Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Your Biggest Critic

 We learn as we get older who we are and what we become, sometimes it’s early sometimes late and very rarely at the right place at the right time. The bad thing about that is people will tell you what you can and can't do to be successful but in the end it’s up to you how your life is made.

There will be people who want to bring you down yet those same people should be your biggest motivators. You have dreams and goals and you either don't accomplish them or you do, one way or another the one person who’s going to criticize you the most is the one you're looking at in the mirror. Those same people who want you to fail not only got you to fail but made you fall for the things they said about you. They didn't really make you fail; it was you who failed yourself.

It’s not easy being motivated to go after something you want to accomplish. No matter how many excuses you come up with or how many people tell you can't do something the one person holding you back is you. If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to get there with or without someone’s encouragement. In fitness there are as many critics as there is in Art, Sports, Business and Politics, when you want to accomplish something, there will be some people who will hate you for it not because of your ambitions but because they're too damn scared or can’t understand so they radiate negative energy towards you. Never let this happen to you.

 I've had many setbacks in my life, I've cheated death a few times, didn't understand how my body worked when I was recovering from meningitis and I was told I wouldn't be able to very athletic and strong. It happens to all of us but the point I'm making it is if you want to go after something, you do it period. I can tell you stories about some of the guys who have overcome major obstacles in their life but it’s all just words, actions speak louder than words and it’s up to you who you want to become. Are you going to sit there and let people give you all the crap and let you fail, or you going to make things happen and show them that if you're going to fail or succeed, you're going to do it on your own terms?

 You've been told either your whole life or at some point in your life that you're either going to be successful or you'll fail so when is it enough for you? You are your biggest critique, not them not anything else, you are the one who will take a stand or just plummet like the others who just let themselves go and not get anywhere. Criticizing yourself can make you or break you which one is it?

 Look to where you want to go, feel that power of accomplishment before it even happens then set it to action, listen and learn how to make yourself better little by little. Build a foundation for what goals you want to accomplish, don't forget that 2 sided coin of those who encourage you and those that want you to fail, believe it or not they're both important because when you do accomplish something the ones who did encourage you will help you even more, the ones that wanted you to fail are the ones kicking themselves and feel even more crappier then they did before and might even give you a bit of a clap because you triumphed over your obstacles and did something they didn’t believe you could do. Get in the habit of making yourself successful no matter what the challenge is, I believe in you, there are others that believe in you, don’t let your goals and dreams die, they’re a key to making your life the way you always wanted.  

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