Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Whole Gym In The Palm Of Your Hands

How cool would it be to workout anywhere you wanted, at the beach, the park, your backyard, garage, house, even at the top of a mountain? Having a gym is way overrated. I’m not saying going to one is a bad thing but if you wanted to train anywhere you wanted, what can you do? One way to do it is getting a device that could have endless ways of strengthening everything from your neck to your toes and that’s my dear friend, the Chest Expander.

 This little bitty rubber cable apparatus can work your body from more angles than weights never could and you need to strengthen those areas for overall functional strength and fitness. There are many types of cables to progress with ranging from the easiest to nearly impossible to expand. Weights can hit many muscle groups but the cables hit muscles that aren’t reached by any other method except this. Unlike weights that use gravity, you are fighting the cables because they don’t want you to expand them and you need that kind of power as if you’re fighting a person.

 The cool thing about this bad boy is that you can go from one exercise to the next in a snap, go from a curl to a press or from a row to a lateral raise; this is great for circuit training to help bring that conditioning element. Dumbbells are fun to use if you’re into them but it takes you a little bit to put down the thing, grab another and go through the cycle again, with the cables you can put as many as three on there and if its too much for you than take one off to ease the resistance, I find that more fun than taking the time to switch plates or dumbbells. When you see that you’re working from odd angles, you’re building odd strength and flexibility which can aid you in almost anything from lifting to bodyweight exercise to cardio or even to help rebuild injuries and heal old wounds to get that functional strength back for the things you want to accomplish whether it be sports, your job or helping out your family.

 One of my favorite things to do is use this thing for Arm Wrestling. This sport is one of the toughest forms of strength there is, period and you need well developed grip, wrist arm overall body strength to take even the toughest of opponents. Read about my article about Arm Wrestling Training to learn more details to get an idea of how strong you can get just using cables and never needing a machine or weights to get the job done. This is where it gets even prettier by the second where you can go from using it as a rehab tool to taking it to a superhuman level that even the strongest forces in strength athletics can appreciate.

 If you want to take it even further my man Bud Jeffries has a DVD course that specifies in Alternate Conditioning Methods which one of them is based on Cable Training and the things he has in stored on there will blow you away and just when you thought you only had a few basic ideas, he takes beyond another level. An extreme few courses out there on this type of training so that should tell you that there are secrets out there that can take your fitness to levels never imagined before. Being fit is awesome, being strong is great but being functionally fit and strong is the most gratifying thing you can achieve and becoming superhuman is that much sweeter.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Arm Wrestling Training For A Super Grip

 Testing one’s strength has been a quest for as long as mankind has been around; fighting for survival or just sport, strength has been the test of wills through physical, spiritual, emotional and mental endeavors. One of the biggest tests for man’s ego or even to prove himself is through Arm Wrestling.

  Back in the day when internet didn’t exist and phone lines were the talk of the town plus the only entertainment you can really find was in a vaudeville theater or watching a silent movie on the big screen for a nickel a pop, people needed to do something to keep themselves interested. Men worked on the farms or in offices in the city or sometimes they became entertainers and put on acts to entertain the crowd. Kids played ball in the streets and some even took up what was called Wrist Wrestling where they gripped their hands as hard as they can and do their best to slam the other’s wrist to the table and jump for victory.

 Arm Wrestling isn’t just a full on test of grip and people will only say that if they haven’t actually done it. I’ve had my fair share of losses and very few wins to tell you it’s a hard and demanding sport where you have your whole body engaged in a tight spot and it takes just as much power to keep from getting slammed as the one doing the slamming. It makes up a powerful grip once you get the basics down and learn from a few masters here and there.

