Monday, December 28, 2015

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

There are real superheroes out there. Those with great minds, physical attributes, resistance to certain illnesses & disease, people in the Polar Bear Club (Those that can withstand extremely cold temperatures & water), Athletes & so much more. We love reading about awesome men and women in comic books. Favorites of mine are Thor, Captain America, Moon Knight, Batman, Harley Quinn, Dr. Strange and others. We get inspired by not just their abilities but by their unbelievable tenacity to scrape through obstacles, every day challenges and understanding some of their tragedies.

My superheroes in the real world are those that help people regardless of themselves and make it their mission to see how they can get fit, be humble, fight back and teach how to treat others. I was bullied like many kids back in the day, my hideaway was watching Pro Wrestling, the Power Rangers and watching heroes like Blade, the X-Men, Batman & Superman. I wanted to be strong so I can teach those that wronged me because of either my disability from the Meningitis or because I was a chubby kid. I was never able to run anything good on a 40 yard blast, bench press 500 pounds, swing through buildings or even jump like Michael Jordan but I did learn how to unleash my inner hero not just physically but mentally; writing about amazing things, sharing my knowledge with the world what I've learned and help them find their innerselves.

When it comes to training for those that don't know I love making things fun and interesting. Recently I've had to make some changes in my training to boost areas within my body that have been low for quite some time. I had a physical done for the first time in well over a decade and some blood work; only 3 negative things came up out of thousands of potential problems and I feel lucky that it's only three things....I have high blood pressure (which runs in my family), a low thyroid (another version of low metabolism) & low good cholesterol. I'm not highly concerned on these things because I know and was told overall i'm pretty damn healthy but I do know I need to make some changes; small ones mostly. I'm using various supplements to help with my metabolism, slowly cutting out bad carbs, processed sugar & breads & training like a Superhero, mainly going back to what burns off bodyfat and builds lean muscle and that's the Superhero Sprints.

The Superhero Sprints System will be my go to training for a while and see where it leads me. Not going to do those lame cardio workouts and move on machinery but do realistic heart pumping and fat burning powerhouse exercises 2-3x a week and on "days off" do some playful movement, walking, MovNat or whatever comes into my head. I want to open up that door again to lean down and drop bodyfat to have that true powerhouse build. Why don't you guys join me, check out the course for yourself, its $9 packed full of valuable workouts that will have you burning off fat like a torch man. I also know in addition to that I need solid nutrition that aids in the fat loss.

Some good Recovery Shakes shall do the trick with my Spark to jumpstart my metabolism more and have awesome smoothies using my Nutribullet and some other really cool stuff from the Advocare Shop I represent. Eat, train and think like a Superhero. Taking care of your body and mind is the key. Train using top methods that are functional, strategic and most of all exciting to do. Even those with amazing abilities need to take care of their bodies otherwise it just won't work. What would you like to accomplish? What goals do you want to achieve? 2015 is almost gone and 2016 is just less than a week away, get on it and unleash your power NOW & be open to new possibilities. Don't make resolutions, make goals and set yourself up for success.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Changing The Tune For A Better Sound

In music, the same song can be used in a variety of ways. Sometimes it sounds amazing, other times its pretty terrible. Same can be said about training; you can do the same exercises but changing the tempo, direction or mixing the order can turn it into a completely different workout. For the past few weeks or so I was raving about Animal Exercises but things have changed and need to do something else. Still kicking ass just in another format.

I was getting burnt out and had my eye on other things to do. Thought I'd focus on another form of Animal Training; Animal Flow. Still moving like a wild beast but more free spirited so do speak. Moving and just adapting from one thing to another and using your body in all sorts of directions.

Being consistent is key but also keeping your mind focused and adapting when you need to. Don't get me wrong, I love a good routine (when my mind and body can do it) but if your mindset isn't there and you do the best you can, you can end up hurting yourself or you don't have it in you anymore because you keep repeating things, that's when it's time to tune up the band. Becoming fit is not always how long you can go or staying with the same routine; it's about adapting, keeping your mind fresh so your body will flow through and take charge of your program. There are so many ways to train. This is my path for the moment and when I feel I need a change, it will happen when it's meant to happen.

