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301 Kettlebell Snatches In 10min.

That just doesn't sound believeable. How can a man at 6'2 185 lbs. be one of three men to hit that many reps with a 53 lb. KB when the other 2 men beat him in a massive size advantage. Plus why in the hell would anyone want to do that many reps in that amount of time? On a more serious note the man who has now accomplished this feat is Personal Trainer/Strongman Logan Christopher. What Techniques could you get to get your HGH levels at a height that can shoot beyond the moon and stars? Let him show you the way and trust me as i've seen him upclose he is the best at what he does. For a man his size you wouldn't think he is strong yet from personal experience he is pound for pound one of the strongest guys around and never judge a book by its cover.

Kettlebell Snatch Domination

For more info on Logan & his products check out the banners and text links on the right hand side.


Super Human Workshop Is On The Way

There have been fitness seminars, strongman workshops, health retreats and qi gong classes but there has never been a Super Human Workshop......A place for men and women of all fitness levels to not just take their training to the next level but to create a power inside you shoot through the heavens, over the moon and surge through the stars. Become the person you want to be and get the power and strength to back it up.......Here's a little of what you'll find...

Pushing Your Maximum Strength While Under Extreme Conditioning Loads

How to get the third cardio...Long Conditioning with strength

Correct Your Push-up that 90% of people make one major mistake on

Progress your Strength Work incorperating Bodyweight & Weight Training Exercises

Learn the basic Feats Of Strength (Steel Bending, Phonebook Tearing and Ripping Decks Of Cards)

Increasing Your Strength whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan

Faster Results in the Bridge (Wrestler & Gymnastic)

Plus Many M…

Small or Big You Have The Ability To Be Super Strong

When you visualize the image of a strongman what do you see? Cannonball Biceps? Thourobread Legs? Horseshoe Triceps? A V-Taper Back? Thats what many would think you nee to have to be strong when infact you don't need to have major built muscles. When a strongman performs a feat of strength (legit ones) he doesn't just incorperate muscles, he throws in muscle fibers, tendon power and the will to push through pain. It doesn't matter how big you are or how small you are, you can develop your body into a superhuman with proper training, an iron will and the ability to want to reach the next level. Here are the names of some strongmen small and big that you'd be surprised that are as strong and powerful far more then how they look....

Joseph Greenstein aka The Mighty Atom: At the peak of his career as a strongman he was no more then 5'4 and weighed just around 155 pounds. He was able to bend objects that just seemed impossible to the human eye. How can a man that size b…

Whats With All The Damn Links

As many of you have seen, I have banners and text links on the right-hand side of the blog because I'am apart of the affiliate programs and whatever one buys from one of my links I get a certain percentage out of it. Now am I in this for the money? I don't think so, if I was I would need to do far more work to promote them. Unlike wanting just money out of it I want to spread the word on them as well because I have personally used the various products and they work wonders without needing to say it twice. What you see is what I have used and go by. For bodyweight exercise I practice Bridging, squats and Animal Exercise very often & its never boring for me and it shouldn't be for anyone else.

I cannot express enough how awesome most of these products are and the athletes who work these products to me are the best of the best in their profession. Take Logan Christopher for example. A man at 6'2 and 180 pounds can juggle weights that the average man can only dream of…

Getting Back To Basics & Why

Isolated training is really only good for one thing and thats rehabbing. The muscles and tendons were designed to be able to do multiple things while doing a single act. Push-ups for example are not just a chest exercise, it works the wrists, chest, arms, abs, shoulders and legs. Why would you need to work one specific muscle when you can get the whole shabang. Say you're in manual labor and had to dig ditches, stack bricks, break concrete blocks or move heavy objects....all of these do not require just one type of muscle group, they work multiple muscle groups so you're getting quite a workout in and of itself. That was just an example but it doesn't matter if you're an athlete, average joe, laborer or what, yes it takes some specific muscles to work something but for the most part you want to be able to use as many muscles as you can because if you work a specific muscle group too long you're prone to injury. Exercise in working multiple groups adds more benefit …

Changing Gears To Supercharge Your Workouts

Every once in a while or for some of us on a consistant basis, its good to switch things up to not only add variety to our training but to keep our minds sharp and keep the body guessing for whats coming next. It takes just one exercise to change your entire routine and no you don't need to do reps or go for speed but you can just hold a certain position for a period of time.