 There are many guys in the world of Physical Culture who have at one point done some Arm Wrestling and were fierce at it. One man whom I consider the Great Gama of Arm Wrestling is the heavyweight powerhouse Ian “Mac” Batchelor, no one can match the level of strength this man had in his time and his unorthodox style of training is just as hardcore as his unprecedented wins over countless opponents. Another legend in the sport is a man that just defies logic in the realm of strength and for a man his size it just seems so impossible until you actually learn what he does and that’s Dennis Rogers. He became a strongman first by becoming an Arm Wrestling champion and winning countless awards and recognition, because of that, he dove into finding things that he can destroy and tear up that no one in the world can do. The way he does things is just surreal and if you want to learn about his specialty feats check out Legendary Strength and find out his secrets to incredible grip strength.

 People have this distinct notion that if you want to be strong, you have to use a gym, hate to burst your bubble pal but most gyms can’t handle the levels of strength being presented. You can build grip without ever leaving your house or you can take it on the road with you. If there’s anyone out there today other myself, Dennis Rogers, Logan Christopher, Ryan Pitts or Bud Jeffries for that matter who can teach you the value of grip strength it’s up incoming strongman of unlimited potential is my boy Matti Marzel. He has the distinct power of having some of the toughest hands in the world, bending and snapping steel, tearing decks of cards from very odd angles and tearing up phonebooks in several pieces like tearing a piece of paper. His fingers are so strong he regularly holds himself up on his fingertips and is working on being an elite rock and rope climber and is ripped to shreds and is one of the closest to having that Bruce Lee type physique. You do not want him on his bad side and he’s no pushover in Arm Wrestling, he has on occasion taken down guys twice his size and puts them to shame with his iron cord like arms and wrists. 

 One of my secret weapons for building strength in Arm Wrestling is using my Chest Expander which you can get at LifelineUSA.com. I take this apparatus and I use fairly medium to heavy cables and use one of the handles on my door and start simulating an arm wrestling technique or match and work up to 50 repetitions as best as possible. I also work on the wrist and do curls and rows to get that edge for that specific grip and work in high repetitions so I can focus on tendon strength. This is a great device because unlike weights that uses gravity, the rubber cables is fighting back from having you extend the cables out almost similar as if you’re in a match and your opponent is keeping you from moving him.

 Another great an inspiring thing about sports or just wrestling in general is that many little guys (under 200 lbs) are extremely strong when they have the right tools to just make your jaw drop. You wouldn’t expect a small guy tearing up guys twice their size and making it look easy as pie. Never underestimate the little guy because he can hurt you and have a big smile on his face doing. Dennis Rogers has made that believable and so has guys like Maxick, Farmer Burns, Matti Marzel, Bruce Lee and others that can just give you hell.

 Working the tendons is one of the most crucial keys to your success in developing your grip and one of the best methods is doing Isometrics. Being able to hold a certain position and make it as hard as possible without ever moving teaches you how to build strength from many angles. Arm Wrestling Isometrics is one of the most fun ways to build that level of strength that just raw and powerful. Get strong and find cool ways to develop your grip to a superhuman level.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Training Ideas For A Sunburn

Recently I went to a lake here in hot Coeur D’Alene via Hayden, ID and had a blast, went swimming, bent some nails, chilled out on the dock and hung out with a friend but that very night I had a sunburn that looked so f’cking red, it looked like I was spray painted. It was pretty bad and whenever I get sunburned, I feel stiff and my muscles ache like crazy. The next morning, my body ached like crazy and couldn’t sleep most of the night anyway.

 Although I looked like I was torched, I didn’t give up on exercising. Yes the burn felt like crap but that wasn’t going to stop me from doing the things I love. Now it’s not always easy to train on a sunburn and you tend to dry up faster than usual, this is where water becomes your most dearest friend. Although I didn’t train with the same level of intensity, I decided to change things around and this is where your mental training is taken to the test. I have found that because my aching joints and muscles, I have to be extra consistent in training those areas especially being burnt on the whole back, shoulders and arms; you want to keep them from getting stiff even though it does hurt a little.

 Loosening up your joints is essential and you want to stretch the muscles as best as possible without overdoing it and water is a key because you have to keep yourself cool, poor it over your body and also drink it to keep hydrated. Sweating is also a good idea as well. Sometimes you might need to keep yourself indoors because a sunburn can be bad enough to where if you go outside without proper lotion or sunblock you’re going to feel worse. I realize you might have jobs working outside so the best advice I can give is drink plenty of water, keep your joints and muscles mobile and where clothing that helps keep you cool.

