Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Gateways To Herculean Strength & Blazing Speed

I'ma huge fan of Mythology and Superheroes and a personal favorite is a demi-god we all loved by his strength and courage but also hated for his vices and troublesome behavior depending on your version and that’s Hercules, the son of Zeus and a man that was born into chaos and a mystical time of mystery, magic, sorcery and dangerous creatures. The reason I got into him and why I believe he’s a great choice for this article is because really, he is the ultimate synonym for strength and the ability to overcome obstacles in the most daring and unimaginable fashion. Get ready to learn the very secrets of how to obtain some of the glorious and powerful strength.

There are always debates about how to get strong in the fitness world. Sometimes we rely on one exercise to determine a level of strength, at times we rely on a specific fear or skill and even in some cases; we determine who can be the strongest in 3 lifts or more. For me the best answer to determine strength is how you are efficient in various ways to exercise plus exerting an amount of force. You're strong in some areas, other areas you're weak in, it’s a simple fact. Others try to make one thing and blow off the other. Why not work different elements like Strength & Endurance in the same workout? How about the idea of hitting a heavy weight then moving onto an exercise for high reps? It breaks out of the norm and it gives you a sense on what you can measure for your own strengths.

 Most people believe that if you want to get stronger, move onto weights but it’s not always that simple or that quick to judge. BodyweightTraining when done right can be much tougher and more exhausting than hitting the weights. One of the most effective exercises to build strength from multiple angles is to move like a wild animal. Animals in the wild are far superior in strength than man is period, there’s no question how abundantly strong they are so why not mimic them the best way we can. Just to hold a certain position takes strength right, now let’s move in an awkward direction and see if we can keep tight in that position while in a moving process. Believe me if you can get strong in the most awkward positions you have strength in ways most can't match

 A key to learning effective strength and power is through sound. Sound, how the hell do you determine that? Think about, a punch for example…BAM, BAM, did it sound powerful and super strong? It sounded more straight edge and a little dull, it’s powerful but it doesn't have that spark of real strength. Here’s another one…WAA-KAHH..How did that sound? To me it sounded fast, powerful, directional with a specific point of torque. Want to know the best way to look for that sound? Ever heard of Bruce Lee? I rest my case.

 One of the simplest ways to get better at Bodyweight Exercises is through Progression but what’s the best way to determine that? You've done 100 push-ups, great how do you make them harder? First off what type of push-up did you do to get those 100 reps? Did you do them military style or did you do in a handstand against the wall, how about your feet elevated on a stool or even your hands between two chairs? If you did them military style, how about trying the same amount of reps while doing 4 seconds going down and 4 seconds coming up, if you did them in a handstand I want to shake your hand because only less than a handful of people on the planet have done that, feet elevated do them going down fast and come back in 5 seconds. Tempo and position is a great way to determine progression in push-ups and many other exercises.

 What do Michael Johnson, Marcus Allen, Walter Payton and Kurt Angle all have in common? They all did Sprints to build that explosive speed and undeniable power in the entire body plus they all build high levels of Natural Growth Hormone, the thing that has the ability to burn fat like a furnace, build muscle like crazy and expand the lungs like there was no tomorrow for high levels of endurance. Sprints done 2-3 times a week is one of if not the fastest way to burn fat and builds natural muscle. It gives you that high kick of endorphins after a workout which can be no more a few minutes tops but isn't it ruled that you have to do 30 minutes of cardio and an hour of weights to burn fat and build muscle, dude get with the program. Really no more than 8 sets at about 15 seconds per burst is all you need and if you can't do that at first start with 4x8sec. And work from there.


The number one key to open the door to superhuman strength and speed is to have an open mind. Too many people are skeptical and afraid and avoid the very possibility that they will be able to achieve levels of muscularity, strength, health and stamina. Being open to ideas and find what works and what doesn't for you is a sure thing you’ll find what you're looking for. Too many follow this, avoid that and are sheep to those that think they know best, nobody knows your body better than you do. Find your own ways to get to where you want to be, I advise to avoid drugs and PEDs as much as possible if not at all, learn the natural ways to get strength, your body will be better for it.  

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