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How Long Should An Animal Workout Be?

Some programs prefer time limits, others go with a free for all and sometimes they just go by feel. I like to go by feel because even though a structured system is doable, it can also restrict how you feel in a workout. When you're short on time, you want to get in and get out. You make progress or just have fun and goof off; I'm somewhere in the middle.

For the most part it depends on an individuals schedule, they're timing whether its in the morning, afternoon or night and it really depends on their preference and mood. I do believe in making the most out of the time you have but if you want to just have fun and run wild and free than that's your choice. Some of the workouts I've done last no more than 20 minutes. Depending on the physical aspects and my energy levels I keep it at a minimum of 5-10 min.

Animal Workouts can vary depending on the tempo, the amount of exercise, the timing for each exercise and how to incorporate it in a solid amount of work put into…

The Animals Are Alive With The Sound Of The Jungle

During the winter months up here in Idaho, I have been learning and developing creative ways to stay in shape at home and keeping certain options open and coming back to other training modalities. For a while I was in deep with Superhero Workouts using Sprints/Burpees then a circuit and a Finisher to end it off; it was fun but had to switch things up so I don't burn out or get bored. I still do Burpee HIIT Workouts 3x a week but also want to get in some solid Movement Training so I did Ape Exercises to strengthen my tendons, stretch my back, power up on my arms and shoulders and learn to be mobile in these movements.

After doing this for some time I decided to come back to the Animal Movements that never gave me problems and never got bored with so I'm officially back in the jungle doing my HIIT 2-3 times a week then the rest of the week train 10-20 min. on Animal Moves to enhance my HGH, strengthen my body from awkward movements and relish in the passionate powers of the ani…

30/90 Protocol On Burpees

HIIT is a powerful method to help shed fat, burn extra calories and put on lean muscle. The mere fact that timed intervals give an exceptional outlook on the guideline of how fit you may not always be the greatest factor. Certain intervals such as tabata style or 30/30 can be really good however; when it comes down to the level of intensity to rest ratio its only worth its weight in gold on what hits that level of intensity and the need to rest.

If you're doing ultra intense exercise while only resting for a very short period of time that can screw things up especially on the Central Nervous System. No matter how good of shape you're in a long rest period of very intense training is more beneficial than you'll like to believe. A lot of trainers depict heavy challenges and takes on a general assumption of how intense a workout should be and for how long. Funny thing is unlike many things, a lot of trainers or coaches don't take into consideration about a person's bo…


What would be the ultimate conditioning exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime? It be the Burpee. Its perfect for athletes, crossfitters, those who want to increase endurance, building a foundation for fat burning and metabolism building and so much more.

The Burpee originally came from a Physiologist in the 1930's when he discovered an exercise the military can master to build solid endurance and strength on the battlefield. Before you know it, it became a staple for athletic sports to help athletes get in insane shape for their sport. The exercise works so many muscles its uncanny. People have been either loving or hating burpees for decades but only in the last decade its widely known as the focal point of serious conditioning.

The regular Burpee originally was an exercise that only had you doing a squat thrust like movement where there was no push-up or squat jump added in. The Burpee as we know today includes a squat going into a plank, push-up, jump back into a squat an…

The Toughest Part Of Training Is Not What You Think It Is

When you're new to exercise, everything isn't in the right place yet; a program can be confusing and hard to do when it comes to exercise and following a specific protocol. The funny thing is, just starting out isn't the toughest part of training. It's not even the toughest part of ending a program in the last few days or weeks. The toughest part of training is not what starts or ends or what goes on in the middle.

When you have been on a specific program for a while or you're doing something new and interesting, its what continues on that is the hard part. The real tough area of training is the consistency. Now granted certain programs last only a few weeks, some last for months but its what you bring to the table long after your program has ended. Its the day to day trials of continuing training whether changing things up or modifying your own program that makes it the toughest. How many consecutive days can you exercise on? How many hours have you logged in? How…

An Ideal Plan To Give You Free Workouts As A Bonus At Advocare

At Advocare, I don't just want people to order the products and that's that. Giving back something that will give customers that extra nudge to help motivate them to not only use the products but have ideas on what they can do for exercise to compliment the nutrition and ideal balanced eating programs that project a healthy lifestyle. When you can fit a workout regimen into your schedule, you don't want it to be super long and boring right? I mean come on people, exercise should be fun, exciting, challenging and full of adventure.
That's why exclusively at my Advocare Store, I want to give you a little something extra with your order. With any regular orders of products, you will receive complimentary workouts and a meal plan to help you reach your goals utilizing great motivational programs & help you get ahead in the game. I want to do something different and help you in simple ways to hand over training ideas that suit your schedule, your level of fitness and o…

The One Thing That Will Revive Your Sex Life

If you want to be healthy, get great results in the gym, and perform at your best sexually, it all comes down to one thing: Hormone Balance. If your hormones are out of balance, you can't expect to sleep well, train well or perform well. Try as you might, you won't put on any muscle. Any attempts at fat loss will be stalled - your body will continue to store that extra fat. Your sex drive will be diminished, and just like many men do, you will suffer from impotence... ...All from hormone imbalance! If your hormones are optimized you'll feel great. You'll have abundant health and energy, enjoy a healthy sex life, and you'll get phenomenal gains from your workouts. What's the most common source of hormone imbalance? Two words: Estrogen Dominance. Although estrogen is often regarded as a women's hormone, men have it too, just in smaller quantities. We are all bombarded with excess estrogen by the environment we live in. Here's what we have to deal with: Xen…

