Monday, December 14, 2015

Powerful Nutrition For Elite Performance

For all athletes and those that want to be in better shape it's always good to know that when you perform better, your body becomes better. This isn't to say to get bigger, stronger and faster every single session. Some people are just hardcore that way but for others; it's immensely important to perform at a consistency with a hint of progressing little by little.

Nutrition is valuable to any kind of activity or a high reason to be in amazing health. There are many ways to develop the body using quality nutrition; I'm still learning this myself and been in fitness consistently for over 10 years (off and on a total of nearly 20). Although high quality natural foods like veggies, fruits, eggs, lean meats and plant based foods is at a sky high level; sometimes you may need other things that really hit into those cellular walls of the Blood Cells and going in deeper than you normally would from other forms of nutrition. Supplementation has shown to help hit those walls hard and give you the energy, recovery and muscle building entities to perform at your best.

Not all supplements are created equal so it's important to really dig into what you want to get yourself into if supplementation is your current route. I use supplements in conjunction with food I need to fuel my body the way I would like it too. Although i'm not the biggest on being a health nut because after all i'am human and I have my little vices but I don't go to a McDonald's everyday or hit up a bucket of KFC to satisfy my hunger; I do eat fast foods from time to time like Panda Express, Subway, Chinese Buffets and stuff of that sorts but I catch myself and eat foods that are pretty well in tact most of the time like Juicing my fruits & veggies, cook Bison Burgers, have scrambled eggs, drink Goats Milk plus some good chicken thighs to make sandwiches or healthy tacos with. When it comes to supplements my biggest beliefs are in Advocare & Superman Herbs.

The Performance Elite Line at Advocare bring out that true high quality nutrition in their muscle building, recovery and fueling bars help hit those cell walls that really target what they are meant to hit. Superman Herbs are a top of the line set of powders, tinctures and herbs that go beyond hitting the cell walls and bask in more nutrients than you can possibly imagine. The only drawback is the taste; some can take it, some can't and others like me put these herbs in smoothies rather than go completely Raw. That's ok, you do what works best for you. Whether it's pre-workout, post-workout or just fueling up before a game, its a powerful remembrance to get the nutrition you need. The Supplements at Superman Herbs are some of the most powerful on the planet and it's all broken down from nature itself. Since I have better taste buds for Advocare Supplements that's my biggest thing at the moment. My structured form of nutrition through the Performance line is to use energy & post-workout recovery nutrition because my muscles are already showing and don't need to fill out more than I have to, that works for me.

These are my top 2 picks for better performance nutrition. I like other stuff too that I take but these take the cake and there's even cherry somewhere in there. I really love this stuff and have kicked ass in my own line of training from using them. I believe in what they can do not just from my experiences but from hundreds maybe thousands of others. What would you go with? Personally, just flip a coin and run with it; either way you'll be amazed at the benefits that is within one or the other. A win-win.
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