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Unleash Your Inner Superhero

There are real superheroes out there. Those with great minds, physical attributes, resistance to certain illnesses & disease, people in the Polar Bear Club (Those that can withstand extremely cold temperatures & water), Athletes & so much more. We love reading about awesome men and women in comic books. Favorites of mine are Thor, Captain America, Moon Knight, Batman, Harley Quinn, Dr. Strange and others. We get inspired by not just their abilities but by their unbelievable tenacity to scrape through obstacles, every day challenges and understanding some of their tragedies.

My superheroes in the real world are those that help people regardless of themselves and make it their mission to see how they can get fit, be humble, fight back and teach how to treat others. I was bullied like many kids back in the day, my hideaway was watching Pro Wrestling, the Power Rangers and watching heroes like Blade, the X-Men, Batman & Superman. I wanted to be strong so I can teach those…

Changing The Tune For A Better Sound

In music, the same song can be used in a variety of ways. Sometimes it sounds amazing, other times its pretty terrible. Same can be said about training; you can do the same exercises but changing the tempo, direction or mixing the order can turn it into a completely different workout. For the past few weeks or so I was raving about Animal Exercises but things have changed and need to do something else. Still kicking ass just in another format.

I was getting burnt out and had my eye on other things to do. Thought I'd focus on another form of Animal Training; Animal Flow. Still moving like a wild beast but more free spirited so do speak. Moving and just adapting from one thing to another and using your body in all sorts of directions.

Being consistent is key but also keeping your mind focused and adapting when you need to. Don't get me wrong, I love a good routine (when my mind and body can do it) but if your mindset isn't there and you do the best you can, you can end up hu…

Powerful Nutrition For Elite Performance

For all athletes and those that want to be in better shape it's always good to know that when you perform better, your body becomes better. This isn't to say to get bigger, stronger and faster every single session. Some people are just hardcore that way but for others; it's immensely important to perform at a consistency with a hint of progressing little by little.

Nutrition is valuable to any kind of activity or a high reason to be in amazing health. There are many ways to develop the body using quality nutrition; I'm still learning this myself and been in fitness consistently for over 10 years (off and on a total of nearly 20). Although high quality natural foods like veggies, fruits, eggs, lean meats and plant based foods is at a sky high level; sometimes you may need other things that really hit into those cellular walls of the Blood Cells and going in deeper than you normally would from other forms of nutrition. Supplementation has shown to help hit those walls h…

Throw Away Your Pre-Workout Supplements For Hercules Formula

Have you heard of Jack3d? It promises to “boost pumps“ and have “bloat-free micro technology”. I’m not even sure what that last statement means nor how it takes technology to not cause bloating.

I just took a look at some of the Amazon reviews for this product. The comments are shocking.

“This stuff will jack you up alright and not in a good way!”

“Buyer beware. following multiple deaths and hundreds of people sickened, including solders dropping dead in their 20's after taking jack3d, the FDA banned DMAA. this company illegally continued to use it in their formulation for over a year, until the FDA was forced to seize the product.”

“Immediately after taking this, I began feeling weird. The first day, about an hour after my workout, I thought I was having a stroke.”

I’m not saying that this stuff doesn’t work. There are lots of positive reviews on there as well. But do you really want to take something created to jack you up?

The question is what is this doing for your health? Is…

Women! Feel Like A Greek Goddess

Being a mother and a daughter. Dealing with all your relationships (often with people that don’t understand you.)

And having to do that in your free time because you’re working your butt off in your career at the same time?

Well, I have something important to share with you today...

First a lesson from Greek mythology.

Are you familiar with the goddess Athena?

She’s the goddess of many different things.

Wisdom, warfare, civilization, law and justice, philosophy, arts and crafts, skills, knowledge, strength, courage and more.

Talk about a multi-talented woman! Kind of like how you need to be today...

Yet, in this day and age clean living, healthy eating and the right exercise just might not be enough.

Not if you truly want to be at your best!

So what can you do?

I’m glad you asked...

The Greek gods and goddesses feasted on ambrosia, a food or drink that conferred longevity and immortality.

Ambrosia may not truly exist…but you can create something that comes close!
Find out how here>…

Suffering Estrogen Dominance? Read All About The Testosterone Boosting Superfood To Counter High Levels Of Estrogen

If you want to be healthy and get great results in the gym it comes down to one thing.