 You want to keep tabs on the areas of the sunburn because if you don’t you’re going to regret it later, trust me I’ve done enough times to understand it’s better being safe than being stupid. Your body heat can also be a cooling system and one of my favorite forms of dealing with a sunburn is to take cold showers, use very little hot water to clean yourself off with soap and shampoo but after that, start turning the water down to almost as cold as possible. You can stay in cold water longer in a sense because the heat of that sunburn is already overwhelming. Turn the cold down every few seconds to a minute so your body can get use to it being cold and do plenty of deep breathing, this can be a very relaxing meditative method. I love cold showers and I do them often because of its health benefits.

 Training indoors while you’re home can help aid in your sunburn as you can use a few fans to keep yourself cool and train so you can sweat to help clear out your pours. My type of training for a certain time being until the burn becomes a little less painful is to  do plenty of flexibility work and believe it or not Muscle Control. I have found Muscle Control to be a very good form of training for this type of thing because when you flex and relax the muscles, blood flows throughout the body and helps the skin radiate that glow and eventually, helps your system repair itself thus possibly healing the sunburn quicker and generate stronger cells to keep the skin healthy. Peeling is just apart of the process kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes, your skin dies and new skin is ready to come out of the woodworks.

 Keep your body and skin healthy plus keep your muscles and joints mobile so if this should ever happen to you, you will have a few tools at your disposal and also do some research on natural lotions and sunblock to find what can work to help heal faster and more efficient, most sunblock and lotions these days don’t do much. Keep having a kick ass summer and stay strong and healthy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Spiderman & Bodyweight Exercise

I recently saw the reboot of Spiderman and I got to say I was quite impressed with the cast and the unknown Andrew Garfield taking on the role of the Web-Slinging hero. Each character played their roles with gusto and there were unexpected actors in the film I did not really think would be in this type of movie.

 What really impresses me about this particular superhero is that he’s one of an extreme few comic book heroes that has a more natural and sleek physique unlike the very muscular heroes like Hulk, Superman, Wolverine and guys like Captain America. Spiderman’s built like a functional athlete like a classic running back or a Charles Atlas type athlete. He doesn’t look like he’s on roids or a overbearing weightlifter, just a natural looking athlete who uses his bodyweight throughout most of his fights.

 He reminds of one animal in the jungle that just seems to fly through the air and just swings through the trees like Tarzan and I’m talking about the jungle gymnast the Gibbon. As a matter of fact, I have a comic book I bought a while back that features Spiderman and other Marvel superheroes as if they were on the Planet Of The Apes and Spiderman’s Ape-body is the Gibbon. The gibbon is the gymnast of the Animal Kingdom bar none, other apes and monkeys are good but the way the Gibbon brachiates just can’t be matched by grip agility, strength, flexibility and coordination. If you want to learn to develop this ape-like power check out what one of my buds has to show you.

 In one scene in the film, Peter (Spiderman) is learning to use his jumping and web-slinging abilities. While on top of building in New York, he holds an awesome free-handed Handstand while using only 2 fingers. I know it wasn’t real but it was beautiful nonetheless and that particular handstand reminds me of the Shaolin Monks and the kick ass performers of Circe De Soilie. Handstands are one of the most kick ass forms of not only upper body strength but just to hold one free-handed is a beauty in itself. Back in the early 20th century, athletes from all walks of life have at one time attempted Hand Balancing, gymnasts, wrestlers, strongmen, weight lifters, bodybuilders, boxers and even Trapeze artists; all had a hand in doing some form of Handstand Training.

