Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Time To Train During A Snow Storm? Think Again

It can be difficult to travel or just stay home during a wicked snow storm. Shoveling snow so you can get your car out of the driveway is no easy task and requires some strength and a lot of physical labor. I live in a state where this happens a lot in the winter time. I still consider it exercise as you're using more then just your body to shovel snow. After doing this for period of time make sure to stretch your body as this type of work stresses a lot on the body.

One of my favorite workouts to do warm or cold is moving around like a wild animal. Training like this in warm weather gets rid of toxins in your body and forces you to drink more water then you normally would because of the fluids that run through you and plus you're building natural Human Growth Hormone which helps burn off fat, build muscle and makes you grow younger. In the winter however where in some places around the country its cold as hell and training in the snow in this manner forces you to be fast and explosive just to stay warm and eventually just trying to stay warm burns more calories and burn off fat even faster. The breathing is also different in various weather climates.

Another way to train during winter time is to do some form of Rocky training like in Rocky IV when he ran, pushed, pulled, twist in the snow and used what he had to bust his ass in every way he can. You can do the same thing with what you have and if you don't have anything then just use your own body.Yet if you want some kick ass tools then don't look any further then here.

Whether you like it not if you're a gym goer and can't get to the gym during some bad snow weather you're shit out of luck. At least you think you are. I have a solution for you that will save you from not only trying to drive to the gym or walk but to give you a small workout that lasts only 4 minutes and brings you down quicker then Andre The Giant getting knocked by Hulk Hogan. What you do is do an animal exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 sec. Continue doing this until your 4 minutes are up. You don't need to move around that much in your own living room, do frog jumps, hop like a rabbit, move around like a bear in a circle whatever you want to do. Another thing you can do is do Squats and Push-ups and get those endorphins in your system so you will be in a blissful state instead of feeling like crap and bored.

I will say thi for sure, if there's too much snow, its best to just stay in, stay warm and you really need only a few spaces to train on and you're set. After you train, take a nice warm/cool shower or bath and let your body go. Feel blissful, be thankful for your accomplishment and just breathe naturally. After some time feeling incredible and happy, get out, dry off, put on some warm clothes and settle near the fire watching your favorite movie or tv show eating some good healthy food. Embrace the snow and never take for granted your own winter wonderland.

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