Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inspired Physique Of Indiana Jones

Whether you like it or not, The Indiana Jones movies are without question some of the best films in cinema period and no other actor could do it better then Harrison Ford did. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg did a hell of a job making the movies huge draws over many other great films but Ford brought a style of acting that was unique and different then from guys like Eastwood, Gable, Douglas (Kirk), Grant and arguably  the manliest of them all John Wayne. Ford is one of the very few of his time that had "It all", charm, charisma, a powerful presence and a physique not too similar to those of the 50's and 60's like Kirk Douglas & Johnny Walker.

In the 80's, a big boom of actors that brought a bodybuilding physique to the big screen that took notice the moment they stepped infront of the camera. Guys like Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Van Damme took over action films like a dictator takes over a country, these guys were the top of the food chain when it came to box office films but there were still guys that didn't have the bodybuilder type body that could bring action and fire to a movie like Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford. You don't always have to have big muscles and a bulky body to have presence on the big screen.

Ford is one of my favorite actors for a lot of reasons but even as a celebrity he is different then many actors young or old. In my opinion and never meeting the guy, I feel he doesn't sell out and finds himelf in a scandal and show off his lavish luxuries. Yes he's a high priced celeb and is one of the most famous men of our generation but he seems like the kind of guy that you would hang around with whether he's famous or not and he's in awesome shape for a man reaching 70 and looking like a man in his late 50's.

When he made the Temple Of Doom in the early-mid 80's, he was already over 40 and had one of the best physiques for a guy at any age. Most men at this age feels that they had their run in their younger years and feel they need to just let age take its toll. Not Ford man, he busted his ass building that body for those movies and did he get hurt doing a few scenes, believe it or not yes he did but unlike other actors who rather use a stuntman for 80-90% of their action scenes I feel that Ford went that extra mile and once he was recovered he took it even further. The best part is he didn't have 19-20 inch arms or have bloated looking muscles everywhere, he was lithe, strong and had a body that was similar to some of the actors who played tarzan in the 30's and 40's. Its that type of body I admire and would rather have because you look more functional and able to move in awkward ways.

Whether he lifted weights or not, you can build a lithe, strong and healthy body that doesn't take up a lot of time and can be done everyday for as long as 15-20 min. You do not need to have 30 min. cardio sessions or 3 hour workouts to get in shape when getting out of breath would take no more then a few minutes. You can either train like Wild Animal or do basic gymnastic exercises or better yet use a few tools here and there but you can train and have a body that you always dreamed of. All it takes is a little effort and work your way up an be patient, your strength and muscle will come and you will never have a boring workout ever again.

Like Indy whos only possessions other then clothes on his back is his hat, whip, pistol, canteen and a satchel, you only need basic things to train with and nothing more. Basically the more simple you make it, the easier your goals will be successful and you'll be happier then trying to do so many things at one time and working isolated muscles when you should be doing a few things that work the entire body.

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Anonymous said...

Harrison Ford was the perfect Indy. Even now looking back his appearance was amazing. They got it spot on. Congrats to Ford/Spielberg and the wardrobe department.

Like you say he looked, strong, rugged, tough, fast, durable. Not like some huge bloated muscle body builder.

It's something many body builders can't seem to grasp. Being bigger isn't better.

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