Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Your UFC Fighter For Bad Bacteria

Today, I’m going to talk to you about something that's kinda nasty but it needs to be said. It’s something that lives on every one of us. Yes, I’m talking about bacteria. The thing is, bacteria are all over us but only harms us some of the time. We actually have more bacterial cells than we do human cells, which makes you think....Are we bacteria? Maybe I should call you ‘microbe’ instead of calling you by your name.

Just kidding you guys. That would get confusing real fast since I, too, am a microbe. Let’s go back to the bacteria talk for a second. One way these bacteria can harm is through infection. Infections come in many, many forms, but one of the most common is called Streptococcus Pneumonia: This tiny bacteria works its way into your lungs and then multiply, which can cause the common disease known as pneumonia. Pneumonia can be life-threatening depending on the person, and it costs thousands of people their lives each year. Those with weak immune systems are most vulnerable to this bacteria. These include older men and women, anyone battling a disease or those who are malnourished.

Luckily, our bodies has many enlisted soldiers to fight these bacteria off. One organ that plays a key role in this is the spleen. The spleen is the largest organ in the lymphatic system, and its primary function is to keep our blood healthy. When healthy blood enters the spleen, the organ gives it the go-ahead to circulate throughout the body. If it notices blood cells that are suspect, whether they're damaged or unhealthy, it hires a slew of hitmen known as lymphocytes. These are the body's white blood cells and their job is to destroy any harmful blood.

Not only that, but the spleen also serves as our primary blood store. It can even actually hold up to a cup of blood in reserve if we're ever in an accident (god forbid) and you lose a lot of blood. Getting back to the topic of Pneumonia, our spleen also responds to bacteria and viruses the same way it responds to unhealthy blood cells. Meaning it hires the white cells to whack them with a vengeance as well. This includes bacteria like Streptococcus Pneumonia. If you want to avoid being sick, retain muscle and joint health into older age, you must take good care of the spleen.

How you can hurt your spleen? 

   - Overuse of alcohol ands/or drugs

   - Physical trauma to the spleen (such as a sports injury)

   - Eat a diet rich in gluten, soy, dairy, shellfish, and any chemically processed foods

   - Have blood disease caused by abnormal blood cells

   - Breathing in air filled with pollutants

If you engage in these activities too much, the spleen can become enlarged from fighting off too many harmful substances.

Symptoms of an enlarged spleen include..

Feeling discomfort, pain on the upper left side of the abdomen, especially after eating a large meal

Easy bleeding

Weight loss

Changes in appetite

Frequent infections


Yellowing of the skin

How to build your spleen into fighting shape?

Eat clean meats like wild salmon that are filled with omega 3 fatty acids

Consume plenty of nuts and seeds including chia, flax, and pumpkin

Work many green, leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale into your diet

Exercise 3 times per week to keep the blood and fluids moving

Getting a massage or sauna can also help detoxify your body. A personal favorite.

I would love to provide you one of the most potent medicinal herbs for the spleen and blood. This herb is called He Shou Wu and it’s primarily known as the KING of all Yin Jing tonics.

It performs several vital tasks for your blood. It can...

Aid in blood production

Filter out blood sugars, fats, toxins so you can take some of the load off your liver/kidneys

Rich in antioxidants to help lower your risk of infection

Can help fight diseases like the common cold

Can help lower blood pressure

Do your spleen and other lymphatic organs a huge favor and get some of He Shou Wu, it'll be one hell of a health investment.

Monday, June 20, 2022

HIIT Without The Need To Sprint

 For all intents and purposes, Sprint Training is one of the most effective methods for turning you into a well conditioned machine fast. It doesn't take up a ton of time and you can make time for other things in your life that matter the most to you. Now, do you need to Sprint to get effective and efficient results? There's more than one way to skin a cat and if you choose not to do Sprint Training that's ok but in order to get the results you want fast, you need to put in work that will get you out of breath quicker than you can say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

How you move is the key and utilizing the mentality of "fight or flight" for a short period of time and getting out of breath in a matter of seconds. You can do this in lots of ways and you're not forced to do Sprint Style Training. You can take the exercises and create your own workouts using the style of HIIT from Darebee Circuits or do swim fast in a pool or do hard crawls from the Animal Kingdom but one of my personal favorites is doing Burpees in the 30/90 Protocol....What do I mean by this?

You would do as many Burpees as possible for 30 seconds and rest three times as long to get enough recovery. You would do up to 8 Rounds of this and you're only doing 4 minutes of work. The entire time of the workout is 16 minutes. Don't worry about how many reps you do (pardon the language here) so I say fuck the reps and focus on just being as fast as possible without flopping like a fish out of water. It's not about the reps, it's the time that matters. Recover for 90 seconds (if you're a beginner, 2-3 minutes is ok) and repeat. This method has been around for decades and has shown some amazing results. Now this doesn't mean you're going to look like Chris Hemsworth or a Ben Affleck (Batman) in a matter of weeks, but you will see some significant changes to your physique. 2-3x a week maximum is the amount you'll be doing.

