Monday, December 28, 2015

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

There are real superheroes out there. Those with great minds, physical attributes, resistance to certain illnesses & disease, people in the Polar Bear Club (Those that can withstand extremely cold temperatures & water), Athletes & so much more. We love reading about awesome men and women in comic books. Favorites of mine are Thor, Captain America, Moon Knight, Batman, Harley Quinn, Dr. Strange and others. We get inspired by not just their abilities but by their unbelievable tenacity to scrape through obstacles, every day challenges and understanding some of their tragedies.

My superheroes in the real world are those that help people regardless of themselves and make it their mission to see how they can get fit, be humble, fight back and teach how to treat others. I was bullied like many kids back in the day, my hideaway was watching Pro Wrestling, the Power Rangers and watching heroes like Blade, the X-Men, Batman & Superman. I wanted to be strong so I can teach those that wronged me because of either my disability from the Meningitis or because I was a chubby kid. I was never able to run anything good on a 40 yard blast, bench press 500 pounds, swing through buildings or even jump like Michael Jordan but I did learn how to unleash my inner hero not just physically but mentally; writing about amazing things, sharing my knowledge with the world what I've learned and help them find their innerselves.

When it comes to training for those that don't know I love making things fun and interesting. Recently I've had to make some changes in my training to boost areas within my body that have been low for quite some time. I had a physical done for the first time in well over a decade and some blood work; only 3 negative things came up out of thousands of potential problems and I feel lucky that it's only three things....I have high blood pressure (which runs in my family), a low thyroid (another version of low metabolism) & low good cholesterol. I'm not highly concerned on these things because I know and was told overall i'm pretty damn healthy but I do know I need to make some changes; small ones mostly. I'm using various supplements to help with my metabolism, slowly cutting out bad carbs, processed sugar & breads & training like a Superhero, mainly going back to what burns off bodyfat and builds lean muscle and that's the Superhero Sprints.

The Superhero Sprints System will be my go to training for a while and see where it leads me. Not going to do those lame cardio workouts and move on machinery but do realistic heart pumping and fat burning powerhouse exercises 2-3x a week and on "days off" do some playful movement, walking, MovNat or whatever comes into my head. I want to open up that door again to lean down and drop bodyfat to have that true powerhouse build. Why don't you guys join me, check out the course for yourself, its $9 packed full of valuable workouts that will have you burning off fat like a torch man. I also know in addition to that I need solid nutrition that aids in the fat loss.

Some good Recovery Shakes shall do the trick with my Spark to jumpstart my metabolism more and have awesome smoothies using my Nutribullet and some other really cool stuff from the Advocare Shop I represent. Eat, train and think like a Superhero. Taking care of your body and mind is the key. Train using top methods that are functional, strategic and most of all exciting to do. Even those with amazing abilities need to take care of their bodies otherwise it just won't work. What would you like to accomplish? What goals do you want to achieve? 2015 is almost gone and 2016 is just less than a week away, get on it and unleash your power NOW & be open to new possibilities. Don't make resolutions, make goals and set yourself up for success.
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