Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Warrior Upper Body

Day 1

Short Swipe

Subject Suggestions:          What Is R.E.A.L. Functional Training?
                                                Are Your Functional Workouts Functional?
                                                #1 Functional Training Mistake Revealed
                                                How To Train To Look Great And Perform Even Better

You've probably heard of functional training right?

Functional training is in these days and it’s definitely here to stay but I see way to many people take it way too far down the “functional” path. Here’s what I mean…

Do you ever go the gym and see people standing on fluffy discs filled with air doing ridiculous exercises with pink bands? Is this real functional training?

I can’t remember the last time I was caught in a situation where I had to stand on an air filled disc and do side raises with a pink stretchy band. This is where most people go wrong, deciding to perform worthless “functional” exercises thinking that their doing themselves a favor.

So what is real functional training? And why should you do it?

If you take on serious functional training workouts, you will build an awesome looking body that looks great and performs even better! It’s the true key to lasting, powerful results and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise!

Here’s what R.E.A.L. Functional Training means according to my buddy and functional training guru Tyler…

Realistic Exercises
Executed With Perfect Form
At A High Intensity
Leaving You With A Body That Looks Good And Performs Even Better!

This is a great philosophy to hold your workout standard to and this is what I have seen gets people the best results! If you perform real movements, with good form at a high intensity you will get awesome results!!

Tyler’s a sharp dude and focuses on teaching people his R.E.A.L. Functional Training philosophy and his PM-3 method which promises to build a body that looks great and performs even better.

 Ben Bergman
P.S. Tyler’s new program takes all of his PM-3 ideas and put them into a brand new system called The Warrior Upper Body System. It literally teaches you to go from basic bodyweight and weighted exercises all the way to complex and bad to the bone bodyweight training and hardcore weight training. It covers every exercise in great detail and includes 45 done-for-you upper body workouts! PLUS today you can get it for 74% off.

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