Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Do We Do It?

 We all have our own way of exercising; we have trainers, do it for a number of reasons but why really do it? What comes out of it for you? A lot of people workout because they don't have a choice, use it relieve stress from a bad day, force themselves to do it because if they don't they'll hate themselves or they just go through the motions and have no real emotion like a zombie.

 There are two types of trainees, one has passion and the other does it but not in it and I'll tell you the difference. The passion is a desire to make something of yourself, you make an effort that’s real and emotional, you don’t go on the treadmill and watch TV, you don't wait around for someone to be done, and you find a way to make things happen and with fire and vigor. The other exercises but isn't in it for the long-run, they do it because its there and don't put any real effort. They get done too early or get hurt because they didn't bother to learn proper form or didn't care what happens, just show up and do a few things and that’s it it.

 I'll tell you why I do it, it’s because it gives me a sense of hope, a form of responsibility to myself and make things the way I want them, I have sweated, bled and ate, slept and breathed exercising because its not just fun, its an adventure and it brings me life that you can’t get just by showing up. I remember an interview with WWE wrestler Triple H back in 1999 when he just came out of shell as a character and became one of the biggest heels (bad guys) of the time, one of the things that made me realize now about what he said was about being a student of the game, like him in the wrestling business I’ve done the same with exercise. I dedicated my life to being in great shape, take in knowledge like a sponge, make goals instead of excuses and put in hard and tough workouts to make what I’ am today.

 What do the Old-Timers and Modern Warriors of fitness today have in common? They created results; they found ways to build themselves with no excuses and made an effort to get what they wanted. It’s not everyday we wake up and want to do it but yet it’s second nature and we sometimes don't go as hardcore but the heart and passion is still there. Most don't realize what they're missing out on, I do sound like a prick and you might think it’s all hardcore and a punishment but in reality its not. Working out is not just doing an exercise and pray you'll turn into a beautiful god/goddess, you know what, let’s take out the words working out and put in fun and adventure, its not all blood and going to failure, its getting you get off your ass and have some fun and excitement in your life. Whether you're a weightlifter, bodyweight enthusiast or have a zest for animals, training is a matter of creating something and building it with emotion, effort and love.

 One of my favorite movies Peaceful Warrior has a lot of insights into what is unique and what you can learn to make something of yourself. Nick Nolte who plays a philosopher once said to his student Dan Millman “You practice gymnastics, I practice everything.” The real Dan Millman is a former gymnast and now an author of many books and one of the coolest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning from. Back to the subject, Dan practiced only one thing but has left everything else out including things he should pay attention to but Nolte’s character Socrates practiced everything else meaning he didn't set his eyes on one thing; he absorbed knowledge and wisdom from many different elements and gave insight to each of what he learned. Most people only do less than a handful of things that makes them who they are but miss out on the real important things and forget how they got there in the first place. Learn as much as you can with an open mind and be open about your passions and instead of making excuses, make an approach to get better.

 Knowing certain things is only half the battle, sure you can squeeze by on knowing but it’s the doing that yields the benefits. Don't just do something, do it with heart and emotion because there’s a huge difference in that area and I'll let you figure it out for yourself. Why do we (Exercise enthusiasts) do it? Because it makes us who we are, we learn, we teach and help others find that same passion maybe even help them become better than we are. One of my good friends Bud Jeffries has trained his son into becoming quite possibly the World’s Strongest Teenager, Noah has learned a number of things on his own but the one thing he figured out and still has many years to learn is how to give back what he’s learned, in some cases he’s surpassed his dad in many elements of strength and I don't believe Bud could anymore proud of his son. That’s what I want to give back to my child and do it with a smile on my face.

 What are you getting out of it? Finding your place in training and learning where you want to go and what you want achieve is all within your grasp, learn how you have that passion and fire to become the best you want to be. Get something out of it, don't just throw yourself into a workout and hope for the best, make the best of it and know that sooner or later you will have results and it’s not just from busting your ass, you busted your ass with a smile and the desire to improve and make things happen. At your next training session, ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” You'll be surprised what you might find and if it’s a negative thing turn it into a positive, if its positive make an improvement to get better. I'm sure you'll find a way.

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