Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Strength Of A Vampire

Now we all know Vampires don't exist or do they? If they did and had the wisdom of centuries don't you think they would know the secrets to great strength? If we can develop that kind of power and just walts over people like they were nothing would be cool huh? Its all about how you use your power and how you can amp it up to levels that you never have imagined possible. It takes a good deal of imagination but you can create strength that not only makes you a powerful presence but can do things for you that the average person just doesn't understand or can't imagine. Things like a woman lifting a car to save her kid, a man of 6'6 stature lifting sledgehammers in weight that almost or not one can attempt or better yet move and a man holding onto a silk curtain pinch grip style gliding through the air with no net to break his fall but yet does it every night on stage while doing magic and feats of dexerity on the piano. All these things are true and with a little imagination and a bit of action you can develop strength from whatever you want to do and more if you find the right ways and the right instruction. Power through obsticals and feel the power of a vampire.

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