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The Olympics

I watched a little of the Olympics a few weeks ago and from most of what I watched was the majority of Swimming & Gymnastics. The female gymnasts just destroyed opponents left and right and in my humble opinion none of them shined as much as Gabby Douglas. She embodied what a gymnast should have, grace, power, strength and above all fierce balance. Gymnastics is by far one of the toughest sports there is, both Male & Female competition, the training is fierce and it gives you a whole new perspective on Animalistic Bodyweight Training. The closest to Gymnastics would be the Animals although you won’t see a Tiger on the balance beam or a Gorilla on the Pummel Horse but the resemblance is uncanny and like an animal in the wild, you have to be quick, fast, coordinated and extremely strong.
Swimming was the other sport I couldn’t take my eyes off cause our American squad just took over with avengeance in just about every event both men and women. Michael Phelps was the dominant ki…

Muscle Reminders, Vampire Strength

Here's the second Guest Article for the week by my good friend and former European, World & Olympic Gymnast Cees De Kok giving you the chance to find your inner Vampire. Enjoy everyone....

My name is Cees and I am the creator of Muscle Reminders.
All my life I have been a gymnast and as Dutch National Gymnastics Champion I competed in many competitions, including European, Worlds and Olympics. After gymnastics I became an entertainer and traveled the world showing of my unique skills as an aerialist. I have always been conscious of my body, shape and condition. It has been and still is a big part of my life. Being fit is so important to a person. For the last 7 1/2 years I have been working in a vampire show in Las Vegas where I play the role of a flying vampire.
For those interested, here is a little clip.
 It involves playing a drunk guy that gets picked out of the audience and is bitten and turns into a vampire, I fly, I…

Vacation Training

I firmly believe that if you’re into fitness, there’s no such thing as a day off especially when you go on vacation. I was recently in California for a 3 ½ week trip, sleeping in 5 different houses for a week than going up to South Lake Tahoe for the other 2 weeks. Taking time off for your training is not always a good thing because if all you do is take time off than when you get back to it, it might make you a little rusty. No matter where you go, always find time to do some exercise whether it’s for 5 minutes or doing small exercises throughout the day, you always want to keep your body fresh and aware.
Training while on Vacation can be a good thing because you’ll have some extra time to work on specific goals and possibly break new PR’s like I have when in I was in CA. There’s two types of training you can do while on vacation, you can do Hard training which you only need to do 2-3 times a week at best or you can do what I call Relaxed training, this doesn’t mean sitting on your …

Love to Win, Hate to Lose

Here's another Guest Article from fellow Physical Culturist Matti Marzel giving you another dose of his Ferocious Intensity and powerful messages to the world of Fitness, Muscle Building and Health...Enjoy.

Yeah I know, this Headline sounds like some Spartan/Gladiator type Philosophy that is Hardcore to the Bone and not for most people, so why even bother talking about?! I’ll tell you exactly WHY I bother to talk about it in the first place, and it has EVERYTHING to do with the Major Succes that you’ll achieve in your Training in the shortrun, but MOST Importantly, In the longrun!   So here’s what I’m getting at with the Title of this Article, You probably already understand that Most people don’t like to Lose at all-in whatever Sport or Training that they’re involved in, and the More Professional & Elite Level it is, the More this applies to it all! But lets take a Dude for example that Trains Hard as hell, Fanatically, Obsessively & with Severe Seriousness that you won’t f…

Advancing In Short Bending

When it comes to being a strongman in the old-time style, one of the main feats to perform is bending a short piece of steel whether it is a nail, bolt, spike, rod or even an extremely tough piece of silverware. Steel Bending is one of the toughest forms of strength there is period. Anyone can lift a weight or pick up an object one way or another but to bend steel is a whole different realm.
There are different types of Steel to bend. There are even pieces of steel that my not be of the same structure, for example when you bend a 60D Penny Nail, you can find certain types of that nail that can be as easy as it can get but that next nail may not take it so lightly. I have experienced about three types of 60D nails that are extremely easy, a few that are difficult and even one type I can’t bend at all because the structure is different, the size is the same but the steel isn’t. You will come across this in your bending endeavors and be careful what you find and learn the aspects of diff…

Learning From The Man Himself

I have been good friends with Logan Christopher for roughly over seven years. He alongside Tyler Bramlett aka Duke T McB are the top two men that let me in the Physical Culture world and taught me everything I know and have learned from some of the best teachers in the game both personally and through courses plus over the phone conversations. If there’s one thing I’m grateful in the world of fitness it’s from them.
When you have training partners that are also good friends, your training will push you beyond your own abilities. Just because they’re friends has never meant taking it easy on me. Every time I’m around them or Logan in particular, he always has me try some crazy thing like when he had me over at his house when I was in Cali recently he gave a grade 5 hex bolt to bend which I have never even made a kink in my life, since Logan was there to guide me a bit within moments I bent that little monster about ¾ of the way or near full bend and I was shocked.
Training alongside Loga…

Hard Training= Harder Rest

Every workout should be a small challenge but I believe at least once work a week or a month should be one of the toughest you’ve ever put yourself through. Bust your ass for the exercises that give you the best results and hit them hard with a vengeance.
Resting is a major factor in your training because rest means recovery and you learn to give your body its time to relax. When I mean rest I don’t always mean between sets, I mean by sleep and letting the body recover overnight. After a hard and brutal session, you’d want to get a good night’s rest which builds hormone levels and builds your metabolic state.
If there was ever a day I needed to Rest more than anything else was one of the most brutal days of my life. I spent the morning and early afternoon training on hand balancing and even doing some Rock Climbing which I’ve never done in my life. After that tough part of the day, I went to the gym with my sister and her husband and did some brutal lifts with crazy heavy dumbbells, …

Birthday Feats

Celebrating your birthday shouldn’t be a burden or a way to feel old. Yes we age every year but you don’t have to grow old. Why not grow young? Jack Lalanne became the man when it came to celebrating a birthday in the highest of honors and that’s doing something that makes you proud to grow as you age. On his birthday ever since he was 40 up until the day he died he took it to a level that is unmatched to this day. He created certain feats specifically for his birthday and he did it with guts, unprecedented determination and best of all, did it with that glowing smile us all watched on TV.
Some people don’t even celebrate their birthdays anymore; they feel that another year has gone by, it’s just another day and that it doesn’t matter anymore. Your birthday is a proud day to be still living and building new wisdom and experiences. I love doing something on my birthday, its fun and as I have gotten older I try to make it more fun. This year as I turned 28, I decided to do something way …