Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vacation Training

I firmly believe that if you’re into fitness, there’s no such thing as a day off especially when you go on vacation. I was recently in California for a 3 ½ week trip, sleeping in 5 different houses for a week than going up to South Lake Tahoe for the other 2 weeks. Taking time off for your training is not always a good thing because if all you do is take time off than when you get back to it, it might make you a little rusty. No matter where you go, always find time to do some exercise whether it’s for 5 minutes or doing small exercises throughout the day, you always want to keep your body fresh and aware.

 Training while on Vacation can be a good thing because you’ll have some extra time to work on specific goals and possibly break new PR’s like I have when in I was in CA. There’s two types of training you can do while on vacation, you can do Hard training which you only need to do 2-3 times a week at best or you can do what I call Relaxed training, this doesn’t mean sitting on your ass and twit tiling your thumbs, no this type of training can be done whenever you want and do small things like working your wrist, push-ups on a park bench or even doing one-legged squats while you hold onto your chair or couch. Here’s an idea, do both, it gives you variety of what you can do each day and never making an excuse.

 Walking is a great exercise not only physically but mentally as it helps clear your mind and enjoy what you have. While you’re on vacation and going to a different place like a lake, being up in the mountains or going to a retreat, take a nice brisk walk and breathe new life into your system. I like to walk but going too long wears me out and I’d like to do things throughout the day so I brought along with me my PowR Walk Pro which you can find here. It’s a walking device that helps you burn calories, develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance and can do all sorts of exercises with it and it doesn’t take too long to feel the pulling of the cables.

 When I was in Lake Tahoe, I went to the gym one morning with my sister and her husband and although this wasn’t a gym I can ever relate to I still had the urge to do something out of the norm. While I was there I was doing presses with 85 lb. Dumbbells, haven’t attempted that in over 10 years, did some KB work and stretching but when I noticed the Power Rack and the Barbells laying around, I decided to just go for a new Deadlift PR and see how far I can go. I went all the way up to 405 lb. and got it up and a new PR for me. Now I’m not saying you should always go to a gym on your vacation but doing something out of your element with the free time you have will give you a new perspective on what consistent training will do for you.

 Swimming is one of my favorite exercises and got to do plenty of it out in CA. Its one of those forms of exercises that makes you feel like a million bucks and it’s impact friendly and develops Nerve Force meaning it gives your body that extra spark of life and endorphins that jut blast through the roof. Now I realize not everyone can swim but standing in water and moving your body will get you nearly the same effect as far as exercise is concerned.

 The last few years going to Tahoe, we usually stay in a cabin near the lake and right on the road where our cabin is, is a hill that Ilike to sprint on. Now I must warn you, Tahoe is at about 6500 ft elevation so it’s a bit tougher to breathe and it almost seems impossible to even do Sprints on a hill at that level. I mustered up the guts to do it and only doing a few sets but this few sets alone builds ultra high levels of natural Growth Hormone which helps keep you young, strong and vibrant. Now there are other options to doing some exercise at a high elevation and one of them is hiking. I’ve hiked a few times and talk about a lung developer and working the whole body, not just your legs.

 Being in shape for Vacation is one of the best things you can do for yourself because if you want to go somewhere where you’d like to do stuff it’s a good thing to give your body a run for it’s money. Not everyone is in great shape and I realize if you have children you want to keep up with them and have fun with them. Never fear as you can go to various places to find certain courses to be in the best shape even if you’re a total beginner and new to exercise, make it happen not just for you but for the people you want to keep up and spend time with.

 Give yourself the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be fit and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s never too late and being on vacation helps give your body a chance to learn new things.

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