There are people in this world who listens to the same songs over and over because that comforts them and although not very much music is that great today there are still some that sound amazing and breathtaking. Same about exercise, some like to do the same thing over and over again but never really get anywhere because they're not willing to change and adapt that could in fact make it better for them. Just like music; exercise is about emotion, being physical and bringing that fire and passion within your soul out and utilizing every muscle within you to get the very best out of yourself. When that fire starts to die out, it can be lethal and you'll lose a sense of yourself that can be difficult to come back from. When you're ready, you'll come back to that area but until then, feel things out, see where certain things lead and follow what works.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Powerful Nutrition For Elite Performance

For all athletes and those that want to be in better shape it's always good to know that when you perform better, your body becomes better. This isn't to say to get bigger, stronger and faster every single session. Some people are just hardcore that way but for others; it's immensely important to perform at a consistency with a hint of progressing little by little.

Nutrition is valuable to any kind of activity or a high reason to be in amazing health. There are many ways to develop the body using quality nutrition; I'm still learning this myself and been in fitness consistently for over 10 years (off and on a total of nearly 20). Although high quality natural foods like veggies, fruits, eggs, lean meats and plant based foods is at a sky high level; sometimes you may need other things that really hit into those cellular walls of the Blood Cells and going in deeper than you normally would from other forms of nutrition. Supplementation has shown to help hit those walls hard and give you the energy, recovery and muscle building entities to perform at your best.

Not all supplements are created equal so it's important to really dig into what you want to get yourself into if supplementation is your current route. I use supplements in conjunction with food I need to fuel my body the way I would like it too. Although i'm not the biggest on being a health nut because after all i'am human and I have my little vices but I don't go to a McDonald's everyday or hit up a bucket of KFC to satisfy my hunger; I do eat fast foods from time to time like Panda Express, Subway, Chinese Buffets and stuff of that sorts but I catch myself and eat foods that are pretty well in tact most of the time like Juicing my fruits & veggies, cook Bison Burgers, have scrambled eggs, drink Goats Milk plus some good chicken thighs to make sandwiches or healthy tacos with. When it comes to supplements my biggest beliefs are in Advocare & Superman Herbs.

The Performance Elite Line at Advocare bring out that true high quality nutrition in their muscle building, recovery and fueling bars help hit those cell walls that really target what they are meant to hit. Superman Herbs are a top of the line set of powders, tinctures and herbs that go beyond hitting the cell walls and bask in more nutrients than you can possibly imagine. The only drawback is the taste; some can take it, some can't and others like me put these herbs in smoothies rather than go completely Raw. That's ok, you do what works best for you. Whether it's pre-workout, post-workout or just fueling up before a game, its a powerful remembrance to get the nutrition you need. The Supplements at Superman Herbs are some of the most powerful on the planet and it's all broken down from nature itself. Since I have better taste buds for Advocare Supplements that's my biggest thing at the moment. My structured form of nutrition through the Performance line is to use energy & post-workout recovery nutrition because my muscles are already showing and don't need to fill out more than I have to, that works for me.

These are my top 2 picks for better performance nutrition. I like other stuff too that I take but these take the cake and there's even cherry somewhere in there. I really love this stuff and have kicked ass in my own line of training from using them. I believe in what they can do not just from my experiences but from hundreds maybe thousands of others. What would you go with? Personally, just flip a coin and run with it; either way you'll be amazed at the benefits that is within one or the other. A win-win.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Throw Away Your Pre-Workout Supplements For Hercules Formula

Have you heard of Jack3d? It promises to “boost pumps“ and have “bloat-free micro technology”. I’m not even sure what that last statement means nor how it takes technology to not cause bloating.

I just took a look at some of the Amazon reviews for this product. The comments are shocking.

“This stuff will jack you up alright and not in a good way!”

“Buyer beware. following multiple deaths and hundreds of people sickened, including solders dropping dead in their 20's after taking jack3d, the FDA banned DMAA. this company illegally continued to use it in their formulation for over a year, until the FDA was forced to seize the product.”

“Immediately after taking this, I began feeling weird. The first day, about an hour after my workout, I thought I was having a stroke.”

I’m not saying that this stuff doesn’t work. There are lots of positive reviews on there as well. But do you really want to take something created to jack you up?

The question is what is this doing for your health? Is it improving it or degrading it?

My guess is that with the “CNS Contractile Stimulant System™” (Yes, that is listed on the nutrition label), you may be doing much more harm then good.