 Spiderman’s Grace and Fluidity is just mind-blowing and the closest to Spiderman I can think in terms of athletic strength and power is either the athletes of Ninja Warrior or Bodyweight Extraordinaire Brad Johnson, these guys just tear it up in workouts that are only seen to believe, the finger strength is just phenomenal and only can be explained by experience. Experience real bodyweight training and you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to have superhuman abilities and reaching beyond the norm. If you’re a fan of superheroes, check out The Amazing Spiderman.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Train With Love, Not A Necessity

Feeling forced to workout is a sure sign you aren’t getting your mindset in the right place. Training by making it an adventure is a whole different experience and it’s never the same after every workout. Loving what you do instead of making it a necessity is a better understanding of what makes you get the results you truly desire.

 A lot of people who exercise feel obligated to train because they feel they have to instead of want to. They feel if they don’t something bad will happen and they’ll never get the results they want. In a way that’s true but the real truth is that, if you make it an experience that makes you happy and you bust your ass the way you want to do it than there should be no problem for you then.

 There is a difference between training for no apparent reason vs. just going through the motions, the difference between the two is that training without reason can be a good or bad thing by that I mean, training because you just feel like doing it is a better idea than training just for the hell of it and not really give a damn yet just going through the motions just makes you weak minded and not have all the right tools in place. Exercise is not about doing stuff and working different muscles it’s much more than that. It’s about freedom and learning to go beyond just the exercises, it’s learning to use all your potential attributes in your exercise physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

 Any one of us with half a brain can use a machine at the gym and although there are some pros to those things it doesn’t seem like the same as to actually go out and run your ass off or sprint like a cheetah catching its prey. Back when machines didn’t exist, you had to really work to get the results you wanted, if you wanted to run, you sprint, if you wanted to lift heavier, you lifted barbells and dumbbells, you wanted cardio, you either boxed or wrestled or played a specific sport and if you wanted beautiful looking muscles, you didn’t take pills or protein shakes you did Muscle Control and ate with a purpose. If you want the body you always dreamed of, don’t always look to modern high tech crap that can only do a fraction of real functional training can do. Look to basic exercises that are rich in history and that’s presses, pulls, squats and grip work which consist of barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, muscle control, push-ups, pull-ups and the squat either with or without weight.

 Some of us want to forget the past and move on towards the future but what if we took that from a different perspective? In exercise, the past was proven time and time again that basic elements gave you the most result producing methods that still stand to this day but lost in time. Some of the things today are good but if you added just a bit of old fashioned with its own modern day twist, you can make your workouts a very entertaining experience with real results and real functional muscle.

 Equipment has become a billion dollar industry and it’s usually the wrong equipment that is sold, not the ones that give you superior results. In reality, you don’t have to pay for a damn thing; training using just your body is really all you’ll ever need. If you truly want to get something that’s your choice but don’t buy a certain gadget that’ll cost you thousands of dollars and have it be in your closet the rest of your life. Certain equipment is good because there are methods that bodyweight, barbells and dumbbells can’t touch like the Indian clubs, the mace, Rocks, logs and sledgehammers all have qualities that will get you in shape much faster than a treadmill or a machine that only hits isolated muscles.

 Love what you do and make it fun, it takes one change in your mindset and your whole thinking will go into the stratosphere. Make it an adventure, never an obligation because if it’s not adventurous, it’s not worth doing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Building Animalistic Strength With Handstand Pushups

Today's Guest Writer is my good friend and the Renaissance Man of Physical Culture himself, I give you  Logan Christopher, enjoy everyone....

Handstand pushups are one of my favorite all time exercises. They happen to also be one of the very best exercises you can do. They can be used to build truly unbelievable levels of strength, and they’re not bad in the muscle building department either.

Here’s the problem. Most people can’t even do them. I know I certainly couldn’t when I started training. The handstand pushup was one of my first major goals when I got serious about bodyweight training. I could hold a handstand against the wall but if I tried lowering to my head I came right down.

In this article I’ll be showing you the most simple way you can progress from not being able to do handstand pushups at all, all the way to the full range style.

Let me also say this. There’s a certain very popular book, and rightly so, that has a progression towards a one arm handstand pushup. This is great, except that the move has never been achieved in the form promoted in the book. While moving to one arm works for many things, I think you’re much better off going to the full range of motion in the handstand pushup.

