Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can You Become A Real Life Avenger? Pt. Two

"Another Avenger article? Are you kidding me? You're such a nerd man." Damn right I'am and proud of it. If you don't like the Avengers, good for you keep moving and let those who do read about them. Yes its a few months away for the premiere but I don't give a shit, I'm a fan, I'm into them (so are millions of people) and all I can say is....Avengers Assemble.

Lets get down to brass tacks here, none of us however we try can't have super powers like our favorite superheroes. However, inside all of us we have powers that scientists can't fathom. We literally have the power to generate super strength and speed that can just be so incredible to have we never really learn its full potential. The mind/muscle connection is one of your greatest weapons in your arsenal of training, daily life and whatever you want to accomplish in your life. Master this and you will create superhuman levels of strength that you never thought possible.

For a moment I want you to not think about your typical Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Machine type training routines or programs. They're good in their own right but there's far more then your typical type equipment. Its about time you looked outside the box and look for whats been in front of your faces all along. You can lift nature's weights and get strong....Sorry I meant to you can get Hulk Strong lifting logs, rocks and you can even take on some man-made stuff that will build real world-class strength and power through kegs, barrels and tires. Cavemen didn't have hand-held peices of iron to get them alive and strong on survival. They moved logs, carried wild beasts, pushed builders of rock and stone. These men were the incredible hulk of Evolution and we should embrace what they did to build our own ways of functional strength and power.

When we think of the Hammer what pops in our minds? Construction, building, fighting through, domination? I think the word of one powerful tool that in one way or another can give you strength and conditioning unlike anything else. Here are some Hammers for you to look at and find which one suits you. Thor's hammer would be my recommendation. Think about it. What if you had the ability to train and move like the God himself and build powerful wrists and grip strength that would envy those around you. Wouldn't it be cool to swing and move that Hammer around have awesome physical strength that even Thor himself would be proud of. I'd say that be pretty damn sweet.

I love these superheroes because each one has a somewhat cocky but unbelievable personality that you can't help but love. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is another version of Bruce Wayne/Batman as in he uses his fortune to create the best weapons for him to take down the fiercest of enemies and underneath the metal suit he's a playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and good hearted guy that wants to make a difference.

Thor is the god of all the Avengers and has been one war hungry son of a bitch but needed to learn the hard way that just creating a war and celebrating with your friends while trying to prove yourself as a warrior isn't the real way of being a true hero. Like Hercules you must use your strength and power for whats really meaningful and build whats more important.

Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk) has a fiery rage within inside of him that if provoked turns him into a over-powering, jaw dropping muscular Hulk. His anger fuels his strength and destroys anything in his path and doesn't always know whether its right or wrong. Controlling that anger and using it to Avenge those that are in need is more important then getting pissed off and going on a rampage.

Steve Rogers (Captain America) is a compassionate, selfless and enduring figure of inner strength and will power that not one of the other Avengers can fathom. He's a man integrity, character and stands up to bullies when others are knocked down and don't want to fight anymore. There's nothing really cocky about him but I'm sure someone who has read the comics or saw the film can find a way. He values the strength he has been given when some others take it for granted and use it in ways that just aren't right and don't have any real necessary meaning. When you value your strength, you understand its true meaning and use it to help others who are weaker and show where it comes from, not just your muscles but from your mind.

As a team The Avengers are the best of the best. Its arguable since there's the X-Men and the Justice League but I feel they're the very best because they bring something that's unique and gives you another prospective of what you can have when you have four guys that can take names and put boot to asses time and time again. The point I'm making here is when you create the best of the best in your arsenal you are unstoppable and there's nothing that can stand in your way.

When you train, train with fire, be mindful about what you do, don't let anyone tell you you can't achieve something great when I and others believe in you and will help you take it to the next level and beyond. Don't ever stop believing in yourself. Its tough to get through things in life but when you are challenged, take it and make it your bitch.

Bring the power inside you out and believe that whatever you face you will give it everything you have, even if you fail, there's still challenges to tackle and you will one way or another be sucessful. Be the Avenger you were meant to be.

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