to reach our inner selves and how we grow from the inside as a human being and being at peace. Its not easy to listen to your own mind while everything around you is cluttered and frustrating. To channel ourselves we need to find a way that works for us and whats best to be at peice. Some people sit some stand and sometimes some move. In Tai Chi you move in fluid motions for a calm and relaxing affect on your body, mind and spirit. In Yoga you hold certain postures and breathe into the body that helps you grow stronger and more efficiant. In Qi Gong you practice all sorts of different things from hitting various pressure points, moving the joints to loosen them out and do different breathing exercises that help not only your body from the outside but more importantly work the internal organs to help create a healthier body.

For me I practice mostly standing and moving but at times I just want to lay down on the floor and just let everything thats bothering me just wash away and let everything flow. Even at certain times for meditation I do movements that jump up my heart rate to the point where i'm satisfied with what I did and just let nature unfold. So thats my practice but yet it can't be the same for everyone else because they are of different structure, personality, physiology and believe it or not psychology and so they need to use what they have to improve themselves. You can't teach someone to be meditative the same way you are because thats not being a teacher and its also not smart nor logical. So can you be meditative by standing or moving well t depends who you are and once you know you answered the question without ever saying a word.

Trainers & Their Expertiese

I have been training for well over 13 years and have seen many things and one of the things that bug me are some of the personal trainers out there. I'm not saying they're all bad just some. A few friends of mine are trainers and I highly regard them for their work but at the same time some of the trainers out there are not helping the people they are training period.

I had a trainer in a class and what she taught made some sense but most of it didnt. I admire her work ethic and the way she presents herself but I feel her drawback was to teach people exercise the way she feels they are imitated and done not the way a person's body handles it. Take me for example.....I have a titanium rod in my leg with 8 pins in my left shin and have 2 pins in my right ankle. Now i'm not against plyometrics they're helpful in some areas but not for high rep and jumping as high as you can for long periods of time and arn't that healthy in the long run. This woman was having me do jumping squats and knee to chest walks that not only irritated my legs but I would sometimes have to sit on the floor cause I was in pain.

You're not suppose to teach people exercise that causes pain. Exercise should be about teaching people how to use their bodies the way thats beneficial to their structure and body to weight ratio. You can't teach the same exercise to a guy whos 240 pounds as oppose to a guy who's 170 pounds its just not ethical. You can teach how it works but the individual has to go with his/her own physiology and work with whats healthy for them. I had to quit the class because I was getting burnt out in class and was in pain the majority of the time and I started feeling pain in my knees and arms that goes back to my shot put and lifting days in high school.

Lets take another example and thats Julian Michaels. We've all heard of her on the biggest lose weight loss reality show. She has all these videos and books out on exercise and weight loss but yet she has just as many lawsuits in her way as much as her sales. People getting hurt and needed attention or couldn't handle the workout the way its laid out and so on and so forth. Don't get me wrong shes a beautiful woman and shes putting herself out there to help the world but shes not helping her cause with all these lawsuits like Lindsey Lohan is with her drug problems. Maybe not the best analogy but you get my drift. If she was smart she needs to tell people that if they can't do the way she does an exercise make it work for them not for her. Most people cannot do that kind of work load and expect a healthy body inside and out on a daily basis its not logical nor is it possible. I feel bad for the woman and if she wants to be the trainer she really wants to be she shouldn't be advertising herself with all this crap, she needs to have a bit of sympathy and make an effort to be healthy with her work load on exercise.

So in other words if you're looking for a trainer find one that will help you and help how to use your body structure for the results you want to create and have them teach you how to create self mastery. If they're teaching you how to do something but dont go over key points that are for long term health and vigor for your benefit then he shouldn't be training you at all. Stay strong guys we all strive to better ourselves in one way or another.