Add in a bunch of fake flavorings and artificial flavors and who knows what you’re really ingesting?

The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report in 2010 discussing food dyes. Here’s a few excerpts:

Blue 2 cannot be considered safe given the statistically significant incidence of tumors, particularly brain gliomas, in male rats. It should not be used in foods.

Red 40, the most-widely used dye, may accelerate the appearance of immune-system tumors in mice.

Yellow 5 causes sometimes-severe hypersensitivity reactions in a small number of people and might trigger hyperactivity and other behavioral effects in children. Posing some risks, while serving no nutritional or safety purpose, Yellow 5 should not be allowed in foods.

And there’s much more. Lest, you think this is alarmist information, the fact is that the FDA had a split decision on requiring side effects labels on food products containing these. It was narrowly defeated which is amazing when you consider the industry ties the FDA has with chemical producing corporations.

Look no further than European countries where many of these chemicals are illegal to use.

When it comes to artificial flavors (and natural flavors are pretty much the exact same thing) have been reports to contribute to allergies, cancer, nervous system depression, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, brain damage, seizures, nausea, and much more.

So on top of the “who really knows what it is” main ingredients you have these add-ons that make most of these supplements pure junk.

Even if they do give you results in the gym, at what cost do they come?

On the flip side, I understand the desire to have better workouts. I’m always looking for an edge. If I can take a supplement and I do one to two percent better in my workout I am quite happy with that result.

But I also want to put my health first.

That’s why I was excited when I heard about Hercules Pre-Workout Formula from Super Man Herbs.

It includes Polyrhachis Ant Extract. This tonic herb from China has a great reputation for providing instant energy and being great for workouts.

It has absorbable ATP to directly fuel your cells. It is known as a greater qi tonic than even the much better known ginseng. In the Chinese Medicine system of three treasures its a qi tonic is one that provides usable everyday energy. This is critical for working out for obvious reasons.

It’s the highest concentration of zinc from any food, a necessary nutrient needed for muscle contraction, about 300 enzymatic reactions, a large component of the creation of semen in men, and much more.

Secondly is a yang jing herb called cistanche. This herbs is sometimes called “cistanche in your pants” as it is said to not only help in the bedroom but even be good for size. That yang energy needed for performance in the sack is the same as for working out.

The next herb is something that would support the body in recovery after the workout was over. For that there is little better than maral root. Although few people in the west are aware of this herb it has a fairly extensive history in Russia and the surrounding areas.

It was even prescribed to Russian athletes to help recover from hard workouts. It also contains novel plant steroids said to help build lean muscle mass, increase work capacity as well as a host of other benefits.

Those three herbs alone would make this great. And in addition is a little niacin (vitamin B3) which acts as a delivery system, delivering whatever you take it with into the cells quicker and better, than when taken alone.

This blend is a mix of herbs with the right amount of niacin. No fake colors, no added flavors. Nothing else.

For this reason it doesn’t taste great, but then powerful herbs seldom do.

Not only will Hercules Pre-Workout Formula help your workouts but you’ll likely discover lots of side effects...beneficial ones. These herbs increase antioxidant capabilities, modulate the immune system, support anti-gaining and so much more. They‘re also packed with nutrition.

You can read more about it and what it can do for you here>>>>>Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

Be Awesome & Get HERCULES STRONG!!!!

P.S. You’ll want to check out the 1026 lb. lift, yes you read that right, on that page made possible by Hercules Formula.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Women! Feel Like A Greek Goddess

Being a mother and a daughter. Dealing with all your relationships (often with people that don’t understand you.)

And having to do that in your free time because you’re working your butt off in your career at the same time?

Well, I have something important to share with you today...

First a lesson from Greek mythology.

Are you familiar with the goddess Athena?

She’s the goddess of many different things.

Wisdom, warfare, civilization, law and justice, philosophy, arts and crafts, skills, knowledge, strength, courage and more.

Talk about a multi-talented woman! Kind of like how you need to be today...

Yet, in this day and age clean living, healthy eating and the right exercise just might not be enough.

Not if you truly want to be at your best!

So what can you do?

I’m glad you asked...

The Greek gods and goddesses feasted on ambrosia, a food or drink that conferred longevity and immortality.

Ambrosia may not truly exist…but you can create something that comes close!
Find out how here>>>Athena

For thousands of years, special herbs and superfoods have been used to give people of all kinds an edge.

