Monday, January 23, 2012

Hammer Your Grip With Avengence

In strength training one of the most important fundamentals is building a solid base on the Grip. It is critical that your grip be strong because if it isn't you won't be able to pick up heavy objects let alone weights. Think about it, having strength in your hands and having powerful tendons can give you the ability to do things you never imagined before. If you're a football player, you need strong hands to throw, catch and knock the ball out. If you're a basketball player your hands need to be strong enough to hold a strong defense in the pocket. In baseball you need strong hands to hold the bat and make good throws with the ball. In wrestling, your hands need to be strong enough to take down the toughest of opponents and need a good grip to apply submissions. Now that you're paying attention lets see what else we can find.

One of the best methods for building a powerful grip is using thick bars or thick handle that taxes the grip more then a standard bar or handle. Say you do curls with a 1/4 inch thick bar and you do relatively well, now use that same weight but have the bar be at max 1-2 inches thick. I guarantee you that your reps will be cut in half possibly thirds. The reason why that is its because you're not working a particular muscle group, your tendons, your core and even at times your legs come into play so you're working multiple muscle groups all in one exercise. Just holding onto a bar alone at 2 inches thick is very tough to do. Now what about pull-ups? Those alone are tough for most and only an elite few know how to do them with a very thick bar. Again it all comes back to training the hands, tendons, wrists and fingers of the lower arm.

A lot of training is more of a mind game then physical. At times you're practically playing chess with yourself. Whats your next move (exercise) and how do you plan on beating your opponent (Bar, object, body weight exercise)? You can go through all the exercises you want but if your mind isn't in the right place you won't find the results you're looking for and you'll end up frustrated and hating exercise like the majority of people who join a gym or exercise program. You have to learn to unleash your inner power otherwise your workouts will be dull or boring as hell. You have to think differently in order to get what you want out of your training. In this case I'm writing its about using Thor's Hammer as a way of building your grip beyond what you have previously done.

In order to achieve great results using this type of hammer you can't just swing it around and do certain exercises, you almost need to think like the god himself and how he would use it or how a trainee would train with clubs and other types of hammers. Get into the mindset of a warrior in training and feel the need to create great strength. Get into the mind/muscle connectivity and you can achieve something far greater then just doing an exercise. It takes practice to train your mind/body as if they were one and the same.

This Hammer is one of the coolest things I've seen period and when you have something that is that cool and that tough to use it was well worth getting it. I tried it out and even for a guy who's done some crazy workouts with some kick ass looking tools I still need to learn how they work. That's the beauty of training something different, it makes you think and give you a different feel and use muscles you haven't used for that particular object. I will guarantee you this, once you get your hands on this hammer, your old ways of grip training will never be the same again. I learned that the moment I exercised that hammer and if you train your mind hard enough, you will have strength that the Marvel God would be impressed by.

Also, be on the lookout for more Avenger articles. Like the build up to the movie I'll be doing the same with writing. You have seen Part 1 & Part 2 but you haven't seen nothing yet. Keep your eye out for some killer articles that will keep you wanting to become your own Avenger.

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