So think about this, you only work a total of 12 minutes a week max and the majority of the time you're resting. This will give you an idea of how realistic muscle can be build with sufficient recovery and aiding in calorie burning that lasts for hours after a workout while also enhancing natural testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. Fuck those injections and drugs, your body has the ability to strengthen itself and benefit the health attributes that saves you a ton of time and energy. Don't believe me, do the research yourself, in most studies, this is to be as true as Amber Heard painfully lying her ass off. 

You don't have to go on a cardio binge and do hours a week in the gym, hell the 30/90 method can be used practically anywhere, you don't have to do Burpees. Just move your ass really fast for 30 seconds and lollygag for 90 seconds or slightly longer. As much as it is weird to know, there are ways to get into incredible shape without it overshadowing your lifestyle. Seriously, 12 minutes a week of hard, intense training and that's it. Hell, you can still eat what you love like Pizza, Burgers & Fries, Pasta (not in mass quantities of course) but the better your nutrition is, the faster your results will come. You don't have to stress so damn much, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. 

Eat what you love and as your results get better, pile on the real foods. When it comes to eating, do your best to keep it at 2 big meals a day because that 5-6 meal a day thing is mainly a myth. Eating small meals constantly throughout the day forces your body to digest more than it needs to. Let your body fast for a good period of time between meals like 5-6 hours. Hell for me, I don't even eat my first meal until a minimum of 12 to 1 in the afternoon. Might snack on a thing or two throughout but mostly won't eat again until dinner time which is around 6-8. When you fast and letting your body repair itself, it potentially causes greater amounts of HGH which aids in losing unhealthy weight, lowering bodyfat and makes greater digestion. If you did the 30/90 method at night two to three hours before bed and getting enough hours of sleep, could you imagine what you might wake up to the next day? 

Here's a kick ass supplement that has incredible benefits and potentially give you that extra "oomph" in your training...

Friday, June 17, 2022

How Ashwagandha Can Significantly Improve Important Hormone Function In Both Men & Women

This isn't my typical post but if it helps someone than I did something right. 

If you want greater sexual desire, better sexual satisfaction, and overall hormonal balance, the answer could be with… Ashwagandha. For Women specifically…Women can benefit by experiencing a heightened libido and a more creative and inspired sex life. If you want to improve your intimacy naturally, consider trying Ashwagandha for 3 months and observing the changes! 

A study of female sexual function found that consistent use of Ashwagandha increased scores on the Female Sexual Function Index over eight weeks. This included significant improvements in desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and even comfort. Ashwagandha is also showing promising effects in studies of modulating thyroid hormones in women, thus being potentially helpful for cases of hyper and hypothyroidism. So even if you're one of those women who was born with Turner's Syndrome, here's something for you to give a shot. 

For Us Guys…Men can increase testosterone naturally and even increase sperm quality with the help of Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha helps balance cortisol production in the body. Since cortisol is closely linked to other hormone production in men, this leads to a huge effect on male sexual health. When cortisol levels are too high, it inhibits the production of “good” hormones like progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA (So let's try to fix that, shall we). When Cortisol levels are successfully lowered (to a healthy and optimal amount), all sex hormones can improve dramatically. 

In several human studies of men struggling with infertility, results have consistently seen increases in testosterone and sperm quality. What about guys that are fertile? One study has found a 15% increase in testosterone even in young, healthy men. Ashwagandha is a traditional herb with powerful qualities. It can help with sexual function, desire, and hormone health. Yet it is ALSO well known as a natural sleep aid, a means to manage stress, and a useful tool to help you focus. So better sleep also equals strong hormones.

Whether man or woman, we can all use a little help being as balanced as possible but also live a good quality life too. Get the most out of your natural hormones. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Trusting The Process

Goal setting isn't easy and it can be overwhelming to try and tackle what you want while also dealing with other things in your life. We have a hard time trusting ourselves more than what we try to accomplish. Often times, we barely even trust the process and the consistency. It's one of the reasons why 99% of the time my programs fall by the way side after a very short period of time. I don't always trust myself and it's difficult to stay consistent when your brain is wired to the point where the attention span and interest becomes stale.

As you know, I don't like talking very much about my goals or what I consistently do because it derails my own progress and if I talk about it too much or too soon, I lose interest fast because in the end I don't trust myself to keep it up. I do believe in trusting the process but as an individual, we have to do it in our own way and not what everyone else wants because on one end of the spectrum, many don't give a rats ass what you do but others expect certain things too. Where is the consistency and trust in yourself when you have two sides of a coin fighting each other when it comes to your progress?

I love sharing what I do but also have my own fears of being consistent and talking about it. This doesn't make me weak, it makes me human and many think that's one and the same which is completely untrue. It's already hard to do something every single day and not just for a few weeks but everyday for nearly 2 decades. It is a habit but it's also a second language that comes natural to me but at the same time, sticking to one program almost exclusively is much harder to do than to do something everyday. 

One of the key problems in today's fitness influencing culture is to find the right programs that give you as an individual great benefit. Many programs work in and of themselves but the person presenting it and "marketing" it as god's gift to health and fitness is all over the place and many influencers are messed up individuals themselves and try to tell you how easy it is. Ever notice many influencers in warmer climates or more towards the ocean and the sun is always shining? Not everyone lives in LA or even knows what Keto is or what a Bosu Tricep Kickback On One Leg does. There are people who consistently in other areas that deal with snow, desert heat, have jobs, kids and volunteer work so they don't always have the time to do your particular style of training. 

Training is meant to be simplistic, not complicated or rocket science. Sprints, Bodyweight, Cables, Isometrics, Odd Objects and maybe a Hammer or Kettlebell are really the basics but they don't all have to be in the same format or place at the same time, you can do one or the other. I learned to be self-reliant when it comes to my own training and I'm learning as time goes on, it is difficult to train somebody and it isn't for everyone. It's not an issue where we personally train others but to teach them how to be self-reliant themselves because your personal trainer won't be going camping with you, they don't travel with you, they won't always be able to be reached and there will be days where you might miss a session or two. 

We fight ourselves to be consistent and results won't always be in our favor. They come when they're meant to. You're not going to turn into a Chris Hemsworth in 10 weeks, not every Bodybuilder will win a Mr. Olympia no matter how much he trains and you can train all you want to be the GOAT of your sport but you'll never come close to a Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Patrick Marleau or Pele. Train to be better than you were yesterday, change things up when needed and utilize your mind and body as if they were one and the same. Trust the process as much as you can, rely on your instincts and not what someone thinks you should be or should do. You are a person, not a lab rat and you certainly have greater potential than you give yourself credit for. We all need to learn that, even me. Become a better version of yourself one step at a time. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Beauty Amongst The Chaos

The world isn't perfect and neither are we, so why keep hating on things that have nothing to do with us personally. There is beauty around us, we just don't always see it. There's beauty in people, there's beauty around our environment and there's beauty in how we could see the world through our eyes. These are the things I do my best to think about on my walks to a bad ass hill to do sprints on and living in the moment as I walk back home and letting the endorphins kick in.

We still live in a world where there's transphobic and homophobic people, racists and extremists who want to tell you how to live in their image. It's pretty messed up and yes although there are plenty of LGTBQ+, they can be just as much of assholes as straight folks but they also can be just as amazingly awesome, beautiful inside and out and they can do great things many never give them credit for. I've heard all the crap about indoctrinating kids with the LGTBQ+ community and it's not all that black and white as the media tries to point out and I'm going to give you an example of that....

When I was in High School in the early 2000's, being in one of the most liberal and open cities in California, we had a group of people come into a class one day. Each one was of a different sexuality (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans Man) and each one talked about their experiences about what it was like growing up, transitioning and seeing first hand what it's like being different. They were all amazing people and didn't once felt the need to hate on them. They didn't shove down my throat about needing to be that way, they didn't brainwash me into becoming something than I already was and they certainly didn't feel the need to hate on others who were straight. This was more than 20 years ago. I never once chose to join another team not because it was ok if I did, it made understand that being different wasn't horrible either. I'm as straight as you can possibly imagine but just because you like or want to be someone or something else, doesn't makes you any less of a human being. In the end, we're all still human beings.

Nobody is born a racist, it is taught and objectified to the point where you show off so many stereotypes and jerking around other people's skin color and culture that it becomes an issue. Growing up, I was friends and/or classmates with just about every race and culture you can name and never once thought about having hatred towards their skin or culture. Sure there are jokes here and there but when it comes down to it, there are amazing and beautiful people within every race and culture. I believe in being Color Blind in the sense where skin color is just a shell with a soul. That soul either has something awesome or has darker tones but it has nothing to do with what the outer appearance is. Being racist is childish, selfish and has no positive outlook of a human being. In the end, we're all still human beings.

There's beauty amongst the chaos in this world and we need to learn it more than what the bullshit brings. There's always going to be assholes, screw ups, morons, idiots and dumbasses regardless of skin color, culture or who they choose to become or love but there's also going to be beautiful, kind, light hearted, selfless and amazingly awesome people regardless of their skin color, culture or who they choose to become or love. Ying and Yang with a hint of awesomeness. Be strong, be kind and find the beauty amongst the chaos.