Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Using Supplements Intuitively

Supplements can be a touchy subject because there are certain things that don't always mesh well for some people and it can bug the hell out of them. It's literally a multi-billion dollar industry and the majority of supplements don't always do what they're meant to do. The kind that are sold frequently are powders, pills and drinks. A lot of attention is based on how they're labled and how cool the cover looks. Some people flat out don't use supplements at all which is fine, hell i'd be fine with it myself but for a number of us it does help but finding the right kind and know how to take them is vastly important.

I've taken supplements off and on since I was 19 years old. So for 12 years I've tried and tested different things from pill form, gummies, powders, Tincture & energy type drinks. I've done the Met-RX, Muscle Milk, protein bars, whey protein and vitamin stuff as well. Some have worked and some haven't. I've even used supplements are extremely high in potency but taste like shit. However due to recent events and being over 30 with a rod and pins holding my shin bones and ankle bones together, things aren't always that simple when it comes to just eating right and exercising. I love to train and I definitely love to eat but no matter how clean my eating habits may be from time to time, it's not going to save me from potential arthritis and small pains that are going to happen as I get older.

I do not care what people say about not taking supplementation and they don't always be needed and you can squeak by just good eating and training. Life isn't always that straight and narrow. There are people out there who've had a great deal of either injuries or deficiencies that food simply cannot save from. Going back on some supplements and adding onto new ones is something for me to do to help prevent some form of pain from my leg injuries and the lack of warm weather during the winter months here in Idaho. Sure the sun comes out from time to time but there's literally no warmth from it at all so to get my Vitamin D at the level I feel is needed is taking a form of Vitamin D Supplement which I take up 12,000 IU of. I'm also doing Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Recovery Vitamins Supplements. However; there are kinds I don't take everyday but only at times where I intuitively feel like they're needed like the Recovery and Vitamin Chews I take. Those are for days like up to 3 times a week. 

So why do I feel supplements should be taken intuitively? It's because sometimes the instructions on the back of any type of supplement may not work for every single person. Unless you have a serious deficiency, into bodybuilding or are so damn serious about being in shape you don't need to take all your current supplements everyday. I'm not do more or less than what you're told to take but do them on days where it works for you. I don't take my recovery supplements everyday for a particular reason; one being that due to my size I have to take more than 4 pills in order to be effective but the bottle only has 60 capsules. So I take 5 only less than a few times a week to recover from big time workouts that hit me really hard on that day. The Chews are the same ordeal. I only need to take 2 a day but I can get a very high dose of Vitamins & Minerals from healthy smoothies, so I spread them out when I feel they're worth taking. The Vitamin D, E and others like Zinc, Mag & Calcium do need to be taken everyday because I need to keep my joints healthy and keeping up with my hormones (For the record I'am not repeat not taking steroids like needles, creams or pills) with the Vitamin D until warmer weather comes back. This works for me.

Take care of your body in a safe and healthy manner, there are some supplements that people need to take more or less of than what is instructed due to age, lack of muscle, bodyfat, low testosterone or estrogen so make smart decisions about what you take and not risk yourself overdosing or become so scared that taking very little is not enough. I believe in intuition and that the best things to take are ones that give you real benefit and results with little to no side-effects that can cost you hospital bills. Here is a list however of what I have seen and used that not only works like a charm but can help you have high levels of health.


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