Friday, July 14, 2017

Music Can Be A Powerful Training Motivator

Off and on throughout the years I have listened to a lot of music during playouts and sometimes they have put me in such a state that I'm in a world where I feel invincible and nothing can stop me. I do prefer no music at times because I want to incorporate more focused breathing and put my mind and body on manual just to get a solid session in. I don't use music to distract myself like many do in the gym or elsewhere. A lot of people use music to distract themselves from focusing on both mind and body and go through the motions; they're not fully aware of their surroundings and their intuition is diminished more than increased.

When I was training in a gym every so often, some of the music in the place was decent at least for my taste but when you start hearing pop songs and country songs, it just doesn't seem right. My choice for music is mainly hard rock, metal and 80's metal. Some of my favorite bands to listen to while training are Metallica, Ozzy, Sabaton, Falconer, Iced Earth, In This Moment, Disturbed, Fozzy & recently Van Canto; they give me such a rush that the world is closed off and I can truly be me and let my mind and body go up a notch. Music shouldn't be the only thing that gets you fired up, to truly do that, you have be in tuned with yourself within without looking to an outside source.

What music do you listen to? How does it put you in that focused state? Music can be a powerful motivator not just the style of music but how the sounds, the vibrations and the energy it brings into your bloodstream as you listen to it just sends waves of power. Now when you're at the gym and you're watching TV on the cardio machines that's a whole new ball game and for me, I find it way too distracting and no where near the level of awareness to train with. Unless you watch epic scenes like Dragon Ball Z or other forms of training scenes that fire you up I can go along with that but when you watch commercials, a movie or even a TV Show I don't see any real value of motivation to unleash your true potential. Music however is vibrational, the sound of a riffing guitar, the pounding rhythm of the drums and the sequence of a heavy song working together to me is very powerful.

Here's a great song from Van Canto that I personally start with at times to really fire me up called Rebellion (a cover from the band Grave Digger).

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