Monday, July 2, 2012

Swimming, Nail Bending & Isometrics

So far across the country, the summer is in full blossom, heading to the beach, hiking, running, playing and plenty of parks to go to with the kids however in Idaho, I’d like to call it MPD weather (Multiple Personality Disorder). It’s almost as like weather by Sybil, the temperatures change everyday and it can rain or be hot within a given minute. Hell it’s had thunderstorms and rain off and on lately, when it is warm out you better make sure to take advantage it. That’s why as of late I’ve been going to a lake a couple miles away to go for a dip in the water and just have a blast. When I do go I’d like to bring my cell for music on Pandora, bring a few bottles of water and vitamin drinks and best of all, and bring my 60D penny nails to mess around with. No I don’t show off for all the kids and pretty girls there, I like to do a little training while I’m out in the sun and practice various styles.

 When I’m not at the lake, I usually stay home or go out to dinner with someone but when it comes time to train, I get psyched since I have a 18ft leather strap isometric belt, I wrap it around the tree in the front yard and turn into the greatest wrestler in History, the Great Gama. I push, pull, arm wrestle and put everything I have into bringing that tree down. It’s a lot of fun and when it’s all over, you got veins popping out, forearms are blasted and you felt like you just ran a whole marathon in a 10-20min. period. Take it from me, if you can use something to pull a tree, one way or another you will be strong as hell.

 Swimming is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, just getting the urge to jump in, let the shock of the water hit you for a bit and it’s just riveting the rest of the time. The last couple times I went to the lake, I bring my stuff on the dock, lay down my towel, jump in, swim for a few minutes, get back out, dry off, squeeze and twist the water out of the towel to build some wrist and crushing strength, whip out a couple 60 Pennys out of my bag, wrap one at a time and just destroy that mofo. Jump in the lake, repeat the process until I have bent every nail I brought. Builds strength, agility, flexibility, coordination plus you’re working every muscle in your body, got to love it man.

 At this particular lake, you can view the mountains and green trees right in front of you and just see the beautiful sight of nature and the flow of the water just rolling by. I like doing various Muscle Control and visualize myself as one of the old school bodybuilders from back in the day, I realize I’m not at that level but come on, a little exercise while baking in the sun and looking at nature won’t kill you, who knows, a girl might come up and ask what you’re up to and you just have this big smile on your face. Just doing a few flexes and having fun with the people with you or just yourself, who cares who’s looking at you; you’re having fun that’s what really matters.

 Going for a swim is one of the best things to do for your body. It builds a level of endorphins in your body that just nourishes your body and it’s one of the most amazing feelings ever. If you don’t know how to swim, no worries, you can learn muscle control simulating swim strokes or treading water. Building that Nerve Force, gives you that positive and powerful energy that help stay young, vibrant and feeling like a million bucks. One of the coolest feelings is going for a swim and going out as open as you can without tiring and going back, when you get back to shore or climbing back up on the dock, let your body feel at ease and just feel that sensation where everything feels great and you can’t help but be happy. If you have a lake, the ocean or a pool near by and it’s hot out, go for a swim and get your body moving. Having fun is one of the keys to a happy life and water is one of the elements that brings life.

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