Hold a Handstand

For this progression we are only going to be doing one thing, and that is altering the range of motion. In the handstand position you should be quite strong. I’d say that you should work up to at least 30 seconds holding a handstand against a wall before you even try to work on handstand pushups. Some people may be able to do this right away, and others will have to devote some time to it.

Because your arms are locked out in the handstand you’re relying more on bone structure to keep you in the handstand, rather then strength. But as soon as you bend the arms you throw that weight onto the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

Quarter Handstand Pushup

Now what we have a good handstand position we’re going to start the first partial handstand pushup. Take a stack of books under your head. A pile of phonebooks work great. But any object which you can raise or lower the height will work.

You want to position this stack right under your head. When you kick up into the handstand you’ll lower a couple inches until your head touches the books then you press back up. If you’re going too far that you can’t press back up add another book.

Half and Three Quarters Handstand Pushup

If this is easy and you can crank out reps then you can lower down further. Try handstand pushups with half the range of motion to the floor. When that’s easy go for three quarters the range of motion. You’re almost there.

Regular Handstand Pushups

The regular handstand pushup is when your head will come to the floor. The truth is this is still a partial range of movement. Some people even call this a headstand pushup because you do come to a headstand position. Still with each range of motion increase these pushups become harder and harder.

When you’ve hit the ground and can press back up you’re at a major milestone and can say with confidence you can do handstand pushups but there is further to go.

Handstand Pushups on Handles

For the next step I typically use some form of pushup handles. The reason is that these extend the range of motion to the next step. They’re also more stable then trying to now use the phonebooks to raise your hands as they could slip out. A pair of heavy kettlebells work or any pushup handles. If the increase in distance is too much, again add phonebooks under the head to lessen it.

Be forewarned. The sticking point in pressing for almost everyone is right around this level. That means this move is going to be dramatically harder then the regular handstand pushups. Of course when you master this movement you’ll be that much stronger.

Full Range Handstand Pushup

Now it’s time to move onto the last step where you actually press up your entire bodyweight along a full range of motion. For this I usually use two chairs placing my hands flat against them. If you had a parallettes these would work just as well.

Again you can take this position and also place the books under your head to make steps in between. But you may find the bottom of the press isn’t as hard as the sticking point we just worked through.

If you follow through on working these different ranges of motion in the handstand pushup as the main method of progression you will eventually achieve them all. The vast majority of people alive cannot do a regular handstand pushup let along one that is full range. Of course, there are further steps you can go from there but this is more then enough to get you started.

Logan Christopher is the owner of Legendary Strength and Lost Art Of Hand Balancing - If you want much more information on this exercise be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Do This, Do That…You Know What Screw It

I really get pissed sometimes when I hear people tell others what they should or shouldn’t do because they feel they’re right and you’re wrong. Certain personal trainers just don’t really care about what the person they’re teaching is really fitness. I’ve even heard some trainers who have had previous injuries tell some poor shmuck how to do an exercise that got the trainer injured in the first place. What’s the deal with that?

 The real opportunities come with a feeling of learning to do something for you. Becoming your own trainer is like learning to be your own boss, you control certain things and you use the best resources to get your job done, unlike trying to be someone else and busting your ass so much, you forget what’s really important and that’s you. Idolizing a certain method or trainer isn’t a bad thing but remember to find out what works for you and find something that suits you.

 There are experts, and then there are “experts.” The difference between the two is that experts show the real side to having fun exercise and teach you to find who you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The “Experts”, steal your money and if they’re in shape, they make you feel worse and brainwash you into thinking their method is the end all be all, plus some guys aren’t even in that decent of shape and yet still have an ego the size of Candlestick Park.

 Learning for yourself and your goals are more important than trying to follow someone’s exact program. You can learn exercises but you need to find how they are suited for you. I hate routines with a passion, I get bored easily and I need something to keep me interested so I would do certain exercises I’m in the mood to do and go with it. If you like a routine that’s great but build ones that suit your goals best.

