Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NEW PRODUCT Gynostemma!

This is one of the only plants not in the genus Panax (of which American, Chinese, and Noto- ginsengs are a part of) that contains compounds called ginsenosides where many of the beneficial effects of the ginsengs stem from. It is also cheap! In fact, one of Gynostemma's names is poor man's ginseng.

This is pretty miraculous and is good for all those that can't afford rather expensive high-quality ginseng. Even we don't have access to that great ginseng much of the time which is why you'll like this tea so much! Gynostemma is also known as the Herb of Immortality.

Much of that name has to do with its help in lowering insulin levels and balancing blood sugar. It is very protective of the pancreas and other organs such as the liver. Insulin has been shown to influence biological aging in human beings profoundly. Gynostemma can help with normalizing the insulin response, thereby promoting longevity.

It is also a potent adaptogen, working on the other side of the insulin-cortisol cycle as well. Cortisol makes the body crave sugars, these being the best to fuel the evasion of danger in the short term. High blood sugar, in turn, will jack up your insulin levels, which can have adverse effects that eventually help release more cortisol into the system, beginning the process anew.

Gynostemma helps tone down the stress response, thus, toning down cravings. Perhaps that is one mechanism of how it helps with insulin levels? These are all well and good but if that doesn't interest you, then perhaps when we describe how it works for athletes, you might perk up a bit? But if you want to check out more info, read more about it here. It is currently $5 until Sunday.

Gynostemma every day makes the doctor go away. ;)

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