Monday, December 7, 2015

Secret Bodybuilding Root You Have Never Heard Of

Did you know that bodybuilders are often on the cutting edge of nutrition?

Not only are many of them willing to do whatever it takes, like injecting themselves full of illegal drugs, but they’re always on the lookout for something that works even better.

And for those that aren’t willing to go the illegal route this becomes even more important.

Dive deep into the bodybuilding world and you’ll hear about different natural herbs that can have powerful effects.

One of those is Maral Root.

The name Maral root comes from the maral deer who feed on it. Specifically the males would fight each other during mating season, then dig out the roots and eat them to restore strength. Local people noticed this and used the root themselves historically for the following purposes:

* Recovery from fatigue
* Recovery from various illnesses
* Increasing performance “in the bedroom”
* Improving mild depression
* Increase memory
* Increase work capacity
* Adaptogenic properties
* Anabolic properties

It’s even been Prescribed to Russian Athletes to Aid in Recovery from Hard Training

Many people have heard of the Chinese Olympic athletes in swimming and track that won many medals and their use of Cordyceps. But that wasn’t all they used. Also included were Rhodiola, Eleuthero and Maral Root.

What makes it so powerful?

It has a few different natural plant sterols that do the trick.

One substance is called 20-Hydroxycdysone which increases protein synthesis at the cellular level, which leads to increases in muscular tissue.

Maral root also contains ecdysterones, a hormone normally found in insects and crustaceans. Not normally found in humans, this component has been shown to have many physiological effects and may be at least partially responsible for its anabolic activity.

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