 If you want real results, doesn’t matter if its in a gym, your house or the park for that matter, use basic elements and have fun with what you have and don’t let anyone give you crap about it. Learning to use what you’ve learned to help reach your goals gives you more power than any trainer who gives crap about this or that, many guys are one dimensional and they don’t think outside the box, the day you can think outside the box, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master of your own endeavor. Take a step back and learn from as many people as you can and find the best resources that suit for you and yourself only.

 Being a first rate individual as oppose to a second rate know it all, remember the expert vs. “expert”, is not very common and when you learn to be different, you’re finding what’s more important. Bruce Lee’s philosophy was that to be the best you can be, you must find yourself and learn how to use your whole being as if it was different from everyone else. Self Mastery is a rewarding goal and being different out of the norm and telling those that this is right or that is wrong to screw off because you are better than that. We have the same muscles, same two eyes, two legs and arms so what’s so different of having two sides of the same coin. You’re getting greater benefit becoming your own trainer than to completely follow someone else. Find who you are and dare to be different.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Die Hard Pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the most difficult forms of strength and conditioning because it’s the one basic exercise most people have trouble doing. It doesn’t have to be a burden to learn how to do pull-ups. Once you learn the basics an can do a few reps what’s next? Just doing a few reps alone makes you a strong person at that exercise but it’s really the quality of the reps that count and not so much the quantity. Repetitions in any exercise up to a point can be boring like the 500 push-ups or the 1000 Hindu squats or even the military goal of 20 or more pull-ups to get 100 points on your PT Test. I like doing reps but I get bored easily so to enhance my interest I change grips and do them as best as possible. To get the greatest benefit in your reps, work different parts of the pull-up and try different tempos in speed and precise movement.

 One of the most common neglected parts of the human body is training your grip. Without grip strength, how will you hold onto something such as a baseball bat, opening a jar of pickles, picking up heavy weights or squeezing a Captains Of Crush hand gripper? Working your grip has more of an impact on your training than doing a bicep curl, a press or swinging/juggling a kettlebell, think about it, how would you be able to do those exercises if your grip can’t even hold on? Grip strength is essential to your training and the more likely your grip strength is the better your lifts and feats will become easier. If you don’t believe me than learn from two warriors of pure unadulterated gripping power and that’s Arthur Saxon and Slim The Hammer Man.

 A lot of people have this notion that pull-ups and chin-ups are just for the Biceps and Back, obviously they haven’t done much research because when you really get into doing this exercise, the back and arms are just the tip of the iceberg. You are working the upper body in ways not many other things can do and eventually you’ll be working the whole body. When you use certain tools to put more into your pull-up training, you’re learning the key secrets to challenging your grip, mind, body and your coordination to keep tight and tough in order to make the quality reps.

 If I had to pick one of the strongest pound for pound athletes in the world, it’s a guy you don’t hear of quite often unless you live in Vegas and know something in Gymnastics and that is Dutch Gymnastics Champion and Performer Cees De Kok. I once saw this old school gymnast do a show in Vegas called Bite, a vampire type production where heavy metal is blasting and a Circ De Soleil type action styled performance happened. In one of the epic scenes of the show, Cees wrapped a chain around his wrist and started flying around the audience and out of nowhere grabs his wife in mid air and twirls around the stage like a figure skater in space, it was unbelievable and one of the most awesome displays of strength and agility I’ve ever witnessed. This guy was just incredible and he has the mastery to even teach you the secret andmost impressive ways to build pull-up strength.

 Who are the strongest climbers in the world? Not humans sorry guys it’s the mighty Apes. Animals like Gorillas, Orangutans, Chimps and Gibbons are the most powerful species of this caliber because the way they need to move either on the ground or in the trees takes grip strength to a level only rock climbers have come the closest to and yet we still can’t match their strength and agility. Training like an Ape however is a key to opening a new door of strength and fitness that can only be explained by experience and experimenting. I’m not a climber nor am I a tree swinging jungle man but I have practiced brachiating, hanging and pull-ups from many different angles and at 240+ lbs. I’m surprised I can actually do it. Training this way works your tendons and muscles to their very brink and if you truly want to feel real gripping strength, hold onto a pull-up bar with one arm and see how long you last.

