Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Can A Former College Linebacker Teach You About Conditioning?

From High School to College to the European Football Circuit Vince Palko has been nothing but a great linebacker on the gridiron and is a hall of famer in his high school and at his alma marter at Bowling Green. He has not been on a losing team his entire career and has trained by some of the top coaches in the world and knows a thing or two about conditioning. Lets face it the most conditioned athletes on the football field are the linebackers. They are the meanest, toughest and most brutal animals on the field and for good reason. Take a look at guys like Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, Ray Lewis and Jack Lambert. What do they all have in common? The Intensity that can make a Army Ranger blush (slight exaggeration). They have to be, they have to outrun the Running Back, tackle like a lineman and every now and then intercept like a cornerback. Add in the conditioning they need that would impress Olympic wrestlers and you got yourself a wildman of the gridiron.

After his football career was over he turned his sights on marketing and took a shot at fitness work and not the pink dumbbells and chrome and fern crap. No...He taught serious conditioning that took intensity and fat burning strength training. For all its worth he's got some of the best products on the planet that not only get you in shape for triathlons but also for football, wrestling and combat training. He gives you less time to train and thats the best type of training you can work with. Anerobic Conditioning is working with high intensity training and getting the heart rate up faster then rocket launch. Take into consideration that if you want to lose weight and burn fat the fastest way possible this is really one of the best guys to go to. Being trained by top coaches and researching on top methods that are less prone to injury and take your power to new heights in the best way possible. Doing some of this training a few min. a day can help you carry over to many other things in your life. This guy also doesn't just do Fitness but can help you take your website to the next level with Ad Toons and Animated Illustrations to draw your website to people that are in your interests.

Take a look at what he does, read his story and his will to make comebacks and the testamonials that prove his systems are not only works but its almost miracle work.

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