They’ve helped people to feel like gods and goddesses.

Herbs like Dong Quai, the #1 in Chinese medicine for women.

And why stop there...

How about the #1 herb in Ayurvedic medicine for women too?

And then several other top herbs that help with hormones, beauty, energy, mood support, brain function and more.

These herbs are taken long-term for radiant health in those cultures by many.

There is a difference in taking herbs for disease versus taking herbs for HEALTH!

Find out more about this ambrosia-like woman’s formula named after the goddess Athena 

This brand new formula has been called “life-changing” by some.

Plus it tastes great!

Be Awesome Ladies & Rock It With Everything You've Got

P.S. Unfortunately this formula isn’t for everyone. There are some women that it might not be suitable for. You can read the contraindications here>>>>Athena

P.P.S. Look, I know...You probably hear about a “miracle supplement” at least once a day.

But this company truly stands by its products. And they offer a 365 day money back guarantee. You can return an empty bag and get your full money back. They do this because there’s only one way you can know if this is right for you. Listening to me won’t cut it. Reading the studies about the herbs isn’t enough…

Instead, simply try it out for yourself. Self-experimentation is the only way to know for sure. Get started here today>>>>Athena

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Suffering Estrogen Dominance? Read All About The Testosterone Boosting Superfood To Counter High Levels Of Estrogen

If you want to be healthy and get great results in the gym it comes down to one thing.


Everything you do from what you eat, how you sleep, your training itself and more will effect your hormones.

If your hormones are in the toilet, you don’t have much hope for any of the above. Try as hard as you might you can’t get stronger.

Any attempts at fat loss will be stalled as you body can’t let it go.

Your sex drive is diminished, and in many cases for men you’ll suffer from impotence.

All from hormone problems.

But if your hormones are optimized you’ll feel great, have abundant health and energy, enjoy a healthy sex life, and get phenomenal gains from your workouts.

And you see there is a problem today leading to these problems.

Estrogen Dominance

Although estrogen is thought of as a woman’s hormone, men have it too, just in smaller quantities. But in both cases because of the environment we live in we’re bombarded with excess estrogen.

Xeno-estrogens from pesticides, chemicals and plastics

Phyto-estrogens from soy, hops and flax

Metallo-estrogens from heavy metals (like those found in fresh fish or most tap waters)

Myco-toxins from various funguses that contaminant many foods.

That’s an overload of estrogen!

Made even worse because it’s the bad kind of estrogen.

Although you can do you best to eliminate these, and you should, because its so difficult in the modern age we live in everyone could use some help.

And there is something that has become popular in the West over the last couple of years…even though its been known about in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

It’s the pollen of the pine tree.

The amazing thing about Pine Pollen is it contains phyto-androgens.

These substances act like testosterone, DHEA and more within our body. And they work intelligently in helping to support the optimization of hormones within our body.

This has been called THE Superfood of the 21st century as it can help so many people to work back towards that optimal state of hormones.

Look, some people may need to go to their doctors and get on hormone replacement therapy.

But that’s expensive and time consuming. Plus why not try out a natural solution first.

This is an inexpensive and quality source of pine pollen that my friend Logan Christopher of Super Man Herbs hooked me up with.

Its so awesome I just had to share it with you.

For more details on what pine pollen can do for you go here.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

In Greek mythology the Phoenix was a bird that lit on fire and was consumed from it. Then from the ashes it would be reborn and come alive once again.

Do you feel like you need to be reborn to greater health and vitality at times?

A powerful class of herbs known as the “Superior Herbs” in both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda can do that for you.

Why settle for an herb or supplement that may help you with a symptom you’re suffering from?

The other option is to get a powerful formula of some of the VERY BEST herbs in the world. Something that can support your health, your hormones, your immune system, just about everything in your body.

My friends at Super Man Herbs put together Phoenix Formula for this reason.

This blend of four herbs has some of the most powerful stuff on the planet.

Shilajit - The Destroyer of Weakness and Conqueror of Mountains, the #1 substance in Ayurvedic medicine

Polyrhachis Ant - The Herb of Kings and #1 Qi Tonic in Chinese Medicine

Pine Pollen - The Superfood of the 21st Century and a Rare Source of Phyto-Androgens

He Shou Wu - The Ultimate Jing Fortifier and #1 Anti-Aging Herb in Chinese Medicine

You have to try this out.

