Friday, December 4, 2015

Animal Fitness For Sports Conditioning

Ever wondered how you can take your sports conditioning to another level; amplifying your strength, speed, explosiveness, endurance and overall coordination? Football players need great strength for tackling, Baseball players need hip drive and arm power for hitting homeruns, MMA Fighters need superior conditioning to go for those long grueling fights that could either end early or late in the fight, Soccer players need incredible leg endurance and explosiveness to kick the ball hard into the goal net and stay in the game for up to 90 minutes a period, an amateur/pro wrestler needs pure focus and intensity for insane matches that can last 5 minutes or 60 minutes. Conditioning one man once said is your greatest ally.

I've been in sports and know the training it takes, I do wish I had learned what I know now and could've been greater than when I was in that sport (Shot Put & Discus). Even though I learned them later in life I'am convinced that Animal Movements play a major role in physical and mental development. It doesn't matter if you're a pop warner jock or a 20 year professional, you can make the very best of your sport using the animals we have all been in awe of for thousands of years.

Moving your body in this manner is not as easy as it looks and often at times looks kind of goofy but as they say, looks can be deceiving. I have taught both kids and adults alike the value and fun of Animal Training. It puts the word fun in FUNctional when it comes to the mental game and how you use your structure to mimic an animal the best way possible. Some people say you're not an animal, you're a man so move like a man; well in some ways that's true, we can't move exactly like a wild animal because we're not structured like them. However, we do shed the same color blood as many mammals and other animals among nature so why not utilize that entity?

For kids who are in sports it's a perfect ensemble of recreation and physical fitness because it doesn't just build strength and stamina those are part of the package; the big picture is realizing that they give a kid coordination, teaches how to use their whole body in harmony just like in sports. Some of the animal exercises like birds, amphibians and those who are hunters like rabbits, the big cats, a spider and Bears strengthen muscles in the arms, thighs, hips & ankles giving them that explosive power out of the shoot like a baseball player for example; they're in the outfield and the ball is hit a good distance away from him/her so they run hard and sometimes have to leap and dive in order to catch it. That's pure speed and explosiveness in the whole body in order to do something like that. Another example would be a long jumper; they speed up towards the line and at the right moment explode off and leap as far as possible. Two animals come to mind when I see that, the Kangaroo & the Frog; two of the most amazing jumpers in the animal kingdom.

The other thing that a lot of athletes don't always consider when their training for their sport is to strengthen the tendons. How often are tendon and ligament injuries as oppose to muscle injuries? Tendons seem to be the most common of injuries is because of two things; one, they're not properly strengthened that prevents tears and breaks, the second is because muscles look amazing on the field. What I mean by that is, you can't see the tendons because they're inside the body, you can see muscles however and these guys (mostly in football, baseball and Track) have insanely larger muscles than they need to have and the biggest mistake is that too much muscle overruns the tendons' abilities to stay in tack like on your ankles, femurs, shoulders and elbows. Animal exercises don't just build solid and powerful muscle but strengthen the tendons to help the muscles function at a accelerated rate.

I firmly believe that Animal Movements should be used as often as possible in conjunction with the Sport you or a child is in. They'll make you fast, energetic, coordinated, strong, full of stamina and will build insane real muscle that isn't bloated up and full of fluff. Here are 3 courses to give you ideas on bringing the very best out of you within your sport.

(For All Ages & Sports)- Animal Kingdom Conditioning

(For The Highly Advanced Athlete)- Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2: Call Of The Wild

(For the Little Sports Stars Of Little League, Pop Warner & Other Sports)- Wild Animal Fitness For Kids 

Be Awesome & GO WILD!!!

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