 In many areas of fitness today, we don’t do much in the way of pulling movements unless it was a curl or pulling on a cable and deadlifts aren’t really that big anymore but yet pulling movements that work major muscle groups even out the front and back portions of the upper body since most gym rats focus on what they can see in the mirror as oppose to neglecting the back. If you can’t pull yourself up than you’re in trouble my friend. It is important to work your body from as many angles as possible while working as many muscles in one or more motions as possible and when you work on your pulling strength, it’s going to help you in other parts of your life you may have not realized and I’ll let you figure that out on your own.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Swimming, Nail Bending & Isometrics

So far across the country, the summer is in full blossom, heading to the beach, hiking, running, playing and plenty of parks to go to with the kids however in Idaho, I’d like to call it MPD weather (Multiple Personality Disorder). It’s almost as like weather by Sybil, the temperatures change everyday and it can rain or be hot within a given minute. Hell it’s had thunderstorms and rain off and on lately, when it is warm out you better make sure to take advantage it. That’s why as of late I’ve been going to a lake a couple miles away to go for a dip in the water and just have a blast. When I do go I’d like to bring my cell for music on Pandora, bring a few bottles of water and vitamin drinks and best of all, and bring my 60D penny nails to mess around with. No I don’t show off for all the kids and pretty girls there, I like to do a little training while I’m out in the sun and practice various styles.

 When I’m not at the lake, I usually stay home or go out to dinner with someone but when it comes time to train, I get psyched since I have a 18ft leather strap isometric belt, I wrap it around the tree in the front yard and turn into the greatest wrestler in History, the Great Gama. I push, pull, arm wrestle and put everything I have into bringing that tree down. It’s a lot of fun and when it’s all over, you got veins popping out, forearms are blasted and you felt like you just ran a whole marathon in a 10-20min. period. Take it from me, if you can use something to pull a tree, one way or another you will be strong as hell.

 Swimming is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, just getting the urge to jump in, let the shock of the water hit you for a bit and it’s just riveting the rest of the time. The last couple times I went to the lake, I bring my stuff on the dock, lay down my towel, jump in, swim for a few minutes, get back out, dry off, squeeze and twist the water out of the towel to build some wrist and crushing strength, whip out a couple 60 Pennys out of my bag, wrap one at a time and just destroy that mofo. Jump in the lake, repeat the process until I have bent every nail I brought. Builds strength, agility, flexibility, coordination plus you’re working every muscle in your body, got to love it man.

 At this particular lake, you can view the mountains and green trees right in front of you and just see the beautiful sight of nature and the flow of the water just rolling by. I like doing various Muscle Control and visualize myself as one of the old school bodybuilders from back in the day, I realize I’m not at that level but come on, a little exercise while baking in the sun and looking at nature won’t kill you, who knows, a girl might come up and ask what you’re up to and you just have this big smile on your face. Just doing a few flexes and having fun with the people with you or just yourself, who cares who’s looking at you; you’re having fun that’s what really matters.

 Going for a swim is one of the best things to do for your body. It builds a level of endorphins in your body that just nourishes your body and it’s one of the most amazing feelings ever. If you don’t know how to swim, no worries, you can learn muscle control simulating swim strokes or treading water. Building that Nerve Force, gives you that positive and powerful energy that help stay young, vibrant and feeling like a million bucks. One of the coolest feelings is going for a swim and going out as open as you can without tiring and going back, when you get back to shore or climbing back up on the dock, let your body feel at ease and just feel that sensation where everything feels great and you can’t help but be happy. If you have a lake, the ocean or a pool near by and it’s hot out, go for a swim and get your body moving. Having fun is one of the keys to a happy life and water is one of the elements that brings life.