Monday, January 9, 2012

Women Can Be Superheroes Too

If you were a young girl in the late 70's or early 80's then chances are you wanted to be just like Linda Carter as Wonder Woman or were a comic book fan in general and wanted to be the superhero a lot of women wanted to be. To have the power of an invisible plane, whip the living hell out of your enemies and tie them up with the golden lariat and force them to tell the truth. Feeling the power as a woman with strength, character and charisma and best of all look gorgeous as hell doing it. Lets face it, Linda Carter was and always will be Wonder Woman of the small screen but can a woman in real life be strong and powerful? I like to think so.

Now another superhero (originally a villain) who was quick, fast, agile and stronger then the average woman that can overpower men with the crack of her whip and the charm of her beauty that is Catwoman. In all fairness, the best catwoman in my opinion was Michelle Phieffer from Batman Returns outweighs far better then Hallie Barry in the title name from '04. Although we're talking about a feline who's been both good and evil she still has the inspiration for other women to conquer their battles over being seen and seen for their true character. As a woman its a constant struggle to be beautiful and what to be like for this or that and if a man sees her for who she is and not for being used in the bedroom (sorry guys I broke the bro code but somebody had to). Not all guys do it but some.

Other then trying to be beautiful and be seen, women also fear of building too much muscle when they work out. Yes some women have lots of muscle and that's usually caused by steroids and not by natural training. Women look for that sleek, toned body that gives them confidence and nerves of steel that gives them the power to tackle anything they want in life but still are afraid of building too much muscle. I'm here to tell you I've seen both very muscular women and beautiful, sleek and lithe women and I'm here to tell if I had to choose one, I choose the latter. A woman's body produces far less testosterone then a man's period. On the other hand I have seen very beautiful and gorgeous women that have incredible natural strength and make me look weak some of the time and I like that better then a roided up chick who doesn't know real strength from her elbow to her feet.

To produce natural growth takes progression and patience just like any other training program. A good friend of mine helps women all over the world give them the body of a goddess and turn them from weak to strong and look incredible doing it. In Body Sculpting Exercises For Women you learn the real ways of achieving lithe, sculpted and beautiful looking musculature that coins with your body's strength to weight ratio and gives you the ability to train anywhere whenever you want and takes less time to do then it takes to go to gym, change and find a machine to use. All you great women out there, don't be afraid anymore because a new awesome body is right at your doorstep and all you have to do is answer the door and welcome it with open arms and the will to make it happen for you.

Its been proven that exercise helps relieve stress and with this program you will not only relieve emotional stress but will turn your joints and ligaments into iron cords that will help you stay flexible and pain-free plus build sleek and beautiful looking muscle that will have heads turn. If you can do this for yourself then put the word out for other women who were just as skeptical as you at one time and help them achieve the body they're always looking for. Be strong, be one with your sisters and be the strongest woman you can possible be both in and out. Being beautiful starts on the inside and it ends when you want it to end. So whats it going to be?

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