Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Muscle Reminders, Vampire Strength

Here's the second Guest Article for the week by my good friend and former European, World & Olympic Gymnast Cees De Kok giving you the chance to find your inner Vampire. Enjoy everyone....


My name is Cees and I am the creator of Muscle Reminders.

All my life I have been a gymnast and as Dutch National Gymnastics Champion I competed in many competitions, including European, Worlds and Olympics. After gymnastics I became an entertainer and traveled the world showing of my unique skills as an aerialist. I have always been conscious of my body, shape and condition. It has been and still is a big part of my life. Being fit is so important to a person. For the last 7 1/2 years I have been working in a vampire show in Las Vegas where I play the role of a flying vampire.

For those interested, here is a little clip.

 It involves playing a drunk guy that gets picked out of the audience and is bitten and turns into a vampire, I fly, I act and also have a fight scene where I have to tumble twist and swing big sticks and fire around. I am so absorbed in my role that I “become” the animal vampire I am portraying. Every small little movement I make is controlled and full of energy and passion. As a vampire you are always alert and you always know what is happening in front and behind you. You are ready for anything. Your body is ready to jump up, make a flip and land comfortably back on your feet ready for your next move.

 And that is the way I am behaving myself during my normal life in the daytime as well. While going about my daily busy life and constantly doing my exercises my body does not sink in. I perform small effective exercises that keep me alert and awake. At the end of the day I have done a full body workout, am energized and still ready for more action.

 Look at the world we are living in and the hectic lifestyle we lead,.... trying to get or stay in shape comes with a lot of hurdles. Our lives are being made comfortable and convenient and society is pushing us in the direction of the easy way out. Remote controls for everything, escalators, electric toothbrushes, etc, etc. And on top of that are we are so busy with everything that our good intentions of going to do a workout are being placed on the back burner. We delay our healthy plans and promise to go the next day, but have to reschedule again and again and finally we give up. There is just not enough time in the day to get to it.

 Vampire Power is known as electrical power consumed by electrical appliances while they are switched off.I use this Vampire Technique to develop Vampire Strength with no gym in minutes a day.While my work-out mode is switched off or on standby I activate the Vampire within me and suck out little bits of energy at a time to do small but effective exercises. The energy used does not drain nor fatigue me. Instead it will feed my Vampire within and generate the used power into strong and powerful muscles without interrupting the course of my daily routine. Many of my exercises are about engaging and controlling my muscles in a way that fit in my daily life but will ultimately give me the strength of a vampire.

 Even in this hectic world we all have an enormous untouched wealth of time that we can use to get a full body workout without changing a thing we do. I use this method already for years but did not know the importance and impact it made on other people. So, I decided to share my experience and expertise and created this series of DVD's. Small effective exercises make my body strong, tight and ready for everything. It does not drain me but instead gives me extra power. Physically and Mentally.

 Do you have a Vampire inside?

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Vanessa said...

Great article Cees and Ben... I know Cees well and worked with him on stage. He is a powerhouse of strength and agility and I know this program of his has some amazing information in it! Well done Cees! Love - Vanessa