Be Awesome & RISE UP!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Secret Bodybuilding Root You Have Never Heard Of

Did you know that bodybuilders are often on the cutting edge of nutrition?

Not only are many of them willing to do whatever it takes, like injecting themselves full of illegal drugs, but they’re always on the lookout for something that works even better.

And for those that aren’t willing to go the illegal route this becomes even more important.

Dive deep into the bodybuilding world and you’ll hear about different natural herbs that can have powerful effects.

One of those is Maral Root.

The name Maral root comes from the maral deer who feed on it. Specifically the males would fight each other during mating season, then dig out the roots and eat them to restore strength. Local people noticed this and used the root themselves historically for the following purposes:

* Recovery from fatigue
* Recovery from various illnesses
* Increasing performance “in the bedroom”
* Improving mild depression
* Increase memory
* Increase work capacity
* Adaptogenic properties
* Anabolic properties

It’s even been Prescribed to Russian Athletes to Aid in Recovery from Hard Training

Many people have heard of the Chinese Olympic athletes in swimming and track that won many medals and their use of Cordyceps. But that wasn’t all they used. Also included were Rhodiola, Eleuthero and Maral Root.

What makes it so powerful?

It has a few different natural plant sterols that do the trick.

One substance is called 20-Hydroxycdysone which increases protein synthesis at the cellular level, which leads to increases in muscular tissue.

Maral root also contains ecdysterones, a hormone normally found in insects and crustaceans. Not normally found in humans, this component has been shown to have many physiological effects and may be at least partially responsible for its anabolic activity.

Check out more details and get it here. Maral Root

Be Awesome

Friday, December 4, 2015

Animal Fitness For Sports Conditioning

Ever wondered how you can take your sports conditioning to another level; amplifying your strength, speed, explosiveness, endurance and overall coordination? Football players need great strength for tackling, Baseball players need hip drive and arm power for hitting homeruns, MMA Fighters need superior conditioning to go for those long grueling fights that could either end early or late in the fight, Soccer players need incredible leg endurance and explosiveness to kick the ball hard into the goal net and stay in the game for up to 90 minutes a period, an amateur/pro wrestler needs pure focus and intensity for insane matches that can last 5 minutes or 60 minutes. Conditioning one man once said is your greatest ally.

I've been in sports and know the training it takes, I do wish I had learned what I know now and could've been greater than when I was in that sport (Shot Put & Discus). Even though I learned them later in life I'am convinced that Animal Movements play a major role in physical and mental development. It doesn't matter if you're a pop warner jock or a 20 year professional, you can make the very best of your sport using the animals we have all been in awe of for thousands of years.

Moving your body in this manner is not as easy as it looks and often at times looks kind of goofy but as they say, looks can be deceiving. I have taught both kids and adults alike the value and fun of Animal Training. It puts the word fun in FUNctional when it comes to the mental game and how you use your structure to mimic an animal the best way possible. Some people say you're not an animal, you're a man so move like a man; well in some ways that's true, we can't move exactly like a wild animal because we're not structured like them. However, we do shed the same color blood as many mammals and other animals among nature so why not utilize that entity?

For kids who are in sports it's a perfect ensemble of recreation and physical fitness because it doesn't just build strength and stamina those are part of the package; the big picture is realizing that they give a kid coordination, teaches how to use their whole body in harmony just like in sports. Some of the animal exercises like birds, amphibians and those who are hunters like rabbits, the big cats, a spider and Bears strengthen muscles in the arms, thighs, hips & ankles giving them that explosive power out of the shoot like a baseball player for example; they're in the outfield and the ball is hit a good distance away from him/her so they run hard and sometimes have to leap and dive in order to catch it. That's pure speed and explosiveness in the whole body in order to do something like that. Another example would be a long jumper; they speed up towards the line and at the right moment explode off and leap as far as possible. Two animals come to mind when I see that, the Kangaroo & the Frog; two of the most amazing jumpers in the animal kingdom.