I would bet you that if you added one isometric exercise to your regimen, it will give a whole new meaning to strength training. Lets say for example you do 100 Hindu Squats then the moment you're done hold a horsestance for exactly 1 min. Is it easy? Well it's hard to say. Test it out and see what happens. Thats one small challenge to conquer but its a change of pace isn't it? I've held positions as long as 10 min. and I can assure you its no picnic but why take the easy road when you can put your body and mind to the test.

It takes a lot more guts to hold an isometric then it is to do 100 …

Old School Training With A New Twist

A lot of people think these days that training methods back in the day are outdated and have no place in the gyms and are not for strength and flexibility and if you're doing them they would laugh or be confused or better yet have that "what the hell are you doing these for. Those arn't traditional." Well in some ways they're right, they arn't traditional, they arn't your typical modern exercises and most of all they don't belong in the gym today because they're TOO GOOD FOR THAT CRAP!

I really hate to offend these people but you know what, pull your head out of your asses and look at the big picture here. The old school methods are not only better then today's training styles but they're more simplistic and are far more creative. When you trained back in the 20's, 30's, 40's, even the 50's you learned why basic exercises like olympic weightlifting and push-ups, squats, clubs, maces and simple dumbbell and barbell training…

Grip Strength Is A Must

Whether you're a weightlifter, strongman, wrestler, baseball player, MMA Athlete or just an average joe, it is apperent that you develop grip strength in order to enhance your performance. You can do all the exercises you want but if your grip is not up to par then you're not going to go that far. Grip training is one of the most neglected parts of strength and conditioning because a lot of people automatically think its easy to either lift a good amount of weight or do a few fingertip push-ups or grab a hold of GI in a jujitsu match. Actually the exact opposite is true. When you add a good grip workout whether in of itself or as part of your routine, you're building strength that will go a long way. One of the biggest secrets of the old-time wrestlers and strongmen was they're ability to have strong and powerful tendons in the lower arm, wrist and hands. This can be contributed through isometrics, bending steel, wrist curls, thick bar training, using sandbags, pinch g…

Putting The "Fun" In Functional Conditioning

Too many people these days don't have enough fun in their training.

"Man, I can't wait till this is over."

"Jesus Christ when does it end."

"I can't do this its too hard."

"Why in hell do I need to THIS!"

I bet you dollars to donuts you've heard some of these quotes more often then these.....

"Damn that was a great workout."

"I want to go again."

"That was it? Come on man, lets keep going."

"Dude, let me try that out."

Its all about attitude when you train. When you're down and don't feel like nothing is working, nothing will work. When you feel that its a great workout and need to back off a little thats a different story. That tells me you're enjoying yourself and you know your limits. Fun training is when you put fear and awkwardness aside and just go out there and be yourself. Its not easy but its simple enough to learn. Having fun is not goingf out there and making bad for…

Take Boring Out & Go Nuts

What can you do to make your lifting more fun? You can speed up a press, try to whistle while you squat, how about even doing frog jumps with a Kettlebell. If you want my opinion if you're a kettlebell fan then why try to Juggle a kettlebell. Seriously if you want to take your KB Conditioning to a whole new level then switch hands every second and try to even walk. Think of juggling a pair of balls but add in an extra 10, 20 or 30 pounds. I tried this a few times and I'll tell ya it is difficult but it is fun as hell. When you learn to literally throw weight around in all sorts of places you're producing more Human Growth Hormone, gaining more power and building unreal grip strength. What if I told you that one guy doesn't just Juggle Kettlebells but he actually shows you tricks and stunts to create one of the best workouts of your life and only need a few minutes a day.

