Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Feats

Celebrating your birthday shouldn’t be a burden or a way to feel old. Yes we age every year but you don’t have to grow old. Why not grow young? Jack Lalanne became the man when it came to celebrating a birthday in the highest of honors and that’s doing something that makes you proud to grow as you age. On his birthday ever since he was 40 up until the day he died he took it to a level that is unmatched to this day. He created certain feats specifically for his birthday and he did it with guts, unprecedented determination and best of all, did it with that glowing smile us all watched on TV.

 Some people don’t even celebrate their birthdays anymore; they feel that another year has gone by, it’s just another day and that it doesn’t matter anymore. Your birthday is a proud day to be still living and building new wisdom and experiences. I love doing something on my birthday, its fun and as I have gotten older I try to make it more fun. This year as I turned 28, I decided to do something way out of my element, I did exercises in reps and timed certain ones according to my age, I did handstand push-ups, fingertip push-ups, held one-arm tablemakers and walked like a bear and a gorilla on my fingertips to create more of a challenge. I believe in creating challenges for yourself especially on the day you were born because every year as you age, new challenges and experiences arise.

 Feeling old is all a mind set and to avoid this take a look at what you have done for yourself and build some creativity that keeps you from feeling your age or more. I may be 28 but I don’t feel my age one bit, I actually feel 10 years younger and I’m far stronger and physically fit then I ever was as a teenager. Even if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond, that shouldn’t stop you from achieving new goals in life whether it be fitness, business, family life or whatever, feeling young is one of the greatest things you can create for yourself. Never feel that it’s your destiny to grow old.

 The aging process is not an easy one and it does get harder to be fit as you age but never make excuses that you can do something for yourself and learn to turn back the clock and reverse the “getting old” mentality. Being fit as you age is a wonderful feeling and sure you won’t have the same strength and power you had in your younger years but you can become stronger and fitter than the average person at your age. I’m in my late 20’s but most guys my age today are obese, love to party, feeling no one can touch them and trying to keep going as hard as they can and once 30 hits, they’re done. I don’t believe that. As I get older I understand that I won’t have the same energy as before but I’d be damned that In my age group I’m going to be way fitter and stronger in that group.

 Your birthdays is your day, do something makes you proud to be alive, not saying you should go on a binge and gorge yourself with cake and unhealthy “goodies” but do something that makes you smile and realize that you are a wonderful human being and you have lived to see another year. I’m pretty happy to be growing younger as I age and I continue to build new challenges for myself and do things that make me happy not just on my birthday but for everyday of the week and than some. Happiness starts in your mind, once you master it, put it into action. Happy Birthday everyone.

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