The other thing that a lot of athletes don't always consider when their training for their sport is to strengthen the tendons. How often are tendon and ligament injuries as oppose to muscle injuries? Tendons seem to be the most common of injuries is because of two things; one, they're not properly strengthened that prevents tears and breaks, the second is because muscles look amazing on the field. What I mean by that is, you can't see the tendons because they're inside the body, you can see muscles however and these guys (mostly in football, baseball and Track) have insanely larger muscles than they need to have and the biggest mistake is that too much muscle overruns the tendons' abilities to stay in tack like on your ankles, femurs, shoulders and elbows. Animal exercises don't just build solid and powerful muscle but strengthen the tendons to help the muscles function at a accelerated rate.

I firmly believe that Animal Movements should be used as often as possible in conjunction with the Sport you or a child is in. They'll make you fast, energetic, coordinated, strong, full of stamina and will build insane real muscle that isn't bloated up and full of fluff. Here are 3 courses to give you ideas on bringing the very best out of you within your sport.

(For All Ages & Sports)- Animal Kingdom Conditioning

(For The Highly Advanced Athlete)- Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2: Call Of The Wild

(For the Little Sports Stars Of Little League, Pop Warner & Other Sports)- Wild Animal Fitness For Kids 

Be Awesome & GO WILD!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Using Supplements Intuitively

Supplements can be a touchy subject because there are certain things that don't always mesh well for some people and it can bug the hell out of them. It's literally a multi-billion dollar industry and the majority of supplements don't always do what they're meant to do. The kind that are sold frequently are powders, pills and drinks. A lot of attention is based on how they're labled and how cool the cover looks. Some people flat out don't use supplements at all which is fine, hell i'd be fine with it myself but for a number of us it does help but finding the right kind and know how to take them is vastly important.

I've taken supplements off and on since I was 19 years old. So for 12 years I've tried and tested different things from pill form, gummies, powders, Tincture & energy type drinks. I've done the Met-RX, Muscle Milk, protein bars, whey protein and vitamin stuff as well. Some have worked and some haven't. I've even used supplements are extremely high in potency but taste like shit. However due to recent events and being over 30 with a rod and pins holding my shin bones and ankle bones together, things aren't always that simple when it comes to just eating right and exercising. I love to train and I definitely love to eat but no matter how clean my eating habits may be from time to time, it's not going to save me from potential arthritis and small pains that are going to happen as I get older.

I do not care what people say about not taking supplementation and they don't always be needed and you can squeak by just good eating and training. Life isn't always that straight and narrow. There are people out there who've had a great deal of either injuries or deficiencies that food simply cannot save from. Going back on some supplements and adding onto new ones is something for me to do to help prevent some form of pain from my leg injuries and the lack of warm weather during the winter months here in Idaho. Sure the sun comes out from time to time but there's literally no warmth from it at all so to get my Vitamin D at the level I feel is needed is taking a form of Vitamin D Supplement which I take up 12,000 IU of. I'm also doing Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Recovery Vitamins Supplements. However; there are kinds I don't take everyday but only at times where I intuitively feel like they're needed like the Recovery and Vitamin Chews I take. Those are for days like up to 3 times a week. 

So why do I feel supplements should be taken intuitively? It's because sometimes the instructions on the back of any type of supplement may not work for every single person. Unless you have a serious deficiency, into bodybuilding or are so damn serious about being in shape you don't need to take all your current supplements everyday. I'm not do more or less than what you're told to take but do them on days where it works for you. I don't take my recovery supplements everyday for a particular reason; one being that due to my size I have to take more than 4 pills in order to be effective but the bottle only has 60 capsules. So I take 5 only less than a few times a week to recover from big time workouts that hit me really hard on that day. The Chews are the same ordeal. I only need to take 2 a day but I can get a very high dose of Vitamins & Minerals from healthy smoothies, so I spread them out when I feel they're worth taking. The Vitamin D, E and others like Zinc, Mag & Calcium do need to be taken everyday because I need to keep my joints healthy and keeping up with my hormones (For the record I'am not repeat not taking steroids like needles, creams or pills) with the Vitamin D until warmer weather comes back. This works for me.

Take care of your body in a safe and healthy manner, there are some supplements that people need to take more or less of than what is instructed due to age, lack of muscle, bodyfat, low testosterone or estrogen so make smart decisions about what you take and not risk yourself overdosing or become so scared that taking very little is not enough. I believe in intuition and that the best things to take are ones that give you real benefit and results with little to no side-effects that can cost you hospital bills. Here is a list however of what I have seen and used that not only works like a charm but can help you have high levels of health.