Logan Christopher does just that and then more. Swing around the back, under the legs, flip up in …

What Can A Former College Linebacker Teach You About Conditioning?

From High School to College to the European Football Circuit Vince Palko has been nothing but a great linebacker on the gridiron and is a hall of famer in his high school and at his alma marter at Bowling Green. He has not been on a losing team his entire career and has trained by some of the top coaches in the world and knows a thing or two about conditioning. Lets face it the most conditioned athletes on the football field are the linebackers. They are the meanest, toughest and most brutal animals on the field and for good reason. Take a look at guys like Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, Ray Lewis and Jack Lambert. What do they all have in common? The Intensity that can make a Army Ranger blush (slight exaggeration). They have to be, they have to outrun the Running Back, tackle like a lineman and every now and then intercept like a cornerback. Add in the conditioning they need that would impress Olympic wrestlers and you got yourself a wildman of the gridiron.

After his football career…

How Can Training Be So Twisted

Whether you like it or not certain training methods are just crap. You do 30 minutes on the treadmill and an hour of whatever weights you lift and that's your workout. Seriously, how generic do you have to be and dull I might add. Training is suppose to be interesting, fun and mysterious. You should be getting cardio and strength training at the same time and using different implements. If I wanted serious conditioning and I was into lifting weights I'd want to be hitting stones, swinging heavy clubs and pressing logs. The way I look at is if you're serious about training, you have to be creative and adapt to heavy training. Most of all you have to be really "twisted" in order to get the results you want. Functional training requires being able to use different angles and move in awkward positions. What you can look at is Bud Jeffries' Twisted Conditioning Series. Work into equipment that can not only build strength but surreal stamina and scary conditioning.…

Secrets Of The Old-Time Strongmen

Some of the biggest names in weightlifting shared certain secrets on how to not only increase their strength but how to build tendon and ligement strength as well. Back in the early days of Physical Culture there were strongmen that didn't just lift weights and do bodyweight exercise....They added an arsenal of training methods to not only experiment with but it helped their advantage that much more. Back when gyms were just on the uprise there men across the country who couldn't get to a gym either because it was too far away or because they didn't have the money to pay for the equipment themselves to use at home so they improvised a lot and tested different methods and found exercises that not only made them very strong but it helped carry over to when they could use weights. There were exercises that tackled very differently then weights and challenged the body from different angles and were in different shapes and sizes hence the name Odd Object Lifting. Say you had a …

What Women Want?

In the fitness world many women have trouble creating the body they want to achieve...Toned Muscles, Firm Thighs, Slim Abs and last but not least a sexy butt. Its harder for a woman to build the body she wants because the less terstosterone they have as oppose to us guys. Whenever they do think about exercise many feel "It'll make me bulky and I don't want to look too muscular." How many times have we heard them say thaty? If someone had a nickle every time they heard it he'd be a millionare.

As far as i'm concerned regardless of how much estrogen or testerone a woman has they are pound for pound ounce for ounce stronger then most men. I once heard of a woman who was 106 pounds swing a 106 pound Kettlebell, now I dont know about you but that is pretty damn strong and from what I heard she wasn't a bulky girl either. Now try picturing a man at 200 pounds trying to swing a KB his own weight, do you think he could pull it off, highly unlikely so that should…

What Alternatives Do You Want To Spice Up Your Workouts?

Whether you lift weights, do bodyweight or both they are incredible in various areas to make your training not only efficiant but can turn you into a strength machine. We all have ways to train and we can find many exercises to either build mucle, lose weight, tone up or just become flat out strong. Weights have great value for building muscle and has been proven for decades (even before steroids). Bodyweight exercise have exercises that not only build phenomenal power and explosiveness but are superior to weights in the amount of Range Of Motion used for unlimited amount of exercises.

With all that well and good its apperant to realize there are methods out there that neither weights nor bodyweight exercises can touch. How would you feel to do various training methods that can build power from various angles and take control of greater strength and better stabilization. Here are a few ideas to get you going.....





All of these can turn your body into a machi…