The One Thing Your Libido Needs

It gets old, right? You lead a busy life. You have responsibilities to your family, your job... But when was the last time you thought about your responsibility to your body? Now, if you think the dusty old duties of eating right and exercising are all you need, you are DEAD WRONG. Recent science proves, you've got one HUGE new health duty you (and millions of others) are ignoring... It's a silent new health disaster caused by modern food and drug industries that NO amount of exercise and healthy eating can cure... What is this modern health requirement you've been shirking? Combating Hormone Imbalance... Specifically - a little-discussed growing epidemic called Estrogen Dominance... Not sure Estrogen Dominance is that big a deal? Well let me ask you this: Did you know BOTH women's AND men's bodies already produce both Estrogen and Testosterone naturally? It's true! Every body needs and produces a bit of both - and maintaining the delicate balance of Estrogen …

DO NOT Make Diet And Exercise Your New Year's Resolution

I want ask you something a little personal... As the year winds down and 2017 looms, are you feeling a little worn out and off-kilter? Have you been looking in the mirror lately only to see a wider backside, darker circles, and think to yourself "Is that another new wrinkle?!" Do you feel like you just don't have any energy left at the end of the day to be a responsive partner to your spouse, let alone enough energy to take on a whole new year? If any of that sounds familiar, and you want a become happier, healthier you in 2017... should know that the problem you are experiencing stems from Hormone Imbalance - And that is something NO amount of diet and exercise can fully cure. You'll need internal support and fundamental hormone balance in order to achieve overall health. Lost Empire Herbs produces amazing herbs and formulas that are essential to the well-being of your body and mind. Right now you can get a 20% discount on their most popular product, Pine Po…

HIIT: The Ultimate Training Regimen For Quick Workouts

People want results and they want them NOW!!! That's the main ideal mindset for a lot of people that believe that if they go all-out hardcore they'll immediately get results by the end of the workout or the next day and if they don't they'll call a program fake or say it doesn't work. Training for results takes time and strategy. They're lead to believe that hardcore, back breaking workouts will turn them into a god or goddess and have them drooling over the belief that if you do their "superior" system they'll be your friend but if you don't they treat you like garbage.

I get it, I don't like long workouts either, a lot of times their boring to me. That's why I personally feel that High Intensity Interval Training develops the best results in the shortest amount of time. The thing to realize is though in order to get the results, you need to put in the work; there's a reason the Intensity is in the title. You put in the highest le…

Big Time Superhero Workout That Will Test Your Limits

I love the ability to see how far I can push my body. Not to the brink of failure of course but enough to where it gives me an ideal of being able to endure crazy intensity while managing to recover as best as possible. Last night I did that very workout that targeted every muscle and had it at a level of intensity that was new to me and taking on a challenge that just sparked a massive fire within me. The Superhero Workouts have now reached a new level of intense training that targets fat burning, muscle building, a powerful metabolism and generates an insane load of HGH. This is a highly advanced workout that takes time to build up to and is extremely challenging but it's fun and it doesn't take long.

Along with this Superhero Workout I added in a finisher that really tested my strength & conditioning doing one exercise that is a combination of 3 exercises utilizing the basic components of Pulling, Squatting & Pressing.

If you're up for a challenge, be prepared …

Better A Home Gym Than Going To One

Although mainly my style of training is Body-Weight, there comes a time to use Equipment every once in a while that is challenging, fun and full of possibilities. I have set up an area of equipment in our den where there's different types of Hammers, a Mace, Spikes to bend, Resistance Cables that can be used as any machine in the gym, a Sandbell and a (Sand) Kettlebell. You don't need a ton of equipment to get what you need out of it. They're merely options.

A home gym to me is a far better investment than going to a place down the road and have to follow certain rules in order to "enjoy" yourselves. The gym is great in some aspects; you get to meet people, listen to different types of music and have equipment at your disposal. However, many people aren't going to give you the space you need to train, you sometimes need to wait in order for someone to finish with a specific machine you want to work on, the music is presetted to specific music that the manager…

Welcome To The New Year

It's 2017 and it's already off to a good start; no celebs are dead, Superhero Films are coming up and already have 3 weeks under my belt of Superhero Training. Mighty things are coming and hopefully this year will bring many new surprises, beautiful moments and kick ass stories that will live on for generations to come.

I already started my new year's resolution over 3 weeks ago getting back in my Superhero Training mode doing Sprints/Burpees, Circuits & Finishers marking a territory I haven't tackled in a long time. Deciding that during the winter, go into hibernation and build my Superhero Physique; in the spring start it off 2-3 times a week Hitting the tire with my trusted 30 lb. Thor Hammer then in the summer take on Big Bertha (60 lb. hammer) and do my damnedest to hit a goal of totaling 50 tons or more in a single workout (100,000 lbs.). Sounds impossible but you know, I believe I can do it.

Having a goal is always amazing and you do the best in your nature …