Everything you do from what you eat, how you sleep, your training itself and more will effect your hormones.

If your hormones are in the toilet, you don’t have much hope for any of the above. Try as hard as you might you can’t get stronger.

Any attempts at fat loss will be stalled as you body can’t let it go.

Your sex drive is diminished, and in many cases for men you’ll suffer from impotence.

All from hormone problems.

But if your hormones are optimized you’ll feel great, have abundant health and energy, enjoy a healthy sex life, and get phenomenal gains from your workouts.

And you see there is a problem today leading to these problems.

Estrogen Dominance

Although estrogen is thought of as a woman’s hormone, men have it too, just in smaller quantities. But in both cases because of the environment we live in we’re bombarded with excess estrogen.

Xeno-estrogens from pesticides, chemicals an…

Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

In Greek mythology the Phoenix was a bird that lit on fire and was consumed from it. Then from the ashes it would be reborn and come alive once again.

Do you feel like you need to be reborn to greater health and vitality at times?

A powerful class of herbs known as the “Superior Herbs” in both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda can do that for you.

Why settle for an herb or supplement that may help you with a symptom you’re suffering from?

The other option is to get a powerful formula of some of the VERY BEST herbs in the world. Something that can support your health, your hormones, your immune system, just about everything in your body.

My friends at Super Man Herbs put together Phoenix Formula for this reason.

This blend of four herbs has some of the most powerful stuff on the planet.

Shilajit - The Destroyer of Weakness and Conqueror of Mountains, the #1 substance in Ayurvedic medicine

Polyrhachis Ant - The Herb of Kings and #1 Qi Tonic in Chinese Medicine

Pine Pollen - The Superfood of t…

Secret Bodybuilding Root You Have Never Heard Of

Did you know that bodybuilders are often on the cutting edge of nutrition?

Not only are many of them willing to do whatever it takes, like injecting themselves full of illegal drugs, but they’re always on the lookout for something that works even better.

And for those that aren’t willing to go the illegal route this becomes even more important.

Dive deep into the bodybuilding world and you’ll hear about different natural herbs that can have powerful effects.

One of those is Maral Root.

The name Maral root comes from the maral deer who feed on it. Specifically the males would fight each other during mating season, then dig out the roots and eat them to restore strength. Local people noticed this and used the root themselves historically for the following purposes:

* Recovery from fatigue
* Recovery from various illnesses
* Increasing performance “in the bedroom”
* Improving mild depression
* Increase memory
* Increase work capacity
* Adaptogenic properties
* Anabolic properties

It’s ev…

Animal Fitness For Sports Conditioning

Ever wondered how you can take your sports conditioning to another level; amplifying your strength, speed, explosiveness, endurance and overall coordination? Football players need great strength for tackling, Baseball players need hip drive and arm power for hitting homeruns, MMA Fighters need superior conditioning to go for those long grueling fights that could either end early or late in the fight, Soccer players need incredible leg endurance and explosiveness to kick the ball hard into the goal net and stay in the game for up to 90 minutes a period, an amateur/pro wrestler needs pure focus and intensity for insane matches that can last 5 minutes or 60 minutes. Conditioning one man once said is your greatest ally.

I've been in sports and know the training it takes, I do wish I had learned what I know now and could've been greater than when I was in that sport (Shot Put & Discus). Even though I learned them later in life I'am convinced that Animal Movements play a ma…

Using Supplements Intuitively

Supplements can be a touchy subject because there are certain things that don't always mesh well for some people and it can bug the hell out of them. It's literally a multi-billion dollar industry and the majority of supplements don't always do what they're meant to do. The kind that are sold frequently are powders, pills and drinks. A lot of attention is based on how they're labled and how cool the cover looks. Some people flat out don't use supplements at all which is fine, hell i'd be fine with it myself but for a number of us it does help but finding the right kind and know how to take them is vastly important.
I've taken supplements off and on since I was 19 years old. So for 12 years I've tried and tested different things from pill form, gummies, powders, Tincture & energy type drinks. I've done the Met-RX, Muscle Milk, protein bars, whey protein and vitamin stuff as well. Some have worked and some